A Cheese Omelet That Makes All the Other Cheese Omelets Jealous

February 8th, 2013 | Posted by Alison Spath in Lunch

QUICK! Go get your grocery list!

I’ll wait.

Cream Cheese Brick

Add cream cheese to the list.

(I’ll wait.)

It turns out there’s more than one good place to smear cream cheese.

Like a bagel? That’s one.

Cream cheese frosting? Why not.

For cheesecake? Getting my fork…

And how about into an omelet?

Sneak Peek Cream Cheese Omelet

Yes, please!

This fantastic cheese omelet idea is thanks to:

1.) the brick of cream I bought for a recipe but didn’t end up using

2.) an impeccably timed post (see item #1) from the fabulously funny Eggton who made creamy grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and made me start thinking about all the good places to put cream cheese.

Take a small-ish hunk of cream cheese (or a big-ish hunk, I won’t tell) and mix it in with a little shredded cheese (pepper jack!) – and maybe the tiniest pour of half and half to help make it spread into some nearly cooked eggs. Fold those eggs over so the cheese gets all melty and warm. Then it’s time to welcome The Omelet of Your Dreams onto your plate.

Hello Creamy McDreamy,

Cream Cheese Omelet

I’ve been waiting for you.

Cream cheese in an omelet is so good that I’m at a loss for a metaphor because I can’t stop wiping the drool off my chin and out of my keyboard.

If you’ve got time and/or patience, dice up some onions and peppers or other omelet veggie favorites to include with this cream cheese masterpiece.

Cream Cheese Omelet Brussels Sprouts

Or, if you’re not so good at the patience thing like me, just plop your some left over roasted vegetables on the side of your plate and call it lunch.

Call it dinner, or call it breakfast even! Brussels sprouts for breakfast? I am not afraid.

Cream Cheese Omelet Cut in Half

Seriously. Go make this right now. RIGHT NOW.

Don’t eat it at your computer though – not without a drool shield at least.

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