And so twenty twelve begins.

January 1st, 2012 | Posted by Alison Spath in Life

16 weeks

16 weeks pregnant (tomorrow). I think I’m starting to feel the baby move, but these early flutters are so easy to confuse with the digestive process sometimes I wonder if it’s just dinner that I’m feeling move around.

January One started with a four mile walk. A walk sprinkled with the tiniest bit of running. I had intended to run the entire way today, but running for very long is proving to be too uncomfortable these days. “Mostly walking” it is then.

The kids spent the whole day in their pajamas.  Maxine took her legs out of her brand new footie pajamas long enough to get her toenails painted pink and air dried, and then back into the footed footies her feet went. I put all the Christmas decorations away while he kept the kids busy, and then together over the course of the day got the house back into to it’s pre-Christmas state.

(i.e., still a little messy)

I had over easy eggs on toast for breakfast. A hummus wrap stuffed with red lead lettuce for lunch. A big salad with a piece of baked halibut for dinner. I’m jonesing hard for something sweet thanks to a Christmas cookie habit I seemed to have picked up over the course of the last three weeks. The only thing that’s keeping me from making those Cookies in a Jar from my Mother in Law is the fact that we are out of butter.

(Note to self: do not buy butter until sugar withdrawal period is complete.)

I recently heard someone say that going for a walk “isn’t fun”. I thought about that today and decided it’s sort of true. Then I thought of something I’ve heard myself say to the girls more than once; not everything in life is going to be fun.

There are definitely ways to make being active MORE fun if you find it boring and would like it to be more stimulating. An audio player seems like the most obvious fun factor suggestion anybody might make. Either that or walking or running with someone who’s company you enjoy.

Music and podcasts can be great of course, but audio books are a nice change of pace too. They’re free if you get books on CD from your library (assuming you return them on time, no promises here) and load them onto your iPod. One year I ran almost every run while being read to. That summer started with The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. Some of my other favorites that year were The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden.

What if we just stop expecting exercise to be fun? I think it’s the Buddhists that say expectations are at the root of all our suffering. I’m no Buddhist, but it seems to me that little piece of wisdom is spot on.

So until you’re a champ at letting go of expectations, I suggest going for a run or a walk while listening to Skinny Dip by Carl Hiassen. That dude is one funny writer.

Welcome 2012! Hope yours was happy.

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9 Responses

  • Cindy says:

    Bring on the new year Sista!
    look at your ADORABLE BELLY
    I am still in shock I didn’t know you were pregnant!

    I don’t know what happened but I pretty much LOST my carb/sweet tooth.
    these days all i want are veggies and protien.

    I’ll take it!
    Happy New Year.
    Let’s Rock IT!

  • Great pic, soo cute! I agree that exercise is more fun with audio or someone’s company. These days I walk several times a day with our new dog, she can be a bit of a sprinter, so I get some running in too. :)

  • Dog walking! (Or is your dog Nic walking?) Probably more entertaining than walking solo either way! Nice.

    • Most days, it’s probably closer to Nic walking, haha. Once she gets running, I’m practically being pulled down the street. She’s a Basset Hound, but she lived with Greyhounds with her foster family… I think she must have tried to race with them. :) It’s incredibly cute. I need to gain some speed to keep up with her. Haha. :)

  • Daddy-O says:

    Hey, I think you learned the “Beans …Beans…” song from me…well…among other savory limmericks. Lovely presentation, by the way. Dd-O

  • mike lally says:

    Hi. I have increased my walking so far this year! The surgeon told me all I need to do is walk and get in the pool a couple of times per week. (To rehab from back surgery). If it is nice out I walk a 20 minute loop down my street and then back up an old trolley path. If it is too cold for me, I head five minutes up the road to the Rec Center and walk the track. Walking outside is “fun” because I get to experience nature a little. There is a hawk that hangs out in the trees above the trolley path. At the community center, I have to be on my toes because the 80 year olds are BLOWING past me. I think one lady even threw an elbow at me. But – walking there has inspired me to get google music working on my android phone. And Ive listened to my first pod casts. (Which I find hard….I dont do audio books well either. I struggle to stay focused.) I’m doing the work and trying to make it enjoyable. Its better than spinning thats for sure! :)

  • Nice! And dude, you’ve totally got to take down those Granny’s on the track. Keep it up!

    Now that you mention it I’ve heard other people say that they find listening to “talk” while exercising is too distracting and/or too hard to pay attention to. If I’m working out hard (not so much of an issue these days) I do find that music (or silence!) is better.

    I’ve had a couple of books and podcasts too that have had me laughing out loud, I’m sure I look like a fool cracking up as I stroll down the street!