The Power of Suggestion

January 18th, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time

I get these “Your Pregnancy This Week” emails that list a myriad of facts and tidbits about the wee babe growing inside my uterus, along with any other timely pregnancy notes. You know, like “you’re probably busting out of your bra by now” or “your baby is the size of a tarantula”. Stuff like that.

The Week 18 email mentioned that I’m probably feeling an increase in appetite now.

Well, I hadn’t noticed, but now that you’ve planted the hunger seed, I think I AM feeling hungrier than usual. Thanks for the idea!

In fact, now I’m positively starving.

I made a big pot of my most favorite black bean and salsa soup with quinoa on Monday night. We had it kicked before the end of the day on Tuesday. Considering I was largely to blame for how quickly it disappeared, I started to think that this week’s pregnancy email was probably on to something.

So in an effort to make a huge pot of something/anything to quell the ravenous hunger my email told me I was feeling, I hauled out a bunch of the same ingredients I used on Monday.

Chili Ingredients

Coconut oil. Garlic. Onions. Quinoa. Black beans. Let’s make a bunch of chili this time, k? Lots and lots of chili.

Begin with the standard “saute garlic and onions until soft in a couple tablespoons of oil” (olive and coconut are my usuals), two cans of tomatoes, a large can of rinsed and drained black beans and 2 cups or so of water brought to a boil. For chili seasonings I used cumin (1 tsp) and chili powder (a dash) with a little salt.

Once it’s boiling, it’s time for quinoa.

Time for Quinoa

My only complaint about quinoa is that I lose about 5% of my 1 cup of down the drain when I rinse it.

The Problem with Quinoa

Maybe I should be complaining about my strainer instead of the quinoa.

In case you were wondering, here’s the scene behind me and my wet quinoa. For posterity.

Those Milling About Behind Me

One person in this picture preceded every sentence today with “Mom, I want to ask you something.” The sentence that then followed that statement was not necessarily a request or even a question.

For instance, “Mom, I want to ask you something. I need something to eat.”

Or “Mom, I want to ask you something. I think you should name the baby Tarantula.”

Stuff like that.

Moving on, once your quinoa has been rinsed, add it to the pot and cover and allow to gently boil for about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Quinoa Goes In Half Bag Frozen Corn

When your quinoa is soft and translucent, your chili is ready.

Unless of course you choose to throw in a half bag of frozen corn at the last minute like I did. Once the soup begins to boil again, your frozen veggies are done. NOW it’s ready. And it’s also time to eat.

Finally! I can’t believe I made me wait so long!

Black Bean Quinoa Chili

Topped with some shredded pepper jack cheese after I took that photo. Devoured before I took this next one.

Six cups of chili left, that ought to last us, right?

Six Cups of Chili

Through tomorrow, at least.

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