The Last 10 Pounds

In the first half of 2008, I lost over 35 pounds and went from weighing 165 to 128. Over the course of the following 6 months I gained back some of that weight and landed comfortably in the low to mid 130’s. I have been able to maintain that weight by eating a diet consisting of whole foods as well as regular exercise.

For almost all of 2009 I have wanted to get back into the 120’s. I have finally decided to get serious and go back calorie counting, the same way I lost the last 23 of my total 37 pounds in about two and a half months. I’m dedicating the month of November to calorie counting using The Daily Plate in my quest to lose the last 10 pounds.

Please note: Unless otherwise noted, all Calories Burn estimates come from The Daily Plate.

November 3, 2009

Begin Calorie Counting
Calories Consumed: 1692 (used a notebook)
40 minutes of Yoga

November 4, 2009

Weight: 136.0 lbs (ACK!)
Start The Daily Plate
Calories Consumed: 1710
498 Calories Burned from 4 mile run, 10 minute bike ride
1212 Net Calories

November 5, 2009

Weight: 136.0
Calories Consumed: 1558
245 Calories Burned from 45 minutes of yoga
1313 Net Calories

November 6, 2009

Weight: 134.6

Calories Consumed: 1685
538 Calories Burned from 5.32 mile run (thank you
Net Calories: 1147

November 7, 2009

Weight 133.8 (!! It’s got to be mostly water weight lost at this point!)
Calories Consumed: 1827 (a rough estimate due to dining out tonight)
712 Calories Burned from a 7 mile run (based on the workout calculator from
1115 Net Calories

November 8, 2009
Weight 134.8
Calories Consumed: 1752
526 Calories Burned (8.5 mile ride + 2 mile run, 57 minutes total)
1226 Net Calories

November 9, 2009
Weight ok I love that yesterday I said I weigh myself every day and then today I didn’t weigh myself. Classic.
Calories Consumed: 1548

November 10, 2009
Weight 133.6
Calories Consumed: 2002
471 Calories Burned from 5.24 mile run (based on an average of 90 calories per mile)
1531 Net Calories

November 11, 2009
Weight 133.4
Calories Consumed: 1421

November 12, 2009
Weight 133.4
Calories Consumed: 1616
468 Calories Burned from 4.49 mile run (stats from the Garmin 405)
1148 Net Calories

November 13, 2009
Weight 133.6
Calories Consumed: 1979
240 Calories Burned from 45 minutes of yoga
1739 Net Calories

November 14, 2009
Weight I did not weigh myself this morning out of protest from the scale going up .2 of a pound yesterday. OK I know it’s dumb but I. am. annoyed. and decided to skip a weigh-in this morning.
Calories Consumed: I lost track
942 Calories Burned from 9 mile run (stats from Garmin)

November 15, 2009
Weight See this mornings post
Calories Consumed: 1649
678 Calories Burned from 6.52 mile trail run (stats from Garmin)
Net Calories: 964 yes, I know that’s low, but it’s from the run! I ate as I felt hungry today, I had plenty of calories left over to carry into today, no doubt

November 16, 2009
Weight 134.2
Calories Consumed: 1298

November 17, 2009
Weight 132.6
Calories Consumed: 1710
474 Calories Burned from 4.57 mile trail run (stats from Garmin)
Net Calories: 1236

November 18, 2009
Weight 132.2
Calorie Consumed: 1652
210 Calories Burned from 30 minutes of “Swimming – freestyle, moderate” according to The Daily Plate
Net Calories: 1442

November 19, 2009
Weight 131.4
Calorie Consumed: 1962
440 Calories Burned from 4.4 mi run
Net Calories: 1522

November 20, 2009
Weight 131.6
Calorie Consumed: 1497

November 21, 2009
Weight 131.6

November 22, 2009
Weight 133.8
Calorie Consumed: 2294
750 Calories Burned from 7.5 mi run
Net Calories: 1544

November 23, 2009
Calorie Consumed: 1715
421 Calories Burned from 40 minute swim
Net Calories: 1294

November 24, 2009
Weight 131.2
Calories Consumed: 2132
680 Calories Burned from 1 mile jog to gym (100) + 20 minutes elliptical (230 per machine stats) + 15 minutes stairs (250 per machine stats) + 1 mile jog home (100)
Net Calories: 1452

November 25, 2009
Weight 132.6
Calorie Consumed: 1755
239 Calories Burned from 45 minutes of Runner’s Yoga
Net Calories: 1516

November 26, 2009
Weight 131.2
I am thankful for an entire day off from calorie counting!

