Green Today, Green Tomorrow

March 11th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

Greens To Go. Thank you Daylight Savings Time for NOT SAVING ME ANY TIME AT ALL.

Green Smoothie to Go

OK, that’s not true. I had plenty of time for breakfast this morning, I just ran out of time. This is why God invented Travel Mugs. For people like me who continue to underestimate how long it will take to get all of the children out the door on time.

Today’s green goodness was a blend of orange juice, spinach, cottage cheese, broccoli and frozen strawberries.  Much like this smoothie, except without the banana – only because I forgot it, not because I’m holding a grudge against bananas or anything.

There was more greenery consumed at lunch today – some delightful salad leftovers that we scored from a family dinner party last night.

I ate my salad while I cooked some eggs for Lunch Part II and Kaz ate a banana.

Lunch with Kaz

Wait. That’s not the most flattering picture. I think Kaz is the one with a grudge against bananas.  Let’s try that again.

I ate my salad while I cooked some eggs for Lunch Part II and Kaz ate a banana.

Try Again

That’s not much better.  Nevermind.

I ate my salad while I cooked some eggs for Lunch Part II and Kaz ate a banana in peace without being stalked by The Mamarazzi.

Salad Over Easy Eggs on Toast

I didn’t make this salad so it had all sorts of fun things I never put in salad – garbanzo beans, dried cranberries, sliced almonds.  You down with OPS?  YEAH YOU KNOW ME!

(Other Peoples Salads.)  Did you get that joke?  Nevermind.

A few weeks ago I promised to write about running on Monday’s, but I missed last Monday because I was too busy writing about avocado smoothies, Brussels sprouts and kale. I feel like The Greener March Challenge relates to running anyway because that’s how this whole thing began. Eating greens, easier running, writing about greens every day –> so really, it’s sort of like I’m writing about running every day.  This is what I call logic.

Halfway Through Half Marathon Training

The Flower City Half Marathon is now less than six weeks away!  This also means that I’m six weeks in to the 12 week half marathon training program I’ve been following.

For the last four weeks I’ve been able to get out and run three days a week. A couple of normal three to four mile runs during the week, one longer run on the weekend when it’s easier to get away for an hour or so – usually on Sunday.  My last three long runs have been 7, 8 and 7 miles.  This weekend I’ll be pushing forward to 9 miles.  (gulp.)

This is how any distance race training program I’ve ever used usually works – you slowly build on to your long run distance week by week, and there’s a cut back week every two weeks before bumping it up again and making the “leap” to the new, further distance.

Up until three weeks ago, I hadn’t run much farther than 5 or 6 miles since the Steamtown Marathon in October 2011.  My first 7 miler went well, but I was left feeling pretty tired by end of the day.  The 8 miles I ran the following week felt easier than the 7 miles the week before.  Yesterday’s 7 mile run went well in all respects – the 60 degree weather was a nice change of pace too.  (Pun intended.)

Today I’m appreciating the way that longer distances get easier with time and practice.  This is true of any distance you’re working on, so newer runners take heart!  Whether you’re working on running 2, 3 or 26.2 miles, it really does get easier with time – especially when you’re eating your green vegetables, so hop to it!

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4 Responses

  • Devann says:

    I am a new runner and greens have transformed my running! 6 miles that included 1975 ft gain (51flights of stairs worth of incline) done yesterday. 10 days ago the most I ran was miles. Since greens we are talkin 4.2, 5, speed run, and 6 mile run. What!?!

    Thanks Alison, you and greens have changed my life!

    • I thought about you this weekend Devann and hoped your 6 miler went well, way to go! I am thrilled that you’ve seen so much positive change with your running, you’re doing great. Thank YOU for believing that a change in your diet can truly make a difference, I am so, so happy for you!

  • Devann says:

    You are encouraging me that doing a half by next year is possible! Wouldn’t that be amazing- doing a half in less than 2 years of learning to run?

    I believe what you eat can change EVERYTHING in your life!