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October 24th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Lunch

Zombie weekend fun is officially over, now we’re back to business as usual gang!

And this morning, we were all business. If there’s anything out there that works like a charm when it comes to teaching your homeschooled kid some valuable math lessons, money is it.

Me: Is 46 greater than or less than 56?

Ava: Ummmm…

Me: Would you rather have 46 dollars or 56 dollars?

Ava: 56!

Now we’re getting some where.

After chatting a bit about the < and > signs and how I could never tell them apart, I shared the uber impressive trick I learned to acing those greater than/less than math quizzes in elementary school.

(“The alligator eats the bigger number”, KA POW! A+! Take that second grade!)

We moved on to spend a good chunk of our morning counting change from Ava’s piggy bank.

This Morning's Project

Lessons abound with rolling coins.  Counting, dexterity, patience (them and me), 10 piles of 5 dimes, 10 piles of 4 quarters, 20 nickles make a dollar, how come I never had this much silver change in MY piggy bank when I was kid?

Coins rolled, hands washed, let’s eat lunch and then hit the bank!  Except I’ve got a different kind of green in mind right now.

A Different Kind of Green

Half a piece of baked salmon for dinner last night, I saved the other half for lunch today to plop on top a salad.  I started eating fish again about a year ago, and I’d say I eat fish a couple times a month now.

Leftover Salmon Ezekiel Toast with Butter

Plus a side of Ezekiel toast with butter because I was feeling a little toasty.

Ava’s jar of rolled coins served as our lunch time center piece before taking off to review filling out a deposit slip and not picking our noses while standing in line at the bank.

Tip Jar

(I always have to be reminded.)

To the bank we go.

Money Jar

Zero bronze coins rolled today, she figured out pretty quick that the silver stuff is worth more in terms of time.

When I think back to all the pennies I rolled, inflation makes me feel really old.

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One Response

  • Cindy says:

    WOW I love that Ava instinctively knew 56 was greater than 46 when you put it in the context of cash!


    we made JJ a piggy bank out of a mason jar this weekend.

    that and your salad is making me hungry for dinner. We’re having fish too!