Four Years Ago Today

August 4th, 2010 | Posted by Alison Spath in Parenting

I looked at the calendar just now and realized that four years ago today, I quit my day job.

With one month to go until the impending arrival of Thing 2,

Birds Eye View

I swapped out dress slacks and make up and opted for dress up and make believe.

Dancing Girls

This is the longest job I’ve ever held.

Hold On

It’s been the most challenging.

Don't Take My Picture

But it’s also been the most rewarding.

Good Sharing

Some days start out easy.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Some days start out rough.


Some days get harder later on.

Sleepy Max

It’s not always pretty.

Not Pretty

And it’s not always easy.

Don't Turn Your Back

Every day is not a picnic.

Picnic in the Park

But we’ve definitely had some fun!


And found ways to keep busy.

Max and the Snow Pony

And haven’t forgotten to have a sense of humor.

Silly Ava

Or how to have a good time.

Ice Cream Rocks

I need to say thank you to my husband, who eagerly handed over the role as stay at home parent and slogs off to work every day to support us.


I need to say thank you to all my fellow stay at home friends (and their children!) who have helped keep me sane these last four years.

Funny Faces

I need to say thank you to the countless family members who stopped by to visit just to say hi, to give me a break or to help keep us from going stir crazy.

Really Deep

And most of all, I need to say thank you to these girls of mine.

Ferris Wheel

For teaching me so much about myself.

Lilac Festival 2009

About life.

Bike Trailer

And about love.

Bear Hug

About keeping the paint up high.

Thing 2

And keeping our standards low.

Thing 1

And most of all, to just go with the flow.

Anniversary of a Stay at Home Mom

Holy crap. We made it through another day together. Hallelujah.

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