November 27, 2009
Weight I am thankful for giving the scale the day off today too. Back to calorie counting though.
Calorie Consumed: 1880
500 calories burned on a 5 mile BLACK FRIDAY run!
Net Calories: 1380

November 28, 2009
Weight 134.0 Mmmm Thanksgiving water weight. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.
Calorie Consumed: 1514

November 29, 2009
Weight 132.0
Calorie Consumed: 1489
780 Calories burned during 8.13 mile run (1:05:06)
Net Calories: 709

November 30, 2009
Weight 130.4
Calorie Consumed: 1956
575 Calories burned from 1 mile run to the gym (100) + 25 minutes on stair climber (375) + 1 mile run home (100)
Net Calories: 1381

December 1, 2009
Weight 130.4
Calorie Consumed: 1922
417 Calories Burned from 40 minute swim
Net Calories: 1505

December 2, 2009
Weight 131.4
Calorie Consumed: 1749
420 Calories Burned from 4.2 mile run
Net Calories: 1329

December 3, 2009
Weight 132.4 grrrrrr I know weight fluctuations are normal but that doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed
I counted calories until dinner yesterday but then I made pizza for dinner and calorie counting went out the window.

December 4, 2009
Weight I think I’m giving the scale the day off today.

December 5, 2009
Calorie Consumed: 2060
Calories Burned: 500 from a 5 mile run
Net Calories: 1560

December 6, 2009
Weight 132.0
Calories Burned: 900 from a 9 mile run

December 7, 2009
Weight 133.4
Calorie counting has been moved to the back burner the last couple of days. Getting back to it tomorrow.

December 8, 2009
Weight 133.0
Calorie Consumed: 2083
Calories Burned: 800 from 2 mile run to and from gym (200) 25 minutes on Stair climber (350) and 25 minutes on Elliptical (250)
Net Calories: 1283

December 9, 2009
ACK life is getting in the way of calorie counting! I’ve got to figure out where weight loss falls in the list of priorities right now with packing and moving along with run of the mill holiday madness. Is weight maintenance good enough until life is a little less hectic? Can I still slowly lose weight after the refresher course on portion sizes and mindless snacking from a month of calorie counting in November?

December 24, 2009
Weight 132.4

January 4, 2010
Weight 131.6

January 8, 2010
Weight 130.4

January 10, 2010
Weight 129.8

25 Responses

  • Amy says:

    Hey, just curious–when you lost weight before, were you weighing yourself every day? I’m in weight loss mode right now, but have found that daily weighing just doesn’t work for me. I get a little obsessed about it.

  • Alison says:

    Hi Amy, yes, I weighed myself every day during my weight loss. Sometimes I would skip a day, but for the most part it’s every day. I found it very motivating and kept me on track. When I stopped calorie counting though and was just trying to maintain my weight I had to stop the daily weigh-ins. I found that my mood for the entire day would be effected by the numbers on the scale. I got into weighing myself once a week or maybe just once or twice a month even. But during weight loss – yes, just about every day. That’s just me though, if every day messes you up (and I totally get that) than stick with once weekly or bi-weekly, whatever – you gotta do what works for you.

  • Ashley says:

    I rarely weigh myself because I just can’t handle it. I’m still struggling without about 25 pounds. Maybe I should go this route. I give you tons of credit for your perserverance; so many people would be content where you were. I’m curious if the mid-120 goal will be difficult to maintain.

  • Ashley says:

    When I say I can’t handle it, I mean I get too hung up on the number.

    • Alison says:

      I know what you mean, and I’m the same way with the scale unless I’m actually doing something about it.

