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August 9th, 2014 | Posted by Alison Spath in Life

I taught my first yoga class today.  Not exactly my first class, but sort of.

My “first” classes were in teacher training to my fellow trainees, but those don’t really count.

Then I taught a restorative class a few weeks ago at the studio where I practice, and although that was a real class, it was just a few resting postures (have you ever been to a restorative yoga class? It’s awesome.) so I’m not sure that counts either.

But today, I taught a pretty classic yoga class with lots of poses.  Spent a lot of time planning a sequence, making a play list, practicing it a million (well, 6) times before class so I was sure I could run through without looking (much) at my notes, figured out what I was going to say at the beginning, middle and end.  This was a Real Class.

Overall, I think it went OK.  I do need more practice teaching though.  I have moments where it’s scary and I feel like I have no business taking the seat of the teacher!  But then I remember there are lots of people out there who are new or new-ish to yoga, and I do have something to offer – so I just keep moving forward with this teaching thing… putting one foot in front of the other, reminding myself that I’m not expected to be a yoga teaching prodigy.  I have to remind myself that teaching yoga, just like anything, takes practice and time – but you have to start!  So I’m starting.

<Deep, cleansing breath>

It’s been almost 2 months since my last blog post!  I figure I’ll just jump back in today with a quick wave “hi!” and a picture of lunch. Because that’s what I do here… post pictures of lunch.

I came home from class craving veggies and rice because one of the passages I read for my class today came from A New Earth (Can You Hear the Mountain Stream?) and part of the story was about two monks eating a simple of meal of veggies and rice under an ancient cedar tree.

I haven’t had veggies and rice in ages, so that’s what I came home and made – steamed veggies and brown rice.

Steamed vegetables with sausage and brown rice

(And sausage.  And not under an ancient cedar tree.)

Kaz (who turned 2 during my unplanned blog hiatus!) sat on my lap and shared this meal with me on our front porch.  I brought along some extra carrots because he likes to fish all the carrots out of my bowl and leaves none for me!  So extra carrots were necessary.

Toddler Lunch

I’m hoping to get my act in gear and get back to posting more frequently, even if it’s just short posts like this about life and some of the meals in between – it’s what I like and want to do, but I don’t because of all the “rules” I try to follow when it comes to writing a good blog and that you shouldn’t post about nothing.

Well, maybe I’ll try ignoring the “rules” for a while and just do what I want, moving forward in this journey of trying not care too much about what other people think – and then do NOTHING because I’m worried about not writing the perfect post with the perfect pictures and the perfect jokes.  I don’t have to be a blogging prodigy or comedy writing super star.

Blogging is a lot like teaching yoga in some ways I suppose… putting yourself out there and being a little vulnerable.  So why not?  Here’s to posting about nothing and bringing some extra carrots along for the ride.

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9 Responses

  • Sarah says:

    Yeah, seriously….get yo’self back in action :)

    Topics I’ve wanted to email you about in this past week: (in no particular priority order)
    1. Homeschooling while having a two y.o. (oy)
    2. How much straight coconut oil is too much for one day (I’m up to 2 T.)
    3. Yoga moves for lower back pain (oy oy oy vey)



    • 1. Homeschooling for the past two years has been… interesting. We’re unschoolers, so I’m not sure I’m the best homeschooler to ask, especially because I feel like I totally slacked off for the first year of Kaz’s life. We do the best we can, I try to time things for when I know he’ll be content to play quietly or during nap time, I jump on “teachable moments” whenever I see them as opposed to having a set schooling schedule. There’s still plenty of him getting into things, me having to tend to him in the middle of working with the girls on something. The girls are a huge help with him and love to take care of him, read to him, play with him… there are some valuable life lessons being learned here.

      This is an intense age, no doubt about it. Going with the flow is probably my best advice. (ha! how helpful of me.)

      2. My super fit and awesome friend Lisa was at one point taking 4 Tbsp of coconut oil a day! Check it out. (I’ve yet to take that much myself, but it definitely helps me feel OK with 2 Tbsp a day!)

      3. Yoga for lower back pain – work on opening up your hamstrings! Put some bend in your knees in downward dog to really work the backs of the legs. Forward folds and seated forward bends will help too. Another simple hamstring stretch is to lay on your back with a strap (or anything that will work as one) both legs extended straight out in front of you, raise one leg in the air, put strap around the ball of your foot and keep your foot flexed. Pull the strap toward you. Knee can be slighty bent or straight, as long you’re feeling a hamstring stretch, then it’s working! Try to keep your shoulders grounded and keep the strap taught. You’ve totally got this.

      • Sarah says:

        Holy smokes, thanks, girl! <3

        • I am so happy I came to your blog today and read this comment on yoga for lower back pain. I have been having so many problems with my lower back and right hip and the backs of my legs feel so tight (esp. my hamstrings) so it’s nice to see that they’re all connected and I’m not just crazy!

          Congrats on teaching your first REAL class. Wish I could attend one. i know you’re probably great!

          Miss hanging out with you in the blogosphere. :-)

  • mike lally says:

    Hi,Alison! You did great! I really like the readings you did at the beginning an end. We need to get you a bell. My old teacher had this awesome bowl she would strike when the restorative time was over. It was the nicest way to “come back”. That is really just personal preference. Thanks for helping me during the class, too. Needed it. :)

    • Thanks Mike! There are chimes in the studio, and I’ve used them before – but didn’t think of it yesterday. Thanks for the feedback, you’re totally right, they are a great way to come out of savasana, especially after some restorative postures!

  • I was happy to see your post pop up in my feed today. :) Even if it’s sporadic, welcome back.

  • Julia says:

    Glad you’re back! I actually prefer reading blogs that have lots of posts about “nothing”- I just like hearing about other people’s lives, and sometimes it’s nice to just read raw, real posts that don’t have a ton of planning and structure to them.

    I can totally see teaching yoga- or anything- being scary! You go girl 😀

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Alison! I have been meaning to comment on this ever since it popped up in my inbox… I’m so slow these days :-)
    I feel like we’re having twin thoughts! I started my blog posting about nothing… it was a hobby where I shared “stuff” (some useful, some not). Over time, I got more focused and I went through a phase recently where all my posts had a really specific point. Since E was born, I just can’t get my act together enough to post with a purpose.
    I was just contemplating what to do—quit blogging, try and force myself to post with purpose, or just post for fun again (about “nothing”).
    I decided to go with the last one… and hopefully once in a while there will be a point to it! I feel self-conscious about it kind of… but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Either that, or I’ll just avoid posting. Time will tell!

    It’s interesting you’re contemplating how you’re posting—I always look forward to your posts. I like the ones with a point because I respect your opinions and thoughts, and I think you’re funny. But I also really like the “nothing” posts… like someone else said, I like just getting a peek into your life (that sounds creepy now that I am saying it—but you know what I mean!).

    I’m off to post about nothing!