Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles (without a spiralizer)

August 15th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Vegetable Lovin'

This is officially my new favorite way to eat summer squash.  I made this for dinner and I didn’t even need to add any salt because I garnished these zucchini and squash peel “noodles” with tears of joy.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles

I’ve been curious about “zucchini noodles” for a long time, but don’t own a spiralizer.

(If you’re not in the know – a spiralizer is a kitchen gadget that will spin your vegetable while carving off long, thin strands to make something that resembles a noodle.)

While I would love to make piles and piles of pretty vegetable strands with a kitchen device I don’t own, I am delighted to report that you can totally make “noodles” from your favorite over-abundant summer vegetable with the vegetable peeler you already have in your utensil drawer.

Yellow Squash and Zucchini for Noodles with a vegetable peeler

Ready for the instructions?  This is tricky!  (That is sarcasm.)

In your left (or right) hand, hold your squash.  In your other hand, hold your peeler.  Be your own spiralizer and turn the squash or zucchini in your hand, peeling with the other hand as you go.  Peel and turn, peel and turn.  (Are you following me?)  Keep peeling, perhaps pretending that you’ve won lotto and you’re the generous stranger passing out 100 dollar bills.

Soon you’ll have a pile like this and you’ll likely scream “I’m rich!”

Zucchini Noodles without a Spiralizer

Move your pile of squash shreds to a preheated saute pan with a little butter.  You can toss in some salt and/or garlic powder if you like, skip the salt if you’re already watering your magnificent squash  mix with the fluid that leaks from your eyes.

Cooking Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles

Move your shreds around with a spatula as it cooks.  These will be ready in 3 minutes or less, so don’t take off or daydream for too long while it’s cooking.

Like I didn’t love you enough already, Summer Squash Peels?  Now I really love you!

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles

Tears.  Joy.  I told you so.

Pile on your sauce of choice – or just eat plain, smothered with more butter and say “I do what I want!” when someone gives you the side eye.  I wouldn’t try to pass this off as pasta to your vegetable-hating, pasta-loving family or friends, they probably won’t be fooled.  But if you already love zucchini and squash (high five!) this is a super-easy, super-delicious, super-fun way to prepare and eat it.  Super.

I made a simple meat and tomato sauce for these guys.  I also made a vow that I would never eat squash or zucchini any other way ever again.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles Dinner

Unless it’s in chocolate zucchini muffins.  Or zucchini lasagna.  Or on pizza.  Or naan pizza.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash Noodles with Meat Sauce

Whatever.  Maybe I’m a liar.  Or forgetful.  Stop questioning me and just eat.

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4 Responses

  • I used my mandolin for a while to make “zucsketti,” then realized it was much easier to just cut them into thin strips using a knife. I love mine topped with pasta sauce. Yum.

    • I suck at using my mandolin, I totally believe it’s easier to just use a knife. I’ll try cutting them into thin strips soon, lord knows there’s enough zucchini around for more experimenting!

  • B. Gomicchio says:

    Doh! Just sauteed those very same veggies last night, but I cut mine up instead of noodling them. I did use fresh herbs (oregano, marjoram, rosemary) and they were delicious nonetheless. So good in fact, my soon to be preschooler asked for some! Good enough to put on her plate, not good enough to actually eat, but still. Progress, right?!?

  • Del says:

    I’ve really struggled the summer squash (something about the texture) but slicing them up this way seems like a good idea to try. I also heard someone recommend this on NPR too.Thanks for posting!