Where Oh Where Has My Little Blog Gone?

February 3rd, 2011 | Posted by Alison Spath in Life

So I dropped off the face of the blogosphere for a month and a half or something.  Oh yes, I’m still here – new camera collecting dust while I’ve been off having fun with much of the following:

1.  The Primal Blueprint Meets The 4-Hour Body.

I devoted a bunch of posts in December to the wonders of The Primal Blueprint and how much I was digging it, right?  Well, The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris deserves the same accolades.  Quite informative and entertaining in many respects.  Funny, inspiring and errr, intriguing?  (Be sure to check out the chapter on the 15 minute female orgasm, for the illustrations if nothing else.)

I was fortunate enough to get my electronic hands on the free digital copy that Tim gave out in the first 24 hours following the book’s release.  I have been reading and revisiting it and telling anyone who will listen all about it for nearly two months now.  He spouts much of the same stuff about sugar, grains and refined carbs that Mark does – so Tim is singing my tune.  As the Monkees would say – I’m a believer (when it comes to getting the majority of your carbs from vegetables.)  Wait, that’s part of the song, right?

More to follow on what I’m eating (or as the case may be, NOT eating) these days if I can get my posting act in gear here.

2.  Yoga (Nearly) Everyday

I’ve done yoga on and off for a couple years now, but never really went out of my way to practice with any sort of regularity during that time.  I always just squeezed in a practice session at home when I could, sometimes with weeks spaced between me and my mat.  But then we got a YMCA membership in September of last year and I started hitting up a couple of the yoga classes they offer.  Before I knew it I found myself enjoying a more regular practice again, while admittedly still being a bit hit or miss with it.

Then Santa dropped an issue of Yoga Journal into my stocking and the downward dog broke loose.  Like most things, as soon as I start reading about something I get totally pumped and bam! suddenly I’m doing Warrior III in my kitchen and Ava is asking if the girl bended into a pretzel on the front cover of the magazine is a real person.  A couple classes a week with a smattering of yogadownload plus some Do It Myself Yoga when I’m short on time and voila!  A regular yoga practice was born and has quickly proven to be a thing I’m eager to make time for these days.

Yoga!  Every day!  Even one pose a day can be considered a yoga practice.  Try it.  You’ll like it.  You’ll see.

3.  Signed up for a half-marathon.

I ran the inaugural Flower City Half Marathon in Rochester last year with a time of 1:51:11.  I had hoped to PR (and beat my 1:47 from 2009) but no dice.  This year?  I’m ready to rock a sub-1:45 on May 1, baby!  (Maybe.)

4.  Less Time on the Computer

for more time with the fam, staying on top of the housework, practicing yoga, plenty of running, hanging out in the produce section and apparently not blogging about any of it.

So this is where I’ve been.  More details and food photos to follow!

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14 Responses

  • Glad you are busy living and enjoying life! :)

  • sarah says:

    Yoga Journal! Yay! OK, I need to boast about my fabulous family. Check out Kate Holcombe’s stuff. She’s in there on a regular basis. She’s my cousin. I have excellent cousins. My yoga practice SUCKS – but you’ve inspired me to give it another go. Nice to see you online again!

  • Welcome back! :-) I’m excited to hear more about what you are eating lately with all the new knowledge you’ve acquired.

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve been rocking the 4-hour body plan for the last two weeks. The first week was a little rough (felt like my brain was missing a serious Serotonin dose), but this week has been much easier; my energy levels feel nice and steady, and really no cravings to speak of, though admittedly, meal planning takes a little extra time. I just can’t eat the same meals every day. (Sorry Tim!) I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, particularly how you’re getting your protein and how you are adapting his plan in feeding your family. I’ve been eating a lot of organic eggs, cottage cheese, fish, occasional tofu (I know Tim’s not exactly pro-tofu) and organic chicken, though I much prefer to work in less meat than Tim. And my son is slim as can be, so it’s been a challenge to keep my husband and I on the plan without disrupting family dinners, which have always been healthy if not carborific. So glad you’re back!

    • Alison says:

      Sarah YES I TOTALLY had a transition period and felt like I had the “low carb flu” (as I’ve learned some people call it) for m maybe two weeks? There was definitely an adjustment period eating less fruit and practically no grains (except for one day a week). I too have been eating eggs, fish, some dairy… I will post more about it for sure. So glad to hear you’re loving it as well – I’m excited to share more about my experience!

  • Yay! So good to see this pop up in my reader. Breaks are necessary (clearly, as my 10 month hiatus showed) to put the priorities first. I got Yoga Journal from Santa too – so exciting. And I love Sarah’s cousin Kate Holcombe – she’s my favorite writer in the magazine. So cool!

    I’m definitely interested to hear more about the Primal Diet. My boyfriend just got the 4 Hour Body and he’s been enjoying it. I’m on a pre-treatment diet for some follow up treatments for the cancer and I’m essentially eating mainly vegan (no seafood, dairy, very little meat, no eggs (egg whites only)). It’s SO easy to eat rice/grains! I really need to amp up the veggies. I have loved juicing again though and I crave greens now. Such a good feeling! Okay, done rambling :)

  • Katheryn says:

    Glad you’re back! Sounds like you’ve been doing plenty of wonderful things in e meantime.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve missed you and your blog. I was starting to think maybe I had done something to my computer and it wasn’t loading your blog correctly. Cookies or something like that from a pretty computer illiterate person.

    I am glad you are back though and I look forward to reading some new stuff from you :)

  • Lisa says:

    I JUST got my copy of the 4-Hour Body in the mail today! I can’t wait to crack it open…I’ll be interested in your thoughts on it (if you have time to share) as well.
    Sounds like you’ve had a great month :)

  • Cindy says:

    life is good, no?

    I have read excerpts from the 4-hour body.

    almost bought the ebook. I should re-consider it, but it was in the middle of the holiday cookie fest and I just couldn’t jump into it at the time.

    good for you Ali! I am really proud of you…sisterhood continues!!!

    my favorite meals these days are some sort of protein and greens. that’s it. I am full, and don’t need one bite of rice or bread.

    it’s the dang nibbles that hang me up

    so glad all is well with you as always

  • MaryBe says:

    I was happy to see you in my reader too!
    Congrats on the yoga, and for signing up for the half marathon.
    Hope the girls are great!

  • Holly says:

    when you pop up in my Reader, it makes my day.