A Greener Birthday

March 8th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Vegetable Lovin'

My biggest gal turned 9 years old today. NINE! I guess that means I must have been 16 when she was born because I can’t possibly be a day over 25 myself.


Ava’s birthday breakfast request was bagels, and so bagels it was.  After Deep Nutrition, bagels became more of a treat around here – this is why it was a birthday request. Bagels have been missed!

Some greens still managed to elbow their way into the birthday breakfast line up – a spinach and mushroom omelet with half a French Toast bagel (awesome!) and cream cheese.

Spinach and Mushroom Omelet

I saved the other half of my bagel to eat with a little almond butter and half a banana about an hour before my Give Birth Day present to myself –

Give Birth Day Run

a beautifully sunny and (relatively) warm afternoon run. I ran yesterday and don’t typically run two days in a row, but with the sun shining, Zak off from work for the day and a napping baby – I took advantage of the opportunity to spend 4.5 miles **nostalgia alert!** reflecting on 9 years motherhood and the amazing young person that Ava has become.

I made a chocolate avocado smoothie for a post-run/pre-dinner snack – one small avocado, a generous pour of almond milk, a handful of spinach and a tablespoon of cocoa powder. I ended up adding a teaspoon or so of maple syrup to sweeten it up a bit (instead of a banana like I used in the avocado smoothies earlier this week).

Chocolate Avocado Post Run Smoothie

This was so think and creamy it was more like drinking a glass of chocolate pudding than a smoothie. (Please note: this is not a complaint.)

Just a short, green update today. Week 1 of The Greener March Challenge is now complete!  Have you increased your green consumption this week? I would say that I’ve definitely eaten more greens than usual this week.  I believe my renewed taste for green smoothies is largely to thank for that fact.

How did your week go? Have you noticed a difference in the way you feel? I’d love to hear how this week went for you if you’d like to share how your Greener March is going so far!

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10 Responses

  • happy birthday to your little one!

    your 4.5 miler sounds great!

    i’m going to have to check out your smoothie recipe! it looks great!

  • Devann says:

    Before green smoothies, just this week, my longest run was 4 miles but I had only done it once. Since starting my green smoothies, I ran 4.2 miles, 5 miles, and 2 miles but my 2 miles was at my fastest pace ever. I am registered for a 10k in the hilly mountains of WV in 2 weeks and actually plan to attempt that 6.2 miles this upcoming gorgeous weekend!

    I feel reborn already! Prior to this past 8days, I had just complained I was in a running rut and wanting to have an enjoyable run again. Woohoo… I’m a walking ad for green smoothies!!

  • Katheryn says:

    Happy Birthday to Ava!

    I haven’t done as well as you with the greens this week, but I’ve improved. Having a young baby in the house with two older children makes it difficult to eat regular meals (as you well know), but I’ve worked hard on adding more each day and am happy with the improvement.

    • One day at a time, right? It can be hard taking care of yourself when you’ve got so many other people that depend on you for care as well. This sounds perfect to me, especially that you’re happy with it, that’s so important. Love it Katheryn, thanks for sharing how it’s been going for you!

  • jen says:

    does your “better butter is better for you” extend to cream cheese? If I can geek out about something I will :) Been reading debates about eggs, too.

    • So let’s think about this step by step… one of the reasons to eat real butter is the CLA’s it contains when your butter is made from the milk of grass fed cows… so if your cream cheese is made from the milk of grass fed cows, it should contain CLA’s too, right? I don’t know for sure, I’d have to do some googling around to come to a conclusion on this. I don’t know the differences (in terms of how it’s made) between butter and cream cheese… real cream cheese is certainly better for you than its low-fat or no-fat counter parts though, that I’m sure of!

      • jen says:

        yeah I was thinking that too. But I JUST found the butter (it’s by the specialty cheeses! ugh) I will have to see what’s up in cream cheese and do some reading. I used to like it but lately it just tastes like plastic to me. I’ve been getting down thinking I’m one of those people who are super sensitive to the sorcery that they are doing to our food in this day and age!! Used to think of butter and cream cheese as staples, now I’m thinking of making my own just like I don’t buy anything premade in a box!