Zak’s Juice Fast Update: Two Weeks In

May 7th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Weight Loss

As I mentioned in my last post, Zak is on a 40 day juice fast.  To quickly recap, Zak watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, a documentary film by Joe Cross about his 60 day juice fast that lead to an 82 lb weight loss, freeing himself of his autoimmune disease and getting off all his prescription medications.

I watched this documentary a few weeks ago, but Zak watched it when it was first released in 2011.  He was very inspired by the film and has talked about doing a juice fast “some day” ever since.  Thanks to a Biggest Loser style weight loss competition at work, he decided the time is finally here.

With that, his juice fast began about two weeks ago and on Day 1 he weighed in at 195 pounds.

Zak the Juice Man

This morning on Day 15 he weighed 178.6

That’s a 16.4 pound weight loss in two weeks!  I am freaking shocked, people.  Of course he’s got a major calorie deficit going so obviously he’s going to lose weight quickly, but still – it’s crazy fun to chase him into the bathroom each morning to see what the scale is going to say.

Weight loss was not his primary objective here, but he knew a juice fast would lead to weight loss and he’s not sad about that.  He says his clothes fit noticeably better and he definitely feels smaller.  He looks thinner too.  (He was last in the 170’s in 2011 and very kindly and thoughtfully gained weight along side me during my pregnancy with Kaz in 2011 – 2012.)

Zak’s main reasons for doing a juice fast were to detox from caffeine (coffee) and sugar.  He was also looking forward to the opportunity to improve his relationship with food and to be more mindful when it comes to eating.  Like so many of us, he’s prone to mindless snacking, raiding the candy dish at work, going back for second and third helpings simply because something tastes good, not because he’s still hungry.  I’ve totally been there and still struggle with these issues myself from time to time – mindful and intuitive eating is most definitely a journey.

With all that said, here’s a run down of some noteworthy items from the past two weeks:

The First Week

was the toughest.  He had caffeine withdrawal headache on Day 1, again on Day 2 (but less intense) and only intermittently on Day 3.  He battled insomnia on and off during the first week as well.

The Second Week

At the start of the second week, he started sleeping very soundly through the night, waking up feeling unbelievably refreshed and full of energy – more so than he ever remembers before.  He says he wakes up feeling great and extremely well rested, instead of sluggish and groggy and in need of caffeine NOW.

Frequently Asked Question #1 – Aren’t You Hungry ALL THE TIME?

Nope.  He says juice is surprisingly filling and satisfying.  When he feels hungry, he drinks juice and his hunger goes away.  He also drinks herbal (unsweetened) tea and water throughout the day.  He drinks Kombucha occasionally as well.

Even though he doesn’t feel constant hunger, he does admit that it’s hard to watch other people eat and to smell food cooking too.  He says he definitely misses eating.

(“Missing eating” makes me hungry just thinking about that.)

Frequently Asked Question #2 –  What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

He makes a big (28+ oz) container of juice twice a day.  He takes the first round with him to work for breakfast and lunch.  He juices again when he gets home from work for dinner, and sometimes drinks a fourth glass if he feels like he needs it, or he saves it for the next day.  Most days he drinks three to four 16 oz glasses of juice.  Like any new habit or lifestyle change, it took some time to find a groove, but he seems to have settled into a rhythm that’s working well for him.

Two Glasses Beet Juice Breakfast and Lunch

Frequently Asked Question #3 – Don’t You Need Fiber?

It’s a little awkward to write about the final step in the digestion process (are you catching my drift?) but in short, the frequency of BM’s has slowed down, but beyond that they continue to be the same.

(And yes, he gets asked about the end of digestion a lot.)

The Grocery Bill

The grocery bill has gone up some, but not as much as I initially expected it to.  The cost of extra produce for juicing is being offset by the foods I’m NOT buying.  While I’m buying more produce, I’m buying less of other things.  I’m not buying coffee and creamer (both organic, neither exactly cheap!) right now either.  He’s also no longer going out to lunch a couple days a week or stopping for coffee on his way to work if he didn’t have time for a cup at home, so we’re cutting food costs there as well.

He also juices a lot of veggie scraps that would otherwise go to the compost.  Broccoli stems, leafy green stems (like from kale).  That was one way we’ve been able to stretch the produce budget a tiny bit more.

An Unexpected Perk For Me

I don’t have to make dinner!  I feel like I’m on a little vacation!  Of course I’m still making food for myself and the kids, but I’ve been keeping it very simple.  There’s less planning involved and less worrying about the timing of dinner with the other things we’ve got going on during the day.  Somehow it just feels easier.

Another perk?  I’m drinking more juice right now than I otherwise would!

Beet Juice with Cuppow

This morning is was beet, kale, cucumber, apple, ginger and lemon.  With a wide mouth Cuppow lid to save me from a beet mustache.

Now Some Perks for You!

