First Tuesday

March 1st, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast

There is a 6:30 AM Active Yoga class on Tuesday mornings that I occasionally get to, and today was one of those Tuesdays.  As it turns out, on the first Tuesday of every month this Active Yoga class becomes a Restorative Yoga class.

“Restorative” apparently meant just five poses.  That’s it.  Five.  In 45 minutes.  But it was certainly restorative with some gentle hip opening, some gentle shoulder opening, some gentle mouth opening with a schlurp of drool as I nearly fell back to sleep during savasana it was so nice and easy.

What I’ve recently come to unexpectedly discover about a more regular yoga practice is how much I enjoy the way it leaves me feeling between practices.  Yoga itself has been great, but what I’m really appreciating right now is what it’s teaching me to do when I’m off my mat.

Use your breath to hold on to and remain calm during Warrior II for eight breath cycles?

Warrior II

Well whaddya know!  Yoga practice can help you figure out how to remain calm and stay relaxed in any challenging position or difficult, uncomfortable situation.  Meltdowns from pint-sized wee ones?  Fart noises from the mouths of aforementioned pint-sized beings all the live long day?  Traffic jams?  Relationship squabbles?  Wretched mouse-drawn pictures of Warrior II inserted into your blog post?

Return to your breath.  You’ve got totally this.

A morning of Restorative Yoga deserved to be followed up with a glass of restorative green juice.  Today I did something I’ve been thinking about for a while here, which would be to incorporate juicing in with some Tuesday morning veggie prep.

Tuesday Veggie Prep

Leftover stalks of kale, red leaf lettuce spines and broccoli stems that would all otherwise be headed straight for the compost pile as-is.

Spines and Stems

One man’s vegetable garbage is another man’s vegetable juice ingredients.

Composting temporarily postponed until everything was run through the spin cycle one might call “a juicer”, to then be accompanied by the usual green juice suspects – 1 head of romaine, 1 cucumber, 2 apples, 2 lemons and a few inches of ginger.

Motley Vegetable Crew

Spin cycle complete: one to keep and one to share.

One to Keep and One to Share

OK Scraps, now you can head to the compost pile,

Now Ready for Compost

to eventually be restored to the soil from which you came.  You’ve totally got this.

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3 Responses

  • I love this. I absolutely feel the same way about yoga. It took me a good 5 months to be happy with restorative yoga and not want to jump out of my skin – just like when the crazy person in my brain tries to take over. I remind her it’s not her turn. Yoga has basically allowed me to have multiple personalities…but at least they’re much nicer to each other now.

  • holly says:

    i am learning to appreciate both restorative yoga and green juices. i am with you on both fronts.

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