Tomorrow We Run With Zombies

October 21st, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time

In preparation for running from zombies tomorrow, we hit up the only logical place for dinner tonight.

Actually, in preparation for running from zombies tomorrow, first I dropped the girls off with Aunt Ellen, then I picked up The Man and we hit the bar.

Vegetarian Bar

The veggie bar at Wegmans. If I hope to ditch any zombies tomorrow, greens tonight are a must!

Veggie Bar

This is one of my favorite places to eat in town. No place else can I load my plate up with greens and then pile on a ton of fun stuff.

Veggie Bar Wegmans Food Bar

With the exception of my own house, anyway.

Well how fitting!

Here’s what we’ll be eating (serving?) tomorrow!

Choose My Zombie Plate

You know the problem with that plate?

Dessert Bar

There’s no place for “Dessert”.


Observe my I’m-so-starving-my-eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach veggie plate.

Eyes Bigger Than Stomach Veggie Plate

Loaded onto my bed o’ mixed greens was a layered eggplant ricotta cheese thing, baked cauliflower, stir fried tofu and veggies, baked southwest tofu.

See? Eyes. Bigger than stomach.

A Bite

(mouth too, I think.)

And see, Zombies? I LICK KNIVES!

Knife Lick

(plastic knives, but still. I LICK KNIVES!)

And with that same knife, he cut our whoopie pie from the dessert bar in half.

He Cuts, I Pick

He cuts, I pick first.

Half a Whoopie

Much like any kind of whoopie, it was impossible to go wrong.

The best thing about eating at Wegmans is being able to walk it off while you shop. And shopping while not the least bit hungry is good too.

This is important so that you buy only the most essential items for your Zombie Survival Kit for tomorrow’s 6 hour road trip to Maryland.

Zombie Survival Pack

Watch out Zombies! I’m gonna have hummus breath!

We’re leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and staying for the Apocalypse After Party, I’ll report back with all the gory zombie details Sunday!

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