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March 8th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Short or Sweet

Can’t write much now, I’m busy downloading the latest Jillian Michaels podcasts! (Thanks Sharon!)

Jillian Michaels Podcast

Once upon a time I listened to Jillian with rapt attention via podcast from KFI AM 640 out of Los Angeles.

But then she left. And I was sad. And I have listened to those same 45 podcasts on my iPod over and over again for well over a year now – as pathetic as that likely sounds.

But now she’s back! On iTunes! And I’m glad! And you can be too!

In fact, if “…a health and fitness fanatic with a penchant for podcasts” is a phrase you might use to introduce yourself to me at a party, I would respond with a “nice to meet you” and would then direct you to that link up above. I might then ask you what that is you’re eating there, and where can I get some of that?

That’s all! Love her! Off to squeal.

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