“More Greens” Doesn’t Have to Mean “More Salad”

March 30th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Lunch

We just said goodbye to the last of our friends from a good sized potluck dinner gathering here tonight.  Lots of good food with good friends – the only green leafy food in sight tonight came from the Spinach Artichoke Dip that I made, but it was devoured before I even remembered to get out my camera for the picture I’d planned to take.

Before there were friends and food tonight, there was lunch this afternoon.  Knowing we had a big dinner party ahead of us, I kept lunch on lighter and greener side.  I’ve got a long run on the agenda for tomorrow for half marathon training, and so my favorite day-before-a-long-run salad was in order!

Salads for two.  Hers and his.

Salad for Two

Zak does not like complicated salads –  he prefers just greens and dressing, hemp seeds and Salad Booster are acceptable, he likes other vegetables on the side to eat later or after the greens are gone.  I’m only telling you this to explain why our salads look so different.  And so you know how to make a salad for Zak, just in case the opportunity ever presents itself.  Why don’t you make one for me too while you’re at it.

I tossed one giant salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil in my favorite blue bowl and then moved his portion into his salad bowl before adding the rest of my vegetables of choice into mine.   (He did get a few carrots in his salad today… a few hidden beets too – like an Easter egg hunt, except in a salad.  Hidden beet surprises were welcome.)

I certainly don’t mind complicated salads!  Bring on the vegetables!

Salad with Beets

Carrots, broccoli, red pepper, avocado and beets.  Beets that stained everything else red.  I was steaming some asparagus while I was putting salads together and threw a few stalks on the side when they were ready.

I don’t know what it was about this salad, but I was loving it as I was eating it.  Maybe it’s because it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had a big salad meal.  (GASP!)  Or maybe it’s simply because beets and avocado make an awesome salad.  Whatever the case, I chowed it down.

I do get tired of salad sometimes (GASP AGAIN!) but I’ve obviously been managing to eat plenty of leafy greens even though it’s been a while since I’ve had a big salad.  This just goes to show that eating more greens doesn’t have to mean “Salad Again?!”  Greens in smoothies, in juice, in omelets, on pizza, in brownies, sauteed and on the side – there are lots of other options for greenery besides salad.  So hop to it!

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