A Salad Rut

November 7th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Vegetable Lovin'

OK you salad lovers out there, riddle me this:

What do you do when you are sick of salad?

One possibility? Stop eating salad for a while. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Skipping salad and getting greens elsewhere. Like slipping them into egg quesadillas, green smoothies or shoving them through the juicer.

But then other day I went out for pizza with a friend and had a side Caesar salad and you know what?

It was good. Real good.

This made me realize I just need to change things up a bit. Variety! It’s the spice of life, oui?

I totally got into my Salad of Caesar, I think it’s just my typical salad song and dance that I’ve been sick of.

And you know what else?  I don’t think I’ve EVER made a Caesar salad at home!  BLASPHEMY!  Time to fix that.

So let’s begin then.  Caesar means a base of romaine lettuce. Torn and rinsed,


and spun dry.

Take Your Greens for a Spin

Dressing in the bowl, THEN greens to easily toss and coat every last leaf.

Dressing First Then Greens

Does that look like a gallon of dressing? Well it’s not, stop looking at me like that. It’s thin! I swear!

Speaking of dressing, this is what I used.

Simply Organic Caesar Dressing

Now, I know. Just yesterday I rattled on and on about making your own dressing for coleslaw and skipping out on the fun additives from packaged stuff, but I still use bottled dressings aplenty.  When I do, I stick to the organic aisle and/or dressings where I can recognize all the ingredients.

When I couldn’t find an organic Caesar dressing that fit the bill, a packet of Simply Organic leapt off the shelf, smacked me in the face a couple times like it was challenging me to a dual and then landed squarely in the cart.


(OK, not really.)

(P.S., vegetarian, but contains dairy, so not vegan.)

Load up with some classic Caesar salad toppings. Tomato, cukes, red pepper and a hard boiled egg.

Caesar Salad Topping

So basically The Usual, just no carrots? Are they afraid of carrots in Greece or something?

(If you are Greek and I just offended you, let me know and I will strike that sentence from this post.)

I later realized red onion and croutons would have been a nice touch. Maybe next time.

Last but not least, let the parm rain down!

A Little Parm

Stick a fork in it, you’re done.  Move to a nice serving bowl or something if you’re feeding The Queen.  Honk it out of your blue mixing bowl if it’s just you and the mess on your kitchen table.

Stick a Fork in it

And do you know what I came to see at the end of that salad production?  It was the new dressing that made the biggest impact! I don’t think I’m in a salad rut, I’m in a salad DRESSING rut.

Well for crying out loud.  No wonder I can’t get out, I’m spinning my wheels in vinegar and oil. Oil is s l i p p e r y, people.

Whatever.  Shut up lady.  Just eat.

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9 Responses

  • I get into those crazy salad ruts too, and then I realize that it’s because I’m just not experimenting enough.

    And you are not alone. I have never made a caesar salad at home either, which is just plain wrong. This needs to change, as your salad looks amazing. I could eat one right now and it’s only 7:30 in the morning. 😉

  • jen says:

    ha! I was reading this thinking, that when I get sick of salad, I buy new dressing. Also, I want to make my own dressing but I hated that because the container I made it in never fits on the door in the fridge in the “salad dressing” spot and then one day some unseen force kicked me in the head and said “you dummy, you could just rinse out and re-use the empty bottle that fits!” so yeah.

  • It’s funny, I’ve always assumed Caesar salad was named after Julius Caesar, which would imply that the salad was Roman. According to Wikipedia, the salad is named after “Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in Mexico and the United States”. Apparently, Caesar “invented the dish when a Fourth of July 1924 rush depleted the kitchen’s supplies”. So that might explain the lack of carrots.

    Kind of crazy how dishes are created and then passed around until the history is gone and/or obscured. Fun to be able to look it up though. :)

  • Katheryn says:

    Yum, this looks good. I think you’re right. I’m in a dressing rut.

  • mike lally says:

    Hi Alison! I work with Zak. Hey….I’ve been lurking for awhile on your site. I had pretty major back surgery back in September. Up until then I was on a good path of getting my health together. I made my first crack wrap the other day! It was DELICIOUS! I also put some Salad in a Jar together. I found them here: http://fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody.blogspot.com/search/label/Salads

    I’ve been a fan for awhile now. Tell Zak to check his google+ for me. P.S. you should incorporate g+ onto the site. It will help your SEO. :)

    • Hey Mike, I remember who you are! So glad you loved the crack wrap, definitely a fav around here. And I’ll totally have to check out these salads in a jar you speak of!

      I’ll look into adding Google+ to the site, thanks for the SEO tip!

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