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September 14th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Lunch

Have you ever found yourself eating a grilled hummus and coleslaw sandwich for lunch and wondered how on earth such a concoction happened to land on your plate?

Coleslaw and Hummus Sandwich

Oh right, I think it started because I was making soup.

Soup and Sandwich

Soup that began with potatoes.

White Potatoes

And then some beans were added too.

Cannellini Beans

And then Bean and Potato Soup turned into Bean Potato Onion Carrot Cabbage Soup as I went pawing through the CSA produce to find more soup ingredients.

Onions, Carrots, Red Cabbage

But when I got to slicing up that head of cabbage, I realized had way more cabbage than I needed for soup.

Sliced Red Cabbage

So then I made coleslaw.


And while I was making coleslaw, I got to thinking about my years as a waitress in a restaurant in my college town.  A restaurant that had a regular named Ruthie who use to come in and order a Reuben sandwich.

Ruthie always asked to sub coleslaw for sauerkraut in her Reuben, and back then I thought Ruthie the Reuben Eater was Crazier than Crazy.  Who on earth would put coleslaw on a sandwich?  Or sauerkraut for that matter.

But then today while I was making coleslaw that I used in a sandwich

Coleslaw Bean Soup and Hummus and Coleslaw Sandwich

from the cabbage in my fridge that I had way too much of

Onions, Carrots, Red Cabbage Sliced Red Cabbage

to add to soup with some potatoes and beans,

White Potatoes Cannellini Beans

I got to thinking that maybe Ruthie wasn’t so crazy after all.

Grilled Sandwich

And suddenly a little sandwich idea started to come together.

Coleslaw Sandwich Grilled Hummus and Coleslaw

A couple slices of Ezekiel bread slathered with hummus and coleslaw and some Bean Potato Onion Carrot Cabbage Soup on the side,

Bean Soup and Hummus and Coleslaw Sandwich

a grilled hummus and coleslaw sandwich landed on my plate.

Coleslaw and Hummus Sandwich

So yeah, that’s how that happened.  I wondered too. And no, Ruthie wasn’t the least bit crazy.

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