Caution: Zombies Ahead

October 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

We survived!

We Did It

Literally, anyway.

Our day started in the car where we enjoyed breakfast in the form of pumpkin oats and lunch in the form of hummus, veggies,

Breakfast in the Car And Lunch

pita chips and my favorite portable protein; hard boiled eggs.

Pita Chips Portable Protein

Five hours later, we finally made it to Zombie Land

Caution Zombies Ahead

in time for our 4 o’clock wave start.


We decided we were all fast enough to be Entrees. (vs. Fast appetizers or Slow desserts.)


At packet pick up were given our bibs and our belts with three flags. We came to understand that this zombie chase would be “flag football” style.

Except there were no footballs, only zombies, and they would only be after our flags.

Trails Best Way

We started and hit the first obstacle where my girlfriend Sharon and I were promptly separated from the boys. We stuck together but were swarmed by zombies and lost nearly all our flags immediately.

Tip #1 for the Real Zombie Apocalypse: Zombies do not mess around.

Tip #2 Stay with the herd. There’s safety in numbers.


Zombies did not chase us, but you did have to run past them and avoid having a flag snagged from your belt.

Zombie Apocalypse Tip #3? If you have anxiety issues, this race could be an excellent form of “shock therapy” to prepare you for dealing with the real thing.

Preventing yourself from having a heart attack knowing there were zombies waiting for you on the other side of each and every obstacle was definitely part of the challenge.

Deciding which way to go was another part of the challenge.

Which Way

It’s quite possible this was the hardest 5K I’ve ever run.

Giant Hill

There was running, there was screaming.

Zombies at the Top

Dodging, dry heaving.


Climbing, more screaming.

More Zombies

Over-ing, under-ing.

Over Under

Panting, cursing.

The Gauntlet

More climbing, wading.

Top Water

And finally, finishing.

Zombie 5K Finish

Shawn and Zak? Survived!

Boys Have Flags Left

The ladies? Entrees. By the end, zombies had snatched all three of our flags.

(stupid zombies.)

But we all got medals! And we all laughed our brains out.

Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K Medal

Real Zombie Apocalypse Tip #4: I have a feeling genuine zombies aren’t going to be after red flags.

Start training now, agility and interval training especially. You’re gonna need it.

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