This is the second post in a three part series about measuring the various aspects related to weight loss to more effectively achieve weight loss success.

I want to start by saying that when it comes to losing weight, I use to put WAY more emphasis on exercise than I do now.  Being active is certainly an important part a healthy life – but studies suggest (and from what I’ve found in my own experience as well), improving the quality of your food and being mindful about how much you eat can have a much bigger impact on weight loss when compared to exercise alone.  This is why the calorie counting post came first and a post about keeping an exercise log came second.

This is the first post in a three part series about measuring the various aspects related to weight loss to improve your chances of weight loss success.

I’m starting with food journaling because in my experience, it was the changes in my diet that had the most significant impact on my weight loss when compared to exercise alone.  Whether or not you count calories – true weight loss comes down to consuming fewer calories than you burn.

“what gets measured gets managed.”

That’s a quote from a guy named Peter Drucker.  It’s most typically applied in the world of business and marketing, but it can easily be applied to any aspect of your life that you would like to improve.

For our purposes today, let’s apply it to weight loss.

In short, the things you keep close track of are what get your attention and effort.  When you monitor and track and act with intention, you are much more likely to get the results you’re after.

Doing the Calorie Math

June 4th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in - (2 Comments)

When it comes to weight loss, it all boils down to the math equation that is calories in < calories out.  If you’ve been on a quest to lose weight for any length of time, you may already have some understanding of this.  But if like me, pre 35 lb weight loss, you don’t really understand the role that calories play in weight loss and maintenance – this page is for you.

Losing over 35 pounds was without a doubt a major turning point in my life. While I have not had much trouble maintaining my weight thanks to regular exercise, healthy habits and real, lasting life style changes, I’ve still had periods over the past few years where a little weight creeps on and I’ve had to make a conscious effort to lose it again.

Once upon a time I was that girl who tried and tried to lose weight and never saw any real, lasting results. While I never had a huge amount of weight to lose, I did know I wanted to be slimmer than I was for what felt like the majority of my life.

The post-pregnancy weight was always a little scary but eventually came off after each pregnancy with the addition of some moderate exercise. Then in early 2008 when I found myself back at my post-pregnancy weight and I hadn’t just had a babyI knew it was time to get serious.

Weight Loss

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Real, lasting weight loss does not happen overnight.  It’s a journey, sometimes the path is clear and easy to follow.  Other times it feels like you’re way off course and your car is in the ditch.  There are no magic bullets or quick fixes, but if you stick with it, you’ll get there.

You can definitely lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose, but it’s going to mean some work and effort on your part.  It’s going to mean doing your educating yourself and doing your homework.  Prepare yourself for a lot of  soul searching and while you  to get to the bottom of some of the things you do (or don’t do) and any mindless eating habits you might have.  You will chip away at it all piece by piece.  Just keep going.

One Phat Salad

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I really enjoy playing around with different ways of eating – figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s like a science experiment really, and I like experimenting on myself. Wait, I mean, I like playing with myself. Ummm, no, that’s not what I meant either.

I read The Zone like 100 years ago, and while the eating plan described there is rather complex and a lot to keep track of, it was still my introduction to the importance of getting fat, carbs and protein at each meal.

Dear Scale,

I would like to take this time to thank you for having so much in common with a well known antagonist.


You have taunted me, pointed fingers at me, cackled at me and threatened to steal away my little dog. (OK maybe not that last one. But then again I don’t have a dog.)

But now, thanks to some splashy children and your inability to bear so much water weight due poor placement at our new house, you are dead.

Sunday Processing

November 29th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Late Night Craziness - (12 Comments)

Almost a month ago my sweet friend Cindy asked me if I might be interested in trying a recipe she created. I said “Sure!” and she sent the recipe to me, and that recipe has sat in my inbox all this time, patiently waiting for me to make good on my promise.

Well today is finally the day! Cranberry Orange Bites here we come!

I did a little tweaking of Cindy’s recipe, so check hers out for the original version.

1 C soaked, raw cashews
4-6 ripe large medjool dates (pitted)
1 Tbsp coconut oil