Meat Ballin’

August 1st, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time - (4 Comments)

A few weeks ago I was out with all three kids (not unusual) and had nothing packed for any of us to eat (quite unusual). Hunger levels were quickly rising, morale was rapidly falling.  Given time and location, our best option was a small pizza place in order to save us (or save myself, really) from a hunger-induced group meltdown.

I'm Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry

The girls each got a slice of pizza, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover there were a bunch of decent side dishes on the menu.  I got three meatballs and some sauteed summer vegetables to share with 13 month old Kaz, who does not yet know that the children in this family are supposed to demand pizza and shun vegetables.  (Shhhh!)

Today’s greens were just the same-old same-old roasted Brussels sprouts (paired with roasted sweet potatoes, my winter vegetable obsession).  What I really want to tell you about is this shredded pork roast we’ve been enjoying.

Crockport Pork  Roast with Brussels sprouts and sweet potato

It’s super easy – but more importantly, it’s super good.

I didn’t really learn to cook until after I was a vegetarian.  In fact, becoming a vegetarian is The Reason I learned how to cook. If we’re not eating meat, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GONNA EAT?!

A Dinner Play

August 29th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time - (5 Comments)

Me: Good morning everybody!


Condiments: Hi Alison!

Me:  Who wants to be turned into dinner tonight?!

Condiments: [cheers]

Crock Pot enters stage left

Crock Pot Enters Stage Left

Me: What about you, Crock Pot?  You wanna play too?

Crock Pot: Yeah, sure.  I guess so.

Me: [ignoring Crock Pot’s unenthusiastic response] OK, then – listen up.

Today is a full day.  We’ve got a jam packed schedule of hiking with friends this morning, a meeting tonight, not to mention the usual house work plus tidying up for visitors tomorrow and hopefully squeezing in a ridiculous blog post where I pretend my condiments are actors in this weird dinner time play I’m putting on.

I’m feeling a lot of pressure from this juicer giveaway – this isn’t going to be easy. I want to give a juicer to everyone! If you still want a chance to win my old juicer, you’ve got until tonight to leave a comment on yesterday’s post.

I’m still squealing with delight over foam-less juice. Foam didn’t really bother me before, but I think it looks much more appetizing with out it.

No Foam!  Again!

Today’s vegetable juice contained a large beet, a carrot, a cucumber, 1/2 head of romaine lettuce, an apple and a lemon. The apple gives it the perfect amount of sweetness.