The timing of Zak’s juice fast just so happened to perfectly coincide with the 2 year anniversary of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  In honor of their celebration, I’ve been given the opportunity to give TWO readers a Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead prize pack!

Reboot With Joe Giveaway Prize Pack

Each winner will receive a “I Juice With Joe” Reusable To- Go Tumbler, a DVD copy of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, the companion book, and a nutrition guide for getting started with juicing.

Even if a juice fast isn’t for you, it’s still an excellent film, and juicing can be a great way to get a lot of nutrition in a condensed package.  And who doesn’t love free stuff?!  Keep these for yourself, give  them to an interested friend, donate the DVD to your local library! (So long as they’ll agree to wave your late fees for the next year for you of course.)

Wanna chance to win one of these prize packs?  Leave a comment below telling me if you’d ever do a juice fast (doesn’t matter what your answer is!) and I’ll randomly choose two winners and update this post on Friday morning, May 10, 2013 announcing who won.  (This giveaway is open to continental US residents only.)

This giveaway is closed as of 5/10/2013, 7:55 AM EDT.

The winners of the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead giveaway are

Courtney, who wrote:

I would love to try this, but as I am the cook for 3 young girls and a husband, it doesn’t seem doable for quite some time. So, for now I will be content to add juice to my diet and hope to benefit from the concentrated nutrients.

Kate, who wrote:

I probably would not do one, though the idea intrigues me. I have a hard enough time giving up my nightly scoop of ice cream (I have gotten it as low as a single spoonful, but for some reason I always feel like I need it!) so I can’t imagine giving up all solid foods for any real period of time.

Congrats ladies!  I’ve sent you both emails to get your juicy winnings on their way to you!

But what if you don’t want to play if you didn’t win and just want to watch the film already?   I mentioned this in my last post but it’s worth mentioning again – you can watch the movie for free on YouTube right now during the anniversary celebration.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

That’s it for now, more juicy observations and notes to come in the weeks ahead.  In the mean time, got any questions for Zak?  Fire away in the comments!

As always, please don’t confuse Zak’s experience for medical advice.  Don’t do anything that feels unsafe to you, please seek the support of your trusted health care professional before doing a juice fast.

Please know that links to Amazon are affiliate links. It doesn’t change the price you pay, but if you buy something from Amazon after following one of the links in my posts, I earn a percentage based commission from Amazon as a part of their affiliate program. This is one of the ways I generate revenue from the posts that I write here. I promise that I only link to items that I truly endorse. You don’t ever have to buy anything, but if you do, thank you for supporting the site and the work I do here.

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79 Responses

  • Steve! says:

    How much JOOOOOCEY fun is THIS?!
    Like Zak–I’ve thought about juicing for awhile too. Tons of reasons I don’t (new habit, new habit and uhm…new habit. But also–I don’t own a juicer (yet)–or even a blender lol) Everything’s doable though. It’s just changing my mind. And getting the right info.

    I also think what stops me is the inconvenience (I tell myself), and missing caffeine would be huge for me too. But everyone I know–who’s juiced–raves about it. And I’m not the biggest fan of cooking lately anyways…and garden season and farm market cool-dom is RIGHT here SOON! So!

    Thanks for writing such an easy, authentic and “real life” article for us bums who may not be raw, vegan or just holistic hoo-ha’s in the workaday world–but who give health a good shot in our lifestyles without the label attached to it. You guys rock!

    Jooce on Zak!
    Cool script Al!

    • Thanks Steve! And you can totally juice simply as a part of your diet, know that it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. We’ve been juicing while also eating and coffee-ing for a number of years now, I love it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It can be a fantastic and tasty supplement to your diet!

    • zak says:

      Thanks Steve! The Work Biggest Loser program was really a kick in the pants for me, and plus we already had a juicer and had a history of juicing. When I first brought it up the fast with Alison one thing that was a concern was washing the juicer. But once I promised to wash it after every time I made juice it was a little more reasonable. While I think juice fast is good for me as I re-consider my relationship with food, I don’t think everyone needs to go to this extreme. I notoriously don’t do moderation very well so taking this measure seemed like a good way to bring balance.
      One thing that Alison mentioned was waking up in the middle of the night and waking up groggy… This had been happening for a long time and it kind of just became “the way it is”. But it has been like a switch went off at the beginning of the second week. Most noticeable change is my eyes popping open in the morning and my body not yelling at me to go back to bed. This change alone has been worth the undertaking.
      Thanks for your support! (if you want motivation to start a juice fast just announce it on facebook and tell Alison then the whole world will know and you will feel very obligated to follow through. :) )

  • Kate says:

    I probably would not do one, though the idea intrigues me. I have a hard enough time giving up my nightly scoop of ice cream (I have gotten it as low as a single spoonful, but for some reason I always feel like I need it!) so I can’t imagine giving up all solid foods for any real period of time.

