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Remember Banana Whip?

YAY!  Banana whip!

Well this would be Fruit Whip.  Banana Whip plus some frozen strawberries and blueberries too.

Fruit Whip

And remember that part in Jurassic Park where the scientist dude explains how the Velociraptors systematically test the electric fence by attacking it, trying to find its weaknesses?


Well I am the Velociraptor and Maxine is my electric fence.

See, we’ve always loved Banana Whip as an awesomely delicious healthy snack, but of course “we” means everyone but Maxine.

Banana Whip is so good, it’s hard to imagine any kid that won’t eat it.  Fear not my friends!  I’m not imagining it.  That kid lives here with me.


So a couple months ago Ava inquired about adding frozen strawberries and blueberries to our whipped banana goodness.  Not one to say no to any opportunity to infuse her with more vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, we tried it and of course it was berry delicious.

Now every time we make Banana Whip, Ava requests what she has deemed “Fruit Whip” – meaning she’d like to include whatever frozen berries we happen to have on hand in with the frozen bananas.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, the kids announce that they’re hungry right when I’m in the midst putting away dishes, trying to get the kitchen cleaned up before the repair man arrives to fix my oven that is suddenly refusing to get hot.  Did you know I can juggle three balls too?

Ava opens the freezer, spies a bowlful of frozen bananas and declares that she would like Fruit Whip.  Maxine declares she would like an apple.

Knowing the oven man is going to be here any second, I get the food processor out to prepare Ava’s more complicated snack first to get it out of the way.  Next come the frozen bananas, frozen blueberries and frozen strawberries and we load everything into the food processor and fire it up.

The exact moment this frozen fruit concoction has reached soft serve status, Oven Repair Dude arrives.  Suddenly there’s a lot of scrambling, “come on in, right this way”, OHHH-someone-new-is-here-Hiiiiii-lets-tell-him-our-life-story!!, dishwasher still needing to be loaded, kids still asking for food, All At This Very Minute Madness.

I get Oven Repair Dude settled in, put some fruit whip in front of Ava and then got back to the dishes – completely forgetting about cutting up an apple for Maxine, who had since disappeared from the kitchen at this point anyway.

And then came the plot twist:

My little electric fence magically reappeared and helped herself to some Fruit Whip.

Mid Bite

I’m totally getting the camera out for this one – rear end of an oven repair man included in the picture or not.

Oven Repair Dude

It seems that I exposed the weakness in the fence with some good old fashioned child neglect.  Forget to feed your child and she’ll eat whatever is left out on the counter?  Zap!

Eating Fruit Whip

Child neglect as well as some poor food safety practices, apparently.

The moral of today’s heart warming tale?  If you’ve got a kid who’s not crazy about fruits and vegetables: keep at it.  Keep offering.  Keep trying.  Keep attacking that fence.  One of these times you’ll find your way in – probably when you least expect it.

For the rest of you?  Try adding in different frozen fruits (plus other stuff too!) in with your Banana Whip.  Electric fence tested, raptor approved.

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