Salad For Breakfast

February 5th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Weight Loss - (17 Comments)

I think it was mid-December when I started looking for an alternative to my typical oatmeal/grain-based breakfast.  Not because I stopped digging oats mind you, but because somewhere toward the end of last year I came to understand that sugar is just no good and I wanted to start eating less of it.

Now before you get annoyed with me and that blasphemous statement, I’m not saying that I’ve stopped eating sugar or bread completely or don’t enjoy sweets.  I’m just not eating sugar (or as the case may be, foods that your body eventually converts to sugar – i.e., grains like rice, pasta, bread) on a daily basis like I have for oh, I don’t know – 31 years?

Once upon a time I was that girl who tried and tried to lose weight and never saw any real, lasting results. While I never had a huge amount of weight to lose, I did know I wanted to be slimmer than I was for what felt like the majority of my life.

The post-pregnancy weight was always a little scary but eventually came off after each pregnancy with the addition of some moderate exercise. Then in early 2008 when I found myself back at my post-pregnancy weight and I hadn’t just had a babyI knew it was time to get serious.

The Fountain of Youth

August 14th, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Weight Loss - (13 Comments)

It’s crazy me with my crazy green juice again.

Crazy Me

I was thinking this morning about why I drink this juice most mornings of the week. I want to be fit and healthy, but I also want to hold on to my remaining shreds of youth for as long as I can.

Break Fast

June 5th, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Weight Loss - (9 Comments)

I think I’ve uncovered the Fountain of Youth, and it doesn’t come in a bottle and isn’t going to cost us three easy payments of $19.99.

Fountain of Youth

Nope, it’s called Human Growth Hormone and you can get it for free everday. (Call now!)

OK awesome. So how do I get my hands on this stuff?

No Eating Before Bed

Yes, we’ve heard this before.  But it feels different this time because my new source of inspiration Jillian Michaels actually explained this concept in greater detail, why it’s important and how it makes a difference in her latest book, Master Your Metabolism.  And now I’m all over this idea like lice in a room full of pre-schoolers.