      Calorie counting is different for me this time because I’m getting the majority of my calories from vegetables and fruits, and getting very little calories from grains like I did the first time around. I swear I have more energy and can get further on less calories when I do it this way. This is basically what I learned from the Raw Food Detox Diet and Thrive. Fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and nuts a all a very clean source of fuel for our bodies. Dairy and grains (and meat for that matter) take a lot of energy to digest. They basically leave me feeling totally drained and HUNGRY. I’m a week into this and I believe I’ll be able to maintain a weight in the 120’s because I’ve finally figured out I was just getting way too many calories from nuts. I’ve eaten a diet focused on fruits and vegetables for months now and expected the last 10 lbs to come off without really trying, but I see now that I was getting hung up on too much almond butter, cashews, etc. They weren’t really making me gain weight because I wasn’t going THAT crazy, but still – I was eating too many to hit a calorie deficit and lose the weight. Thanks to just a week of food journaling and calorie counting I can see now what the issue was and I think I’ve corrected it. I’m still eating nuts, I’m just paying closer attention to portions and have cut out the mindless nut snacking now. 😉

    • Margaretta says:

      Absolutely first rate and cooper-bottpmed, gentlemen!

  • Jennifer says:

    Oohhh…I just noticed this new link. :) Look at the weight just melting off of you. :)

    I bet you’ll drop it in no time with all of your exercising.

    What kind of scale do you use? I noticed that it gives the weight to the exact ounce it looks like. Mine only does by the pound and half pound.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  • Libby says:

    Wow, you are off to an amazing start Alison. I usually read in google reader just popping over here when I want to leave a comment – only just noticed this new area :-).
    You are such an inspiration!


  • Libby says:

    I said an amazing start but it really should be an amazing finish to your weight loss :-).


  • Jane/you-know-who says:

    2 weeks, almost 5 pounds…..nice, very nice

  • Jennifer says:

    Ok….are you sure you’re not made out of butter? (haha) Those pounds are just melting off. FANTASTIC!!! Keep up the good work and I know you will reach your goal in no time. :)

  • patty says:

    Wow! Good for you. I’m working on weight loss, too. Though my progress is much slower than yours. 40 pounds in 40 weeks is my goal. I really can’t stand thinking of counting every single calorie though! Ugh! I, too, am trying to eat pounds (literally) of fresh and cooked fruits and veggies each day with limited beans and legumes, and only a few meats or grains. I have a dairy and gluten intolerance so eat none of those. And, our house is nut-free due to my son’s life-threatening allergy. My real goal is to create a sustainable life that encompasses a combination of daily exercise and healthy food choices to keep me at about 125 or so. Great work you!

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  • Jennifer says:

    I feel your frustration because my weight is up, too. I was hoping to just maintain this week but with my weigh in tomorrow I just don’t see that happening. Edward just started back to work today so now I can get back on track. :) No more eating out for lunch.

    I’m sure your weight will drop back down. :)

  • Amy says:

    How do you decide what to eat? I know that seems like a silly question, but I have trouble planning. Or not planning. I think my trouble is not planning.

    • Alison says:

      Vegetables! I just base as many meals as I can around vegetables! Like if I’m in the mood for a sandwich – I fill it with as many veggies as I can. If I want a burger, I make a bean burger and top it with tons of veggies and then a side salad or steamed veggies to go with it. Breakfast – it’s usually involves fruit, oats, juice… dinner – more veggies, beans, whole grains. I’m not sure if that answers your question, I don’t do as much planning as I could, that’s definitely something I could be better at too.

  • Cindy says:

    You know Ali…this might be the PERFECT opportunity to share how you CAN either maintain and/or lose (perhaps even slowly) even when life is crazy and hectic.

    I think a vaca from the daily tracking is probably a necessity right now…but sharing what you do and the outcome (sorry but MOVING burns a BOAT load of calories) would be inspiring…again living life without a safety net.

    it can be done!
    You have done and are doing so great, and you inspired me – the anti tracker – to get my head in the right place and pay attention and not get crazy over it.

    but these are just the rambly thoughts of a crazy woman who luvs ya

  • janetha b says:

    i havent seen this page until today! thanks for documenting this :)

  • Julie says:

    I love this! I came over to learn how to set up a blog using word press and found more interesting information. It is nice to see that you don’t have comments like “WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT” I get that on my blog and it makes me wonder if I’m nuts. I know I’m not. I know where I feel good! I have about 10 pounds to lose and am about ready to make that public after reading this page. Thanks!

  • Jane/you-know-who says:

    WOW… did it!!!! woot :->

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