Black and Orange

October 31st, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time

A fast and color coordinated black bean burger and orange fries for dinner tonight!

Black Bean Burger

Too bad my black burger was obscured by a piece of provolone cheese.  The black and orange effect was lost. Good thing veggie burger love knows no color.

And a letter:

Dear Frozen Sweet Potato Fries from a Bag,

I didn’t forget how delicious you are, but I did forget how easy you are!  Easy like Sunday morning straight from my grocers freezer case delivered directly onto my plate. Stuff it mandolin!

I should totally start my own advertising business. I could be a hundredaire.

with Sweet Potato Fries

A fast dinner because we had to get down to business!

Made of Money

Zak is Made of Money! Or so we like to think.

The Bob Cat and Little Red Riding Hood from the start of our Trick or Treating adventure


to the classic post Trick or Treat candy dump at home.

Candy Dump


No Candy Fairy or Switch Witch here this year, they picked out their favorites, tossed what they didn’t like or want and that’s that. We’ll just let them have it. Gradually, over time that is, not gorging on it all tonight like your dentist might recommend.

as far as oral hygiene goes, it is better to eat five candy bars at once than to eat one every few hours.

Not an argument I ever thought I’d hear someone make, but OK! You’ve sold me! Gorge away!

Today’s exercise? An “evening hike” around the neighborhood with friends.

Any calories burned were surely cancelled out by:


times 5.

What? The internet told me to!

No, NOT times 5.  Although they are little… and I should fess up that I did eat a mini Kit Kat and a Special Dark too. But they’re wrappers are black and orange! I did it for the color coordination. For the color coordination!

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4 Responses

  • Mama Pea says:

    No candy fairy here either. We did the same thing you did, and surprisingly were left with just a handful or two of “the good stuff” each. Oh and we ate bagged fries tonight too.

    I’m so proud of us. :)

  • I’m proud of us too. 😉

  • Cindy says:

    your neighborhood just lends itself to memorable holiday back drops.

    it’s SO beautiful and fall ish and quaint.

    I love it Allison!

    your lil trick or treaters are adorable and yeah, we let jj enjoy his day.
    and I did too, but thank goodness I am sick of the sugar and ready for a smoothie and a run!

    it’s holiday season!


  • Cindy says:

    OH and my sweet potato fries came from a frozen bag too and they were to die for, mixed up with pumpkin seeds.

    we had parallel evenings.