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July 20th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Vegetable Lovin'

It felt like I was on a mission trying to collect all the ingredients to make The Brendan Brazier Salad.

Good thing a salad mission is exactly my kind of mission.

I already had a bunch of the usual salad suspects on hand:

Not Salad Newcomers

Spinach, kale, a variety of greens (including arugula!) cucumber, avocado, beets, hemp seeds.

Whoops, I almost forgot the carrots!

Eat Me

Boy Carrots, you sure are bossy. And kind of rude.

These were the guys I had to hunt down.

Vega EFA oil

Dulse, Vega Antioxidant EPA oil blend and lentil sprouts.

“Hunt down” as in – “visit three different stores over the course of 24 hours”.

Good thing grocery hunting is exactly my kind of hunting.

Beets steamed and peeled (in that order) this morning, let’s get this salad party started!

Got it Together

(Even purslane decided to get in on the green action.)

For the salad dressing I used 1 Tbsp Vega EPA oil blend, 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 Tbsp of Dulse.

Dulse is sea vegetable if you didn’t know. I was reminded of my first experience with dulse, and much like I remember – it smelled a lot like, well – the sea.

Brendan Brazier Salad Dressing

I think I heard the ocean when I opened the bag.

But! Like Brendan said in his salad video, is a good source of electrolytes – not to mention iron, iodine, B12, B6 and potassium.

And anyway, I’m no chicken! (of the sea) In the sake of all that is nutritious and holy – as Brendan Brazier as my witness! I will eat this sea vegetable again!!

Moving on.

During the final phase of my salad reconstruction process, I once again realized someone was missing.


OK, now are we all together?


Great! The gang’s all here! Let’s roll. Or toss. Whatever.

All Together Now

I have to say – I truly enjoyed this salad! I forgot how much I like the peppery flavor of arugula, it’s been a while since I’ve had it. The sprouts were a nice change in flavor and texture too.

Even the dulse experience wasn’t bad. It was much less intense and less “sittin’ on the dock of the bay” this time around – maybe because I had the dulse flakes this time instead of the dulse strips? Whatever the case, it gave the salad a nice saltiness, like most salad dressings do.

It was actually a lot of fun putting together somebody else’s salad – I’m calling The Brendan Brazier Salad a success.

And Brendan? What do you think? How’d I do?

Brendan Brazier says "Looks Good"

Perfect! Mission complete.

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7 Responses

  • Mama Pea says:

    I couldn’t leave a comment yesterday, not sure why, but I too am crushing on our man Brendan. I love you you say the dulse wasn’t that bad. I said that about a root canal once.

    I LOVE that you are blogging so frequently. And here you thought I wouldn’t notice. 😉

  • Daniel says:

    Your posts always make me laugh or smile (so long as they’re supposed to… it would be kind of awkward if a sad one evoked those responses…). I’ve never had the pleasure of trying dulse but I’ll keep my eyes open; I’m a huge sea vegetable fan.

    I really got a kick out of the carrot thing. I can only imagine my mom walking in on me standing on the kitchen chair looking down at cryptic carrot messages taking pictures. 😛

  • He he…after I watched the salad video last night, I knew exactly what I wanted for lunch (and also dinner) today. I didn’t have the dulse or the Vega oil on hand, but I made do with what I could find. I used all of the other ingredients and substituted nori strips for the dulse and flax oil for the Vega oil. I also added pepitas along with the hemp seeds. The salad was delicious! I especially love beets in salads, although I grated mine in raw instead of cooking them.

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read Brendan Brazier’s books, but I’m adding them to my reading list right now. Maybe if I put them in my Amazon cart, they’ll end up being purchased the next time my husband buys something… 😉

  • Lisa says:

    The salad looks great—and I can say I have every single ingredient you used, down to the exact same sprouts and dulse!
    My carrots, however, haven’t yet bossed me around…

  • This is such a cute post. You’re inspiring me (and scaring me a little) to try some dulse flakes.

  • Oh Allison I’m so envious that you got to meet Brendan!!! Lucky Girl!

    So I have to share with you that if you toast your dulse flakes in a dry saute pan until they just start to change color, you will find that some of that ‘sea flavor’ will diminish, if that’s helpful. I learned that in holistic culinary school and we often used toasted dulse to provide a ‘bacon bit’ flavor to our salads.

    This post had me laughing out loud (as all your posts do!)- love your talking carrots. I’m so glad to see you are back to posting often!