    • zak says:


      You have moderation *mastered*. You don’t need a juice fast if you can simply eat one spoon of Ice cream! That is, to me, a more amazing feat than a 40 day juice fast!

      I believe there are health benefits to drinking vegetable juice, fasting seems a bit extreme to me at times, but I figure I’m just experimenting on myself and we’ll see how it goes :)

      Thanks for sharing your amazing super power of eating only one spoonful of ice cream! You are an inspiration! :)

  • Vicki graham says:

    I am curious to read up more on this and would be willing to try it.

    • zak says:

      Hi Vicki,
      Do you have something that motivates you? A physical ailment?
      I didn’t realize that my sleep was so lousy until this week when suddenly it improved so much. But my motivating factor was more subtle, simply to be more aware of what I’m eating and my relationship with food. This motivational factor is key to driving through it.

      Obviously the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead movie is a great place to start but also check out the movie Food Matters. That’s another inspirational and informational movie about health.

      Thanks for posting!

  • Ali says:

    Hi! Can I just start by saying that I love your blog and name?
    Because I do…seriously.

    So I watched this documentary over the weekend and LOVED IT. Oh so inspired, I “impulsively” marched my little self (well, actually drove, then marched…) to the store to buy exactly the same Breville juicer that y’all have as a mother’s day gift for my mom. You see she’s suddenly on this HUGE health kick by giving up sugar and reading labels religiously (I’m so proud!), but I remember her calling juicing pointless probably because of the lack of fiber and supposed effect on the wallet even though I’ve always wanted to try it and watching this movie intensified that desire. Anywho, now I feel guilty that I splurged my savings on a gift for my mom that she may not even truly like. How can I convince her otherwise if there are reservations?

    Also, I’ve been wondering, maybe I missed something or am completely clueless, but why give up coffee? I always seem to read about its “wonderful health benefits”…

    Thanks for everything you do, post, and such! You’re such a great motivator!

    • Hi Ali! If your mom (who has fantastic taste in names!) has reservations but is open minded, would she watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? There are tons of juicing books and websites out there now too, maybe you could include one with your gift. The Raw Food Detox Diet was the first book I read about juicing, but many new books have been published on the subject since then. (I see a bunch in the health food section at Wegmans!)

      My response to the fiber argument is to point out the role fiber plays in diet, which is to help with the digestion process. If you already eat well and get lots of fruits, veggies or other fibrous foods like whole grains, beans, etc, then you’re all set. (This sounds like your mom!) For people who eat a lot of junk and are working to improve their eating habits, then smoothies might be a better choice so you keep the fiber and the “bulk”.

      As for coffee, Zak felt like he was consuming too much – he was drinking coffee all day long. He was ready to make a clean break and wanted to stop feeling dependent on it. I agree that coffee has health benefits which is why I feel OK drinking it, I’ve given up for now too though for a little break from the caffeine myself, and it’s honestly nice. But don’t worry Coffee, I’ll be back some day, I promise!

      Thanks for your sweet comment Ali, I hope your mom likes her gift and is willing to give it a try!

    • zak says:

      Hi Ali,
      I hadn’t really considered the fiber question until I was surprised by the number of people who seemed nervous that lack of fiber in my diet was a problem. It’s not like I’m never going to eat again… but whatever. I did a quick google search and found this on top of google
      (I don’t know how good that source is though, it’s good enough for me.)

      Another great movie that presents a strong argument against sugar and for juicing is called Food Matters. While Fat Sick and Nearly dead is only about Juicing, Food Matters looks at a broader spectrum of health and diet. Perhaps a recommendation of this movie along with the juicer would help win yer mom over to the juice side. :)

      And yes I gave up coffee because I was up to about 10 cups per day… I think I have the health benefits of coffee covered for the duration of my juice fast. :)

      Thanks for the support! and if your mom hates the juicer maybe you can trade it for a more traditional mothers day gift and keep the juicer for yourself! 😉

  • Michele says:

    I’d do a juice fast – as soon as I could figure out how to make it work while cooking for two boys and working around my husband’s detox! : ) I own TWO juicers – but don’t know how to operate either one. (I’m pretty sure they are complete – they were hand me downs from my Mom and a friend.)(and no they don’t have manuals with them).
    My thought is how do I wrap my head around juicing when I have to give up all sugar to get rid of another unfriendly problem with yeast?

    going to forward that link to a good friend of mine…although with his ‘detox’ interest, I’m wondering if he’s already seen it.

    Thanks for being green online! : )

    • That’s one reason I couldn’t do it – I have to cook for everybody else! Talk about torture!

      Fire up those juicers Michele, stick some carrots in the big slot and see where the juice comes spraying out! You’ve totally got this.

    • zak says:

      Hi Michele,
      Yup. being around food is tough. Notice Joe from the movie left his home country to do his juice fast… (although he occasionally went out to dinner with people he didn’t have the other habitual circumstances around him). In the first week twice I caught my hand on food in the fridge with the intention of eating it… I have to laugh because I don’t know who was controlling my hand! That is the kind of unconsciousness that I had long suspected was adding to my waist line! Mid second week… being around food isn’t all that bad. I can always grab a cup of tea or water.
      Thank you for your support!

  • I don’t know if I’d ever do a juice fast, but I watched ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’ after reading your last post and found it very interesting. If nothing else, I have a lot more more respect for people who do juice fasts….Zak looks great!

    Does Zak exercise regularly? I have heard mixed things about whether or not moderate to intense exercise is ‘allowed’ during a juice fast. (Although I did see Joe jogging during the movie).

    • Chelsea, the only exercise he gets is walking (sometimes just going for a walk, plus decent walks to and from the bus stops to work three days a week). The guides on Joe’s website do say to take it easy, but low intensity exercise is OK. I’m glad you watched the film!

    • zak says:

      Hi Chelsea,
      Thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere ! (Alison, “Randomly” pick this one! 😉 )

      I intentionally left my exercise the way it was. I walk about .5 – 1.5 miles per day. I really wanted to just change this one thing. Although I might sneak a yoga class in, but I’d only do a slow/gentle yoga class.

      FYI: Beat juice is supposed to be good for your blood flow especially during high intensity. (coincidentally it looks like blood too)…

      Thanks for your kind words and support!

  • says:

    …Congratulations Zak!! That is awesome and inspiring!! I did a couple of juice fasts in the pasts…..and always felt so good! Slept well and felt renewed…I neeeed to do it again! I tore my acl this winter while skiing and am this off ‘sniff my running routine…it’s been a whirlwind emotionally and physically with that and other things while I sort this out…I’ve gained weight on my short frame..ughhh…..I feel motivated after reading this post! thank you! :)

    • zak says:

      Hi D.
      Well I’m not a doctor, and I’ve never played one on TV but for matters of healing tendon tissue you might want to hold off on the juice fast and add juice to a diet rich in soft connective tissue (according to the book Deep Nutrition). The way I see it is that I’m taking in highly concentrated nutrients, but I don’t know what I’m missing from my diet. I’ve been vegetarian for 10 years but even that is under question after reading Deep Nutrition. Just adding juice to your diet can’t hurt!

      As far as coping with emotional junk that sometimes brings us down, that… is harder to fast from than food… but, for whatever it’s worth, my favorite book on that topic is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

      Thank you for your support!

  • I am intrigued by juice fasting. I did a cleanse in January, and it was a great experience. I had expected to have cravings and be hungry, but I wasn’t. However, I did eat smoothies and lots of raw and cooked veggies, etc. The hardest thing was definitely giving up caffeine, and I haven’t gone back to it…

    Zak’s experience sounds great so far! I may have to do a juice fast in the summer….

  • Julie says:

    Wow, Zak looks great!

    I’ve never seen the movie, but it is intrigueing…

    my question for Zak is how does he plan to incorporate solds back into his diet when he’s done? And when he does, how will he keep the weight he lost off? Did he have a normal BP before this also? I assume it’s gone down since, either way…right?

    I guess I could watch the movie for these answers…but this is easier 😉

    • Great questions! I told him to come read them and answer. I might use these in a future post too.

    • zak says:

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you! I recommend this movie and also Food Matters for more than just juice info.
      As far as introducing foods back in, that’s something I’m sorting out as I go along. I’m 10 years a vegetarian and after reading Deep Nutrition, I’m really questioning that choice. I think the most important aspect of re-introducing food will not be what I eat but how I eat. I hope to have more mindfulness with every meal. I hope to be more aware when I’m hungry so my hunger isn’t expressed in grouching :) I will really try to keep away from grains and sugar.

      As a veg. my BP has been on the low side of “normal” for a long time. but it’s a good question and I’ll go get it checked again now and at the end of the fast. Alison will post it in a future blog I’m sure.

      As far as the weight goes, my self project before the fast was to be comfortably chubby, to love how I looked regardless of my flab. This involved dancing around naked (by myself) and just looking in the mirror with kind eyes every time. I look at my extra fat now and wonder why it is even still here…. Why am I wasting energy carrying around these extra pounds? So my plan to keep the weight off is a mental shift in how I think about food and myself, and if some weight comes back on then I’ll go back to the drawing board and figure it out again (if I feel like it). I may choose to increase my activity as well. I think some short high intensity workouts would be good for me.

      Thanks for your support!

  • Brittney says:

    A juice fast seems so hard! I’ve done a reboot from Joe’s website and lasted 8 days, but I did feel great. A juice fast is something I’m flirting with. How long does he plan on doing it?

    • zak says:

      Hi Brittney,

      It “seems” harder than it is. I had been thinking about it for 2 years A friend of mine did one for 8 days and then I re-upped my intention to do it, and then the work Biggest Loser came along and I said “I’M DOING IT!”… I’m committed to it for 40 days. but that length is only because I heard that 40 days is the amount of time that it takes to make/break a habit. The habit I’m working to break is mindless eating. So I also have a purpose that is very meaningful to me, that is my rock through this whole thing.

      What makes you flirt with the idea of doing a juice fast? Do you have any health concerns?

      Thanks for sharing your intentions. it is just a small step from a message on a board to actually committing to it :)

  • Alysia Coles says:

    Me Me Me!! I wanna do a juice fast! =P
    Thanks for the opprotunity Alison!
    I watched the video and I loooved it. =D

  • Kate says:

    Hey Allison,
    Thanks for posting about this juice fast. I watched this documentary last year and began adding green juice to my diet (a cup everyday or so) also cutting down my caffeine to decaf (ok, half decaf most days) I am planning on doing a juice fast beginning next week and would love to see pictures or at least hear a list of things that Zak is adding to his juices. I have tried a bunch of different greens, some of which are so awful (chard and beets greens) but I can easily do kale and spinach. I am ordering a box of day old organic greens from a local farm ($20 will get me 24 bunches) Since I have a massive second hand green star juicer I will probably juice 2-3 times a week and freeze the juice I won’t drink in one day. It’s kind of an ordeal the clean that beast, plus with a large family (5 kiddies and a hubs that I will still be cooking for) it isn’t practical time wise to juice everyday with this large model. Good luck to Zak on his fast! When I get down to my ideal weight, my husband says he will do a juice fast too!

    • Really cool Kate that you’re starting next week, and what a great deal on greens! I find that beet greens are fine with the right combo of other ingredients (namely lemon and apple!) but I agree they can be, errr… “intense”. Good luck to you as well, and I will share some of the combos that Zak is making.

      • Katrina says:

        Thanks guys for the encouragement and feedback. I am going to document my 40 day green juice challenge, do you mind if I link up this post? Also, what advice would you have to someone that wants to start out running? Not a serious diehard :) Hubbs and I would like to do a mud run next year. What should we do to prepare? Thanks for any practical tips you may have to pass along to some newbies.

        • Sounds awesome Katrina! You are more than welcome to link to this post and spread the green juice love!

          I have a couple of posts written with new runners in mind, How I Learned to Love Running and How I Got My Running Start.

          The short answer is to run until you’re tired, walk until you’re recovered and then repeat (for about 30 – 40 minutes, allow me to insert the obligatory “check with your health care provider before beginning any new exercise program” here). Over time work on increasing the amount of time you spend running and decreasing the time you spend walking – it DOES get easier!

          Can’t wait to check out your 40 day challenge! Good luck!

        • Alysia says:

          Yes, I would like to watch your progress as well! Do share your blog site!

          • Katrina says:

            Hey Alysia,
            Thanks for the interest! I would be honored for to follow along. My blog is:

            Keep in mind my baby blog is BRAND new, so there’s not much content and I am still learning how to blog. But, I really wanted to document this Juice Challenge and have some accountability to keep on track.

            Stop by and have a peek.


    • zak says:

      Good for you Kate… Cleaning a juicer is not a trivial task… On the plus side the Green Star Juicers I see online are all slow juicers and these are recommended for juicing leafy veggies. They produce less foam, and an all around better juice than the fast spinners (like the one we have). The people at Food Matters released a comparison and said it’s just no comparison, the slow juicers are better.

      I’m with you on cleaning.. I make cleaning the juicer the last step in making juice. Cleaning it immediately after making juice is good because sometimes I just rinse it off and put it in the dry rack. If it sits and the stuff hardens on it.. forget it, it takes 5 times as long and some of the little crevices are really tough to clean.
      I don’t drink it until the juicer is cleaned. I’m down to once per day.

      Kale is my favorite green in juice. I experiment all the time though. I juiced a quarter of an onion (because I like onions) but this juice was pretty bad… I drank it but I don’t need to try that again…

      I tried a jalapeno and those are pretty nice if you like a little zing.

      Today I had orange juice with carrots, orange, sweet potato, ginger and this was exceptional.

      I Love beets.

      Your fresh supply is fantastic. In everything I’ve read and watched one recurring message is fresh is best. picked yesterday is great and much better than the organic that we get in Wegmans.

      You’ve got a great setup there! Good luck in doing your fast, especially with 5 kids!!!
      Thanks for your support,

  • Julia says:

    Very inspiring!!! Would you introduce some of his favorite recipes for this fasting?
    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Jessica Tweed says:

    I would love to try a juice fast! I would be interested in some of the recipes your husband, and yourself, found to be the most appetizing as well. Do you just “wing it” or do you use specific ratios for the juice contents. By the way, I just found your blog today and I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing your journey with your readers.

    • zak says:

      Hi Jessica,
      There are plenty of recipes out there for juicing. but I like to wing it :) Sometimes my juice tastes terrible, and as you go along you kind of learn some things. For example one thing I learned is to limit the strong flavored items to one kind per juice. For example I mixed Radish and ginger in one juice and it was BAD! That was the first time I tried Radish but it should have been by itself with other mild flavored things like pears, cucumber, maybe a melon.


      • Jessica Tweed says:


        Thanks for those tips. I haven’t had radishes before either, but I do have some asian pears at home (which are said to taste like a melon?) :) I think I will pick up some radishes and try that out. I have been on a smoothie diet for about a week now and, much like your juicing, it has been trial and error…I should mention that the smoothies are fruit and vegetable smoothies made with almond milk, flax seed, proteins, etc. not full of junk/sugar. I wish you the best on your juice fast, and appreciate the time you spent providing those tips! -Jessica

        • zak says:


          I think you’d agree that It’s fun to experiment and try new flavors. I go back and forth between something new and exciting and the old standbys that I know are yummy. Today was bok choy, musk mellon, jalapeno, apple. It wasn’t terrible… Tomorrow back to beet, carrots ginger apple.

          I think when I start back on solids, almond milk and flax seed smoothies would be something easy to add back in. I love banana/spinach/blueberry smoothies. I’ve never added flax to them I like that idea.

          Thanks for the well wishes!

  • Courtney says:

    I would love to try this, but as I am the cook for 3 young girls and a husband, it doesn’t seem doable for quite some time. So, for now I will be content to add juice to my diet and hope to benefit from the concentrated nutrients.

    • zak says:

      Hi Courtney,

      Cooking while on a juice fast is not really enjoyable. :) so I’m with you! And adding juice to your diet it can’t hurt! It is like a meal in and of itself… I’m quite surprised at how long I feel full for.

      Our 11 month old demands that I share my juice with him when ever I hold him and I’m drinking it…. maybe your kids would like it too? A few apples really sweeten the deal and oranges are quite yummy too.

      Good luck!

  • B. Gomicchio says:

    Not sure if I’d do a fast, but I’d like to incorporate juicing into our diet. We do have a juicer but I really don’t like it :( So many parts to clean! I need to see yours in action :)

    Congrats to Zak on sticking with it! Do you think the sleeping issues were caffeine related or juicing?

    • zak says:

      Good question B…

      I was up to about 5-10 cups of coffee a day… So that was pretty huge. I don’t know the answer for sure because I changed both things at the same time :) My thoughts are that as I look at the giant pile of fresh veggies I eat every day and think “there’s no way I could eat that on it’s own” and then think about how I’m just cramming high nutrient rich food into my body with each meal and the body probably doesn’t have to work as hard to get those nutrients. I have to imagine that the juicing is part of the sleep improvement.

      I woke up on Monday this week and my eyes just popped open and it immediately struck me like the last day of “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murry.., Something is different…. And I was very ready to get out of bed.

      I felt like I didn’t really have sleep problems before until I experienced this last week and every morning since has been just about the same way. Now I look back at restless nights and think maybe that ISN’T normal…

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Barb says:

    Zak looks great!!! I don’t have a juicer but my father-in-law has one that he doesn’t use anymore so I would be interested in trying it. I am trying to get my kids to eat more veggies and Kaitlyn has actually requested a green smoothie several days now. I love your blog…..your writing style is one I really enjoy and I have tried several of your recipes. You inspire me to be healthier and provide healthier options for my family.

    • zak says:

      Thanks Barb!

      Our first juicer was a hand me down from my grandfather. (Apparently he juiced carrots…) But it ended up with us and we out grew that one quickly because of it’s limitations, but it was a great start.

      Green smoothies are something that I really miss while on this fast… They are soo yummy. Our kids enjoy juicing and drinking apples. We haven’t figured out how to get them to drink veggies yet. One nice mix is apples and carrots and a little ginger. but Joe has a desert juice that is high in fruit :) I think any kid would like that. Here’s a link to his recipes

      If you figure out any tricks to get kids to eat more veggies please share! :)

      Thanks for your kind words!

  • Greg says:

    I’ve read about juice diets a few different times in a few different places and it always seems like a pretty healthy way to lose weight. But since I started running last fall, losing weight is not a problem (lost 70 lbs 5 months). In fact, now I’m working on getting more calories into my diet instead of out. But I have been drinking a veggie/fruit/vitamin smoothie every morning, eat a predominantly vegetable based diet, and could totally see using a fresh mulit-veg juice as a meal substitute in a pinch, or as a snack.

    Some of the resources I’ve read have said that the nutrient level of fresh juices drops significantly and quickly after being juiced. Have you guys noticed any difference in physical effect (satiation, energy, or even taste) when consuming the later shake from each batch made? Just curious.

    My co-workers did a weight-loss challenge in the fall of 2010 and 2011. In 2012 for reasons not at all connected to that challenge, I drop 40 lbs between labor day and thanksgiving, and that’s the year they don’t do the challenge. Figures, right? Haha.
    Good luck with the work challenge.

    • Hi Greg, I’ve read similar recommendations on consuming fresh juice sooner rather than later. I’m pretty strict (read: paranoid) about ditching anything older than 24 hours, although most juice is gone within 12 hours of juicing. The only difference I’ve ever noticed between fresh juice and “old” juice is in the taste. I definitely think it tastes better immediately than it does even a few hours later. In fact, I rarely drink old juice because of that! Zak doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

      Way to go with your running and weight loss!

      • zak says:

        Hi Greg,

        I wonder if the time since harvesting plays as bigger part in the nutrition levels as opposed to the time since juiced. Of what I’ve read, plants start loosing their nutrition pretty quickly after they are picked. So how old are the veggies in the grocery store? Who knows… That’s why I’m kind of lax about drinking juice from yesterday. But As I’ve moved along and gotten into a routine that doesn’t happen much. Usually I make one batch in the morning for the whole day.

        Thanks for the question!

  • I would do a juice fast as long as I could also have green smoothies. And bacon. Or if it were 24 hours or less. Really, I would do *anything* to heal a disease or solve a health problem, but (knock wood) my body is A-OK so I’m into more moderate stuff for now.

    Zak, I wanted to share a resource. Since you’ve gone to all the trouble of doing this fast, when you reintroduce food, you could learn a lot about your body’s response to different foods by introducing certain things systematically. We recently read The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin & plan to do her elimination diet next month. The book is about weight loss, but what it’s really about is identifying foods that cause problems for you. In her system you eliminate seven foods for 3 weeks, then reintroduce them in a specific way over 1 month so you can tell which ones cause you trouble. I would highly recommend that you check out this book and her method if you want to test foods — at least these seven, which are at the top of the food intolerance list. (The foods are corn, peanuts, soy, dairy, gluten, eggs, and sugar. You don’t get to reintroduce sugar, though.)

    Kudos for taking on this fast. No doubt you’ll learn a lot along the way!

    • This is really good – we’ll definitely check this book out, thanks KQ!

    • zak says:

      Your Magesty,

      I have purchased The Virgin Diet and will read it. I don’t have any health problems that I’m aware of, but since I am already this far in it, why not introduce food slowly and see what happens? There is so much conflicting information about what is healthy and what we should eat, I’m game to experiment on myself and share the results :)

      Thanks for the recommendation!

      PS. Have you ever considered making a Kegel Queen Chess set? I can imagine some hilariously shaped chess pieces!

  • Debra Schramm says:

    I would definitely consider a juice fast. What kind of juicer do you use?

  • Heather says:

    i definitely think i’d try a juice fast! but probably only a short one… i love food too much! i also struggled with weight issues in college and definitely don’t need to lose any… but i have had mega digestive issues my whole life so i’d be interested to see the effects of a juice cleanse on that

    • zak says:

      Heather, I love food too much too… The Kegel Queen recommended The Virgin Diet which starts with cutting a bunch of food out of the diet (which I’ve already done) then re-introducing it slowly and in a measured way. I’m going to read the book and will probably follow it because I don’t ‘have a better plan for re-introducing food in my diet.

      I believe we are meant to thrive and that all illness is a symptom of an imbalance in our life. I want to live a healthy life and I know that my relationship with food is not where it should be so that is why I’m on the juice fast.

      If you decide to try a juice fast to test it’s effects on your digestive issues let us know how you do! There is nothing like the motivation of a public announcement of your goal to keep you on track 😉


  • Tara says:

    Pick me, Ohh Pick me to be a lucky winner!!! I’m so excited your Juicing Zak. I’ve been juicing now for over a month and have lost 23 pounds, I went from a size 10 to a size 6 and I am still dropping the pounds and finding fun concoctions to enjoy. I hope I am a random winner because I would LOVE to spread Joe Cross further.

    • zak says:

      Heather, I love food too much too… The Kegel Queen recommended The Virgin Diet which starts with cutting a bunch of food out of the diet (which I’ve already done) then re-introducing it slowly and in a measured way. I’m going to read the book and will probably follow it because I don’t ‘have a better plan for re-introducing food in my diet.

      I believe we are meant to thrive and that all illness is a symptom of an imbalance in our life. I want to live a healthy life and I know that my relationship with food is not where it should be so that is why I’m on the juice fast.

      If you decide to try a juice fast to test it’s effects on your digestive issues let us know how you do! There is nothing like the motivation of a public announcement of your goal to keep you on track 😉


    • zak says:

      Wow Tara! That’s amazing! Are you just adding juice to your diet? Or are you doing other stuff to lose weight too?


    • Awesome Tara, That helps encourage me!

  • Lindsay says:

    first timer and Tara’s roommate, I NEED to win!!! Tara’s always juicing and I made her a deal I would try a week because I need to loose weight and my addiction to Pepsi.

    • zak says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      LOL You know it really is randomly chosen right? :) Are you guys just drinking juice for a whole week? I was drinking 5-10 cups of coffee a day. The first 3 days were pretty hard with the caffeine withdrawal. at the start of the second week I noticed a difference in energy levels and better sleep. So everyone is different but if you don’t notice any change after just 7 days, maybe just push it a few more days…
      Good luck winning the DVD! :)


  • Go Zak! I did 8 days of a 10 day juice feast after watching FSND an just couldn’t handle the emotional detox. I did 6 ate raw Amrit was a breeze!!

    • zak says:

      Hi Devann,

      The first 7 days for me were not fabulous, but every day since has been pretty good. I wonder if you just didn’t make it out of the woods? What is raw Amrit?

      Thanks for your support!

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  • Courtney says:

    Hi Alison,
    I received my prize pack in the mail yesterday. Thanks! I love the tumbler and look forward to reading the book.


  • Roberta says:

    I have recently lost ten pounds very slowly.. I only have maybe ten more or so to go. I would definitely consider juice fasting for a few days just to give my body a rest. Knowing myself I will procrastinate… Great information and the transformation is worth it..

  • Terence says:

    Fantastic blog you have here but I was curious about if you knew of
    any message boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get feed-back from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Cheers!

  • SandyC says:

    Hi Zak, ran across your blog as I googled up the juicing and cutting down on caffeine. Glad I did. I’ve an irregular heartbeat, yes I consume about 5 cups of coffee in the morning only, no more during the day so I’m now on my 5th day of juicing after seeing Joe’s documentary. I didn’t want to go cold turkey for that health reason alone, having done it once before in my 30’s (now will be 60 this year) and with cold turkey experienced some not good things for sure, SO, am sloooowly weaning down to 2 cups as of this morning!! Other than the caffeine for health reasons, wanted to detox for others. I’d been taking ibuprofen and naproxen for a shoulder tissue problem of frozen shoulder since January, very painful indeed, but since I’m very active anyway as a woman farmer somedays lifting up to 300 lbs of hay, 40-50lb bags of food, carrying 20 buckets of water and other farm work I do I have to remain active even during pain. So here’s my feedback. No pain meds since juicing 5 days! None. Ever so slightly sore but livable. Skin tone and texture improving so I’d say the connective tissue is as well hence the shoulder healing faster than expected!! I’ve been vegetarian about a year or more (course my sheep, goats, chickens and horses DO know the difference and love me more for it) Just thought to let ya know and will check in later for updates! Wish my 2 adult man-childs would go for healthy once again!!

  • Samantha says:

    Heya. Im 19 and have just got back from a second season working up at a ski field where eating and alcohol habits are terrible. I am currently 183 pounds where this time last year i was under 160. I really need to get my health and fitness back to what it used to be and i was thinking on doing a 20 juicing fast to give me a good kickstart. Ive started running about 3 miles a day and already feel much better but i was wondering what your exercise recommendations are for the duration of the fast (im happy to give everything a go) and how do you ease out of it without gaining weight quickly again?? Thanks so much and your page is awesome :)

    • Hi Sam. If you embark on a juice fast, I would suggest avoiding vigorous cardio (like running) during that time. Walking (or anything low key like easy bike riding, yoga, etc.) would probably be a better bet based on the research and reading I’ve done on juice fasting.

      You’re right to be concerned about regaining the weight quickly after the juice fast is over if you don’t already have healthy eating and fitness habits in place. That’s great that some regular exercise has you feeling better already, it sounds like you’re already on your way to getting your health and fitness back to where you want it to be! Perhaps just adding fresh juice to your daily routine could be enough to help get you on started good habits in place for yourself?Slow and steady weight loss that happens while you create good habits is more likely be lasting than the quick weight loss you will see from a juice fast.

      Good luck!

  • Kimberly says:

    I bought a juicer not too long ago and quickly became obseessssssseeeedddd! I love the fresh fruit and veggie drinks. I’ve had digestion problems for quite sometime, though I try to eat as healthy as possible.

    I just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead today on Netflix and have decided to do a juice fast. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while, and the documentary gave me the kick in the butt to actually DO IT. I’ve gained a few pounds over the last year and ate far too much over the thanksgiving weekend – so we will see how this goes. My goals are to kick my sweet tooth, detox, lose a few pounds and get rid of this rash that recently popped up.

    Thanks for this blog! It was a good read. I’m not looking forward to the first few days, but I’m aiming for at least a 7 day juice fast, and depending on how I feel then, it may continue further.


  • Nena says:

    I just watched Fat, Sick and Almost Dead and it moved me. I don’t have the money to buy into the program since I was laid off, but I’ve searched the Internet and believe I know the process. Too bad I didn’t see your giveaway until now. Wish me luck and cross your fingers that I’m doing it correctly. I need to lose weight before I have another stroke – it’s life or death now.

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