This is Butternut Squash #3 in my kitchen this fall.  My skin is turning more orange by the minute.  Stinking beta carotene.

That’s actually not what I wanted to tell you.

Halved Butternut Squash

No, what I wanted to tell you is that when butternut squash is peeled, cubed and roasted in coconut oil, it reminds me a heck of a lot of a roasted sweet potato.

But that’s not the good part.

Compared to a sweet potato, butternut squash has nearly 100 fewer calories, half as many carbs and 9 fewer grams of sugar per 1 cup serving.

Eat Soup. Do It. Do It Now.

September 20th, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Weight Loss - (5 Comments)

This video is the reason I made soup today.

I loved this little weight loss clip from Lifehacker, especially the bit about soup leaving you feeling fuller longer, which can aid in your weight loss efforts if that’s something you’re after.

Given that my pre-pregnancy weight still eludes me, I found this idea intriguing. I have since come to the conclusion that we simply do not eat enough soup around here! With soup on the brain, I got started with this butternut beauty.

Butternut Squash

A butternut squash and three of my best friends; coconut oil, onion and garlic.

Life is settling back into a post-marathon norm around here. I spent much of today getting caught up on all things food and laundry now that I’m hobbling around a little bit less and taking the stairs slightly faster than yesterday.

Or at the very least I’m not doing the “step up with my right leg, drag my left leg up behind me like a sack of potatoes” thing anyway.

Dinner got started this morning when I threw this guy from last week’s CSA share into the oven – not immediately sure what I was going to do with him.