Trail Running Truths

November 6th, 2010 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

Welp, a trail race was on the agenda for this morning! 10 kilometers to be exact.

Yes sir – 10 cold, rainy, snowy and more rainy kilometers. On the agenda.

Also on the agenda? A bunch of lessons to be learned. Get ready to take some notes.

Stay in the car as long as you can.

Rainy Race Day

Let’s not rush to get out there just to stand around in the snow and rain, mmmk?

Wet Shawn

Snow is better than rain.

Wet Snow

Because you don’t get soaked quite as quickly. Whose idea was this race anyway?

Running and photography don’t necessarily go hand in hand.