Watch This Video Before You Go Grocery Shopping

April 30th, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Vegetable Lovin'

We shopped for groceries today. Before we left, I changed out of my super roomy sweat pants and into a pair of less comfortable but more presentable maternity pants. A pair of pants that I knew were starting to feel snug a few weeks ago, but I put them on today anyway, hopeful that either a.) the pants grew or b.) some small elves came and magically added a few inches to the waist band for me.

But alas, no magic elves came and did anything, so I struggled around the store in my too small pants, occasionally pushing the smaller child as she intermittently rode on the front of the cart, while the big one asked every 1.456 minutes why she didn’t get to ride too.

Because together you guys weigh nearly 100 pounds, not to mention the extra 27 pounds I’m hauling around these days already. Sorry kid.

During our shopping extravaganza, I managed to crash the cart into a rice cake display knocking a number of packages into the aisle. Next, I dumped half a container of (not cheap!) organic raspberries all over the floor in check out. Then, as we were leaving the store my cell phone rang and a short conversation ensued. As I hung up, the phone slipped out of my hand and then straight into the very tall, half full trash can behind me.

This was when the giant belly and I heaved a big sigh in our too tight pants and tried without much luck to dig my phone out of the garbage can. Eventually, a friendly cart pusher spied me struggling and came over to assist. After dumping nearly half the trash out of the can, he eventually retrieved my phone from the very bottom of the bag, and presented it to me covered in some white, creamy substance that the girls deemed to be “yogurt”.

(I was thinking something else, but let’s go with yogurt.)

The Cart Man then proceeded to ask me about the kind of cell phone plan I have and how often I use my phone, all while the girls continuously shouted “Your phone is covered in yogurt! YOUR PHONE IS COVERED IN YOGURT!” and the waistband of my pants continued to grow ever tighter.

The good news about today’s shopping trip? I watched this video right before we left.

I first saw this video about three months ago, but her story SO INCREDIBLE that I still go back and watch it from time to time. It’s a TED video by Dr. Terry Wahls, the woman who cured herself of MS with dietary changes. It’s 17 minutes long and is well worth every minute.

I decided today that the absolute best time to watch this video is right before you head out to the store with your grocery list, reusable bags and (preferably) wearing pants that fit you quite well. Watch this video before you go and you’ll come home with more produce, I promise.

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11 Responses

  • Sarah says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet…I will (promise), but had to tell you that one of my readers said that her mom has MS and was so inspired by Dr. Wahls story that she has completely changed her diet as well and has seen SO much improvement. Okay, now I’ll watch it. Oh, and you have yogurt on your phone.

  • Katheryn says:

    Ahhh, I had to laugh at this post. Only because I feel similar. I’m 39 weeks pregnant with #3, and too big for most my maternity clothes. Staying home really is the best since I can just wear the husbands sweats and be able to breathe.

    Thanks for the link to the video! It’s a good one.

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  • Jane/you-know-who says:

    I’m convinced. I just ordered my first food dehydrator thanks to you and Dr.Terry.

  • I’m dying for an update!!! Has baby number three arrived yet? I’m sure if not it must be soon! Can’t wait to hear/read about it.

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