How Much Does It Cost to Make Fresh (Mostly Organic) Juice at Home?

March 29th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Healthy Habits

Fresh juice!  It’s time to haul it all out of the fridge and run the numbers.

Fresh Green Juice Ingredients

Today I made green lemonade from:

1 bunch of dinosaur kale
Beet greens from three beets
1/3 of a head of celery (3 – 4 stalks)
2 gala apples
2 lemons
1/2 seedless cucumber
a hunk of ginger about the length of my pointer finger

Kale juice with a splash of red from the beet greens? So pretty.

Juicing in Progress Add Beet Greens

Until you mix it all together, that is. Then it more closely resembles black lemonade.

How Much Fresh Juice

If you look closely at the juice container, you can see those ingredients made about 27 oz vegetable juice, minus the foam. The juice pitcher that comes with the Breville juicers has a “foam” guard, so most of the foam remains in the pitcher after the juice has been poured out.

27oz of Fresh Juice

(Thank you foam guard for all that you do.)

Dark Green Lemonade

I did not run the pulp through the juicer today for a second spin. I might have gotten up to 28 or 29 oz if I did.

Juice Pulp

(I would have run the pulp through again had I thought of it sooner!  I didn’t remember until I was already drinking…)

So here’s how the numbers break down:

1 Bunch of Organic Kale: $2.99

Organic beet greens from three beets: $1.00

I only added beet greens because I had them from beets I steamed yesterday. I did not buy beets to juice, and I usually end up throwing the greens in the compost bucket.  That makes me not want to include the cost of beet greens at all – but I will because technically I did pay for the greens!  Organic beets cost $2.99 a bunch.  I’ll price the greens portion of the beets at $1.00.  The beets themselves seem like they’re worth more!

Celery: $1.00

Organic celery costs $2.99 a sleeve. I used a third of a sleeve today.

2 organic Gala apples: $.90

I bought a 3 lb bag of organic apples for $4.99. There were 11 apples in the bag, so that breaks down to $.45 per apple. (Are you checking my math?!)

2 Lemons: $1.04

A 2 lb bag of non-organic lemons is $3.69. 7 lemons per bag = $.52 per lemon.

1/2 a seedless cucumber: $.67

Cucumbers are not part of the “dirty dozen”, but they’re thin skinned, so I do try to buy organic cucumbers most of the time, but not always.  Today’s cucumber was not organic.  I bought a 3 pack of seedless cukes for $3.99 – that’s $1.33 each and I used half.

1.25 oz of Ginger root: $.39

Ginger root (both organic and conventional) is 4.99/lb. That works out to be $.31 an oz.

.31 x 1.25 = 0.3875

Let’s call that 39 cents.

Grand total?

$7.99 for 27 oz of juice.  That’s $.295 an ounce.  Let’s round up to $.30.

This glass with ice probably held about 12 oz of juice, so a glass of fresh homemade (mostly) organic juice cost me $3.60 this morning.

Cost of Fresh Juice

I don’t know any place in Rochester to buy fresh juice.  I’ve had fresh juice at Jamba juice in New York City and Jugo Juice in Toronto, but neither list their prices on their websites.  I also had fresh juice at (namely) Fresh in Toronto.  If you take a look at their menu they get $5.50 for 12 oz size.  (That’s the Canadian dollar though – at the current exchange rate that’s $5.41 American.)

It would be less expensive if you used conventional produce (but at what other costs?) and it would cost more if I’d have used an organic cucumber (they’re $3.00 each!) or organic lemons.  The price of a juicer factors in to the cost of juicing as well.  At least for a while.

From Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I think I remember that they listed the cost per day of an organic juice fast (that’s consuming multiple glasses of juice a day) at $28 a day.

This website lists stats from the film saying that the cost of juicing for 1 month is $420.  The cost of a heart attack is $56,424.


So there you go!  Assuming my math is correct (I checked and double checked!) $3.60 for a 12 oz glass seems well worth it to me.  What do you think?  Is there anything you do (or would) put into the juicer might make the cost per glass go up?  Or down?  Any other thoughts?

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