Weight Loss Before and After Photos

My weight loss success story started at the end 2007 with these pictures. The photo of me in sitting on the floor in the yellow shirt is the one that pushed me over the edge and made me realize it was finally time to get serious about weight loss.

Before the Weight Loss

Fall and Winter 2007, weighing about 160 – 165 pounds (click to enlarge.)

Weight Loss Before Picture 165 pounds Before Weight Loss Photo Fall 2007 Before Losing Weight Winter 2007 Before Weight Loss Christmas 2007

During the Weight Loss

Spring and early Summer 2008 – about 150 – 145 lbs

During Weight Photo Spring 2008 Weight Loss During Father Day 2008

After the Weight Loss

Summer, Fall and Winter of 2008 – 128 pounds

After Weight Loss Summer 2008 After Weight Loss Fall 2008 After Weight Loss Photo Winter 2009 After Losing Weight Pic Winter 2009

Spring, Summer, Fall 2009  – 130 lbs

Before and After Weight Loss Pictures Spring 2009 Before and After Weight Loss Photos Summer 2009 Weight Loss After Picture Fall 2009 Winter 2009

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