Homeschool Lessons for All

September 13th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

Now that Maxine can ride her bike, Homeschool Phys Ed class is officially in session.

Riding Buds The Claw Over My Shoulder Ready to Ride

Is this really Phys Ed? Or is this just a morning run in disguise?

Whatever you want to call it, a bunch of lessons were learned on our group outing this morning – lessons for both young and old.

A Lesson for Mom

When Maxine says “Whoa, whoa, whoa!!”, that means she’s about to come to a sudden and complete stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

This lead to the discovery that I run too closely behind Maxine.

I learned this lesson approximately 22 times.

A Lesson for Kids

No, hub caps do not grow on trees.

Hub Cap in Tree

Yes, I will explain why this wheel cover is hanging from a branch as many times as you need me to.

A Lesson in Time

What can three girls accomplish in 32 minutes?

Well, we can cover 2 miles.

Two Miles, 30 minutes

We can listen to Maxine exclaim “I’m so sweaty hot!” 1,321 times.

We can have lots of discussion about why people hang wheel covers in trees.

We can consider making a sign to hang on a small bicycle that says This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops.

A Lesson for Breakfast

Overnight oats make the perfect post-run/ride/stop/go/stop/go/whoa/whoa/whoa meal.

Morning Oats

1/2 c rolled oats, a small scoop of shredded coconut, a sprinkle of chia seeds and a dash of cinnamon with a 1/2 c (or so) of 2% Fage and a splash of almond milk.  Popped in the fridge to soak for an hour or so, topped with a small banana and a scoop of almond butter upon returning from our sweaty hot excursion this morning.

Is that the bell? I think Homeschool Phys Ed is officially over. Class dismissed!

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