For those of you who could not care less about opening black walnuts, you are welcome to disregard this post.

For the rest of you (three) folks who found your way here by googling “how to open black walnuts“, this post is for you.

(For those you that found your way here by googling “dinosaur eating a barbie”, I’m still working on that post. And if you’re the one that wondered “is it ok to include lettuce spines in a salad”, the answer is still “no”.)

Let Them Eat Cake

March 20th, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Parenting - (11 Comments)

I’d love to be able to tell you that my kids are vegetable chow hounds. I have blog with “vegetables” and “kids” in the tag line after all, shouldn’t it follow that I get to tell tales of my little posse begging for broccoli, beans and beets? Shouldn’t I be writing posts about how easy it is to get your kids to eat fruits and vegetables? I could even use lots of exclamation points!!! I could say “all you have to do is try!!!!”

That’s what some people might like to call “Irony”.

Can’t write much now, I’m busy downloading the latest Jillian Michaels podcasts! (Thanks Sharon!)

Jillian Michaels Podcast

Once upon a time I listened to Jillian with rapt attention via podcast from KFI AM 640 out of Los Angeles.

But then she left. And I was sad. And I have listened to those same 45 podcasts on my iPod over and over again for well over a year now – as pathetic as that likely sounds.

But now she’s back! On iTunes! And I’m glad! And you can be too!

Asparagus is not yet in season here in upstate NY, but we’ve been eating it recently despite this small fact because I think I’ve been brainwashed into doing so.

The stores always seem to jump the gun with the holiday decorations and seasonal merchandise – shelves currently loaded with pastel candy and green beaded necklaces well in advance of any bunnies needing supplies to make up baskets or a dude named Patrick getting ready to chase some snakes out of Ireland.  It’s no wonder I’ve had a hankering for spring produce!  I blame consumerism.

First Tuesday

March 1st, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast - (3 Comments)

There is a 6:30 AM Active Yoga class on Tuesday mornings that I occasionally get to, and today was one of those Tuesdays.  As it turns out, on the first Tuesday of every month this Active Yoga class becomes a Restorative Yoga class.

“Restorative” apparently meant just five poses.  That’s it.  Five.  In 45 minutes.  But it was certainly restorative with some gentle hip opening, some gentle shoulder opening, some gentle mouth opening with a schlurp of drool as I nearly fell back to sleep during savasana it was so nice and easy.