The End of March

March 31st, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Lunch

Well, we made it. It’s the last day of The Greener March Challenge.

Whether you ate greens every day for the last 31 days or not, you endured my month long green stream of posts.  I’m not sure if I should say “Congrats!” or “I’m sorry.”

There were certainly a few highlights for me for this month.

The first thing that comes to mind is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I’m so glad I watched this documentary and was re-inspired to get back to juicing after a bit of a juice hiatus.  I know that a few of you watched this film and were inspired and motivated by it too.

Hidden spinach in brownies was another awesome find – I’ve made those twice now, I really like them!  I’m grateful that making more green smoothies gave me reason to mix it up a bit and was therefore reminded about how good avocado is in a smoothie!  I’m also happy to have figured out that the addition of a little peppermint to that smoothie makes a Healthy Shamrock Shake.  Another new favorite for sure.

And then there were adventures with Swiss Chard and collard greens – I wouldn’t have otherwise made these without a this little challenge nudging me in the ribs.  (Oh yeah, those pork ribs!  Served with Brussels sprouts for greenery.)

Swiss Chard has even found it’s way into my fridge again – I’ll be making it this week.  I want to try chard as a wrap like Erin from Little Dutch Wife suggested.  Perhaps I’ll get a new green (or two) into regular rotation out of this deal.

And one day at the grocery store last week, I stood behind someone in the checkout line who had 4 or 5 HUGE bags full of collard greens!  I only recognized them because of The Greener March Challenge.  That’s really cool.  Until last week, I wouldn’t have been able to identify a collard even if you slapped me in the face with one.  Today?  Slap away, friends!  I’ll totally be able to say “Hey! You’re slappin’ me with a collard green!”

I’m also glad I figured out how much money we spend juicing.  It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not horrifyingly expensive either.  I’ve wondered more than once though what were paying “per glass” – and now I know.

With that, here was part of today’s green line up.

After a 9 mile half marathon training run late this morning, I had coconut curried red lentils with a side of steamed asparagus, broccoli and mushrooms.

Post Long Run Lentil Lunch

There’s some guacamole camouflaged in there too.  Can you see it?

Vegetable Plate

Let’s play “Where’s Guac-y?”!

Camo Guac

That’s my kind of game.

There was green juice today too, but at a friend’s house where we had dinner tonight.

Have Juicer, Will Travel

Have juicer, will travel.

Plus a little reminder why we can’t leave things on the floor by the door anymore.

Reminder Don't Leave Things on By the Door

Well, that’s a (green) wrap!  Do you have anything remarkable to report if you upped your leafy green consumption this month?  Do you want to tell us how you did?  I’d love to know what this month has been like for you!

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3 Responses

  • Katheryn says:

    I ended up doing really well. It was a nice kick in the pants to get back on the green wagon. I especially enjoyed reading about what you tried and copying some of your recipes. I was definitely a bit more adventurous too, and the hubby likes that.

  • Erin says:

    Thanks for the link! I promise I won’t slap you with collards if I can help it.

    This challenge has been a fun one and I’m grateful you issued it – I didn’t juice but I did make and drink many green smoothies, but overall this helped me to be more aware of how often I do/do not incorporate greens into my meals. Now it’s at least twice a day!