Carrot Cake Sorbanana

January 27th, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Short or Sweet

This week, the girls and I found ourselves in front of a Vitamix blender demonstration at Wegmans.

As I slurped down the scary delicious “Carrot Cake Sorbet” sample that Vitamix Demo Man handed me, I immediately began wishing I had an extra $500 bucks laying around to buy this miracle machine that did something amazing with a couple of carrots and some ice.

(I’m still wishing for that $500, by the way. Just in case anyone out there is feeling generous.)

Before we walked away from the demonstration, I asked Vitamix Man what went into this fabulous carrot sorbet that he’d whipped up. He looked at me as if I’d just asked him for his ATM pin number, but then reluctantly gave up the goods and rattled off “carrots, ice, agave, almonds, cinnamon and vanilla”.

And this is when wheels in my head began turning. Suddenly, I had three questions that needed answering, pronto:

1. What would happen if I tried to make this miracle carrot concoction in my wimpy little blender at home?

2. Maybe the food processor would be better?

3. What might it take to get Vitamix Man to drive by my house and “accidentally” drop a Vitamix blender off the back of the Vitamix truck?

I immediately decided the answer to #1 was going to be “make a big, wet, chunky carrot mess, that’s what”.

And given that Vita-dude was so stingy with his pin number, I had a good feeling that #3 was not going to come easy.

This was when I decided to get down to business with #2.

(Question #2, that is.)

And now I’m here to tell you, I think I came up with something that in some way resembles the fabulous Vitamix Carrot Cake Sorbet I had on Tuesday, with no new Vitamix blender in my kitchen to speak of.

Except I made mine with frozen bananas instead of frozen water. And since on the main ingredients in “sorbet” is water, I don’t think we can call this sorbet.

Therefore, I think we should call it Sorbanana.

(that sort of sounds like a personal problem, buddy)

OK then, it’s decided. Carrot Cake Sorbanana. I like it.

So! Here we go. Start with some shredded carrot. I opted for my shredder attachment on the food processor.

Shredder Attachment

It was my hope that shredding the carrot would give the carrots a head start at making a “carrot puree” happen sooner rather than later.

Shredded Carrot

Next, lug out your bowl of frozen, sliced bananas a la banana whip.

Shredded Carrots and Frozen Banana

Before I loaded in the frozen banana (probably the equivalent of 2 bananas), I replaced the shredder attachment with the blade and let it have a go at the shredded carrot to chop it up a bit more.

NOW the bananas can go in,

Frozen Banana with Carrots

and let’er rip.

Once your bananas and carrots are looking smooth, throw in a handful of sliced almond, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract. You can skip the agave nectar or any sweeteners because the bananas are sweet enough.

Carrot Banana Puree

Let your non-Vitamix machine whir and whir and whir for a while longer. Scrape down the sides as needed, and then whir some more.

Eventually, you will be presented with a fabulous orange-ish, banana-ish concoction that sort of resembles a cold carrot cake treat,

Carrot Cake Sorbet

and most definitely resembles a super tasty, healthy snack.

Works for me! Take that stingy Vitamix Man! Who needs your pin number anyway. Hmph.

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