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I know this first little tidbit won’t be helpful to the majority of you guys, but one morning sickness remedy that I’ve come to discover works well for me is to “eat small, frequent meals”.

This “small, frequent meal” approach is supposed to help keep your blood sugar in check, and makes the rollercoaster of riding nausea waves a little less up-and-downy.

And see, I’m good with the “eating frequently” part. That’s easy!

That “small” part? Bah! Humbug!

(I’m working on it.)

Anyways. After a yoga class this afternoon (my first class in ages!) I came home and whipped up Lunch: Phase 1. A couple of PLT sandwiches.

That is; Pickle, Lettuce and Tofu sandwiches of course.

Sandwich construction on top of the toaster oven because counter space is sparse when the toaster beast is out.

Sandwich Construction

It was the toast and the lettuce that made me decide to call this sandwich by its initials, like another sandwich we all know that is named with a trio of letters.

The Tofu was “lightly sauteed” in olive oil (translation: fried) and seasoned simply with a little salt and pepper.

The Pickle? A sandwich staple these days.

One for him.

One for Him

And one for me, red leaf lettuce exploding out of the Ezekiel toast seam!

Bursting at the Seam

The only difference between the his and hers sandwiches was that there was a slice of provolone on mine.

I’d forgotten what a good sandwich filler tofu can be, especially when it’s still warm and the outside of each slice had been crisped up just a bit in the frying pan. I love plant filled sandwiches as much as the next vegetable freak, but sometimes I really love something faux-meaty in there too.

Tofu Lettuce Pickle Sandwich

Are you tof-earul? Be brave! Stuffing it into a sandwich is a good way to try it out.

And throwing some dill pickle in there makes any sandwich taste better. Tofu or no tofu, small, frequent or bursting with lettuce; pickles do a sandwich good.

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