Plain for the Insane

November 11th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Short or Sweet

Kefir: a weird fermented dairy yogurt drink that is sour in taste and has lots of good bacteria for your guts.

Plain Kefir

There’s all sorts of helpful info about kefir here and here, it does wonders for your immune system too.

(Vegans, there’s also a coconut version!)

The benefits of kefir are fabulous, but being high in protein was the main benefit I was after today. Something with a decent amount of protein and doesn’t make me want to hurl?

Kefir and Strawberries Kefir Nutritional Stats

I call that a winner.

Plain kefir and frozen strawberries into the blender for an afternoon snack, what you see is what you get.

Now I thought it pure genius to buy plain kefir. Plain would give me the option to mix in strawberries or blueberries or whatever fruit my little heart desires. This is much better than being stuck with a whole bottle of blueberry or strawberry or pomegranate, right?

Flexibility in terms of flavor, this is important right now given how quickly something “good” suddenly tastes “bad” to me with morning sickness dictating what the taste buds like on any given day. I’d much rather have the option to mix it up instead of feeling sick when looking at it, inevitably leaving it in the fridge until it finally expires, grows legs and walks itself to the recycle bin.

I also liked that the plain was lower in sugar and calories too. Let’s start with the base model on and add on features as I deem necessary, K?

I’ve had kefir before, but it’s been a long time. I know that I like it, and if you like yogurt, chances are good you will probably like it too. But let me spoil the ending for you:

Don’t get plain.

Or if you do, be prepared to give it a little help.

Needs a Little Honey

Waaay too sour for my taste buds without honey. I like plain yogurt (something I haven’t always liked!) but this was too sour for me with strawberries alone. I compared the labels of the blueberry, strawberry and plain, and the others definitely had more sugar in them, so I suggest opting for those if you’re kefir curious and it’s your first time.

Blended a little longer after the addition of some honey to sweeten it up, topped with some chocolate Barenaked granola,

Strawberry Kefir

and eaten with a spoon ’cause fishing for granola is fun.

Chocolate Granola

Take that kefir! I’ll see your plainness and raise you strawberries, honey and chocolate. Now we’re talkin’.

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7 Responses

  • janetha says:

    haha call me crazy.. i love plain :)

  • Lisa says:

    Hmmm….I’ve never had plain. I’d probably add some stevia (although I’m trying to moderate that cuz I easily go overboard). It’s hard for me to buy sweetened versions of anything because I just feel like I do better without it (but you gotta draw the line somewhere, right?!).
    Have you tried the peanut butter powder that wegmans has? I’ve been stirring it into plain greek yogurt and adding a little bit of stevia…it’s amazing!

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