Fruit Shish Kabobs for Breakfast

February 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast

The first thing I need to tell you is that this was not my idea.

In fact, I kept trying to change the subject every time it came up, in the hopes that they’d forget all about it.

The little one made fruit shish kabobs with a group of her little friends last week.  On our way home that afternoon, she asked if we had some of those same sticks and if we might be able to make these at home too, you know, with kinds of fruit that she enjoys.  Like apples!

And maybe… oh yeah.  Just apples.

Sadly, without thinking it all the way through, I told her yes, we do in fact have shish kabob skewers at home.

What a rookie mistake.

As soon as I let on that we had shish kabob sticks WAY UP HIGH in the BACK BACK BACK of the tallest cupboard in the kitchen; they never let up.

Can we make fruit shish kabob’s today?!  Can we, Mom?  Can we, please?!  CAN WE??!

I tried to put the fruit jabbing off until breakfast the next day, claiming that it was too close to dinner for a snack.  Of course it was my hope that they might forget all about it.  I really don’t enjoy spending my time at the breakfast table cringing and dodging and grimacing and shouting things like “watch where you’re pointing that thing!!” or “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

But of course they forgot nothing.  They leaped and frolicked and danced down the stairs the next morning, more excited than ever to cut up fruit and pierce it with giant, extremely sharp toothpicks.

And so that’s exactly what we did.

Fruit Shish Kabobs for Breakfast

Yes, I do let my almost 8 year old wield a knife while supervised when she asks.  It’s when they’re both holding sticks that look a little too much like swords that I start getting all nervous and jerky.

Maxine tried to be open minded when it came to adding some of the various fruits we cut up.  My high hopes were squashed when she said “Oh yeah.  I forgot.  Oranges are slimy.”


Slimy or not, (not!) we forged on.  In my humble opinion, we had a nice variety of pickings to skewer for our morning meal.

Fruit Pile for Shish Kabobs

So that’s it?  Cut up fruit?  Slide it on?

Breakfast is Skewerd

And then immediately slide it off and eat it?

Slide it Off

Yup.  Pretty much.

Fruit Shish Kabobs

That’s it.

Fruit Shish Kabobs

But now I have to tell you!  Never, in the history of my children have they ever, EVER eaten so much fruit for breakfast with such enthusiasm and glee, despite all the terror it struck through my heart.

They truly loved this.  I definitely suggest trying this at home with your own brood if your kids are old enough and your nerves can handle it.

And the leftovers, when all was said and done?


My consolation prize for being such a brave mom.

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