I Lost My Jicama

July 29th, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Vegetable Lovin'

And no, Jicama is not latin for my “mind”. Or maybe it is.

After our crazy morning we packed up and headed to the park to meet up with our friends for some fun with colors.

Color Wheel

We talked about the color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors, contrasting colors and complementary colors. I like it.

We got rained on and our lesson was cut short, so we walked to our friends house and to play and snack.

My late morning oatmeal held me over for a long time. Around lunch time I ate one of the three apples I packed.

An apple, x2

And then I ate another one.

After an hour or so we said goodbye to our friends and went to run a couple errands and pick up a few groceries.

I got home to discover I was missing one item that I was excited to try: A jicama!

I wondered if maybe I’d only imagined putting it in the cart. Maybe it got separated from the herd at check out. Maybe it fell out of my the bag and was in the car.

I searched high and low and no jicama to be found. I checked the receipt, and oh yes, I paid dearly for that tuber. I actually had no idea how much I’d paid for it until I got home and looked at the receipt.


I called the store to see if they’d found a renegade jicama. At $2.29 a lb weighing in at 1.4 lbs –> $3.21 for an overpriced potato you can bet my lily white ass I’m gonna track that sucker down.

The person on the phone checked and no one had put a mexican potato in the lost and found, but if I had the receipt I could come back and get another one, no problem.

In the meantime, Maxine rock rock rock rocked some funky beats.

Rock the Funky Beat

And I snacked on some cold, left over baked sweet potato slices.

Cold Sweet Potatoes

And a couple of carrots while I cleaned up the mess I left in the kitchen before we dashed out the door this morning.

Snacky Carrots

My mom came out to visit and hang with the girls for a little while tonight and I took the opportunity to go reclaim what was rightfully mine. And to pick up a few things that I’d forgotten the first go-round. Naturally.

A bee line to the jicama basket, I picked up one (out of five I’d say?) that looked awfully familiar. I’ve got crazy mad jicama recon skillz.

And weighed it.

Well whaddya know. $3.21 Try to escape me you tricky tuber? Not so fast!


Is this the lamest post ever and did I just give away what a total nerd I am when it comes to produce? Quite possibly. It’s the most exciting that happened today, what can I say?

So after all my jicamaschnanegans, I was finally home and ready to get to work on this sucker.


Peeled and cut into sticks.

Jicama Sticks

The verdict? Pretty interesting. I can’t put my finger on it but it reminds me of *something*. It’s sort of sweet and crunchy and reminds me of a potato too. A good veggie snack at the very least. For $3.21 and a 3 mile return trip to the store, I’m gonna eat it and I’m gonna like it.


For tonight’s dinner was fast and yummy. Black bean and corn salsa.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

1 15 oz can of diced tomatoes
1 15 oz can of black beans, rinsed and drained
1 ear of raw corn, kernals shaved off cob (any sort of corn will do though)
1/2 medium onion, diced
1 – 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
A couple pinches of diced fresh cilantro
a few splashes of lime juice

Combine and serve!

I tossed about a cup of salsa in a bowl of greens with a little canola oil, topped with a few more spoonfuls and 1/4 of a chopped avocado and called it dinner.

Eat Now, Clean Later

Take note that my motto is “Eat Now. Clean Later.” I suspect this salsa will get even better as the flavors blend together. I probably should have doubled this recipe.

And a couple chocolate squares, because it’s been a couple days.


OK maybe just one day, but who’s counting.

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17 Responses

  • I’m glad you were reunited with your jicama! Well, after all the trouble, you better like it! :) I really like jicama; to me it tastes familiar yet new (whatever that means).

    Your dinner salad looks great! It includes the most wonderful flavors in the whole world…

    And thanks for the link to the pizza dough; I’m getting excited about trying to make pizza! We’ll see how it goes…

  • Tay says:

    Yay you found your jicama! I recently bought one without looking at the price and was shocked how much it came out to be!! But they sure are tasty!!

    That black bean salsa looks fab! I think I’ll have to make it quite soon :-)

  • Cindy says:

    Thats 2 trips for a single item! You’re an ANIMAL!

    I think Jicama tastes like water chestnut…, crispy, juicy, sweet. watery

    I make bean burrito mix often..It looks JUST like that! It’s SO GOOD on salad.

    lil Maxine…you ROCK girl! Drums are cool!

  • Jennifer says:

    Whew…glad you found your jicama. (haha)

    Have you ever had yuca?? Try that!!! It’s delicious!!! It’s considered a root I think. It’s really good!!

    Ok, be honest now. Was there a little Cat Chow Naturals in that black bean salsa? Is that the secret? (haha)

  • tiponz says:

    jicama reminds me of an apple/potato- i have an great recipe i tried with it- http://tponz.wordpress.com/recipes/corn-jicama-mango-salad/

  • Holly says:

    i always give it the…you know you are a foodie when…you go to the store to pick up your lost jicama. i did that with a mango once. no shame.

    i always love your posts. they start the day off on such a clean, hilarious note.

    your salad looks SO GOOD (salsa + cado = best combo eva) and suddenly i have a huge urge to color in a coloring book :)

  • A says:

    “I’ve got crazy mad jicama recon skillz.”

    You crack me up!!!! I would have gone back for it too!!!!! Also, you are a BRAVE WOMAN letting your kids have a drum set. Bless you! :)

  • mponz says:

    that salad looks awesome…that’s my kind of salad! I love your little Jicama adventure. I used it a couple of times in this Roasted Corn, Jicama, & Mango Salad….

    It is SO GOOD! I cut back on the amount of oil/dressing used. You should try it out next time you buy a jicama…it’s a great use for it!

  • mponz says:

    hahaha Now I see that my sister already commented with the recipe…oops. we just really liked it.

  • AZLinda says:

    What a great post….made me LOL…literally…ha!

    I love jicama. Dipped in Ranch dressing…yum!

  • AZLinda says:

    Oh, and thanks for the recipe..looks great 😀

  • Vegmom says:

    First of all I think it is hilarious that you went back for it and Second all your food looks soo good as always…

    But Third… where do you find this Jicama that you speak of.

    I’ve seen it for a long time on blogs and recipes, but have yet to find in at the Health food store OR the non-health food store.

    After seeing your post today, I realized I was probably looking in the wrong place… Yours looked a little bit like mushroom from the top and a little bit like potato, so I looked in both places at the store tonight, and with the radishes, and ginger, and Rhubarb, and…. Oh you get the idea… I can’t find them!! Fridge section, non-fridge section…. Just thinking they don’t sell them in these parts… *sigh*

    I will continue my search though, it will not stop until I find one… *wink*

  • Vegmom says:

    Thanks Alison, I will keep looking… :-)

  • Peggy says:

    Jicama reminds me of bean sprouts in the taste department. I agree with the commenter who said it tastes familiar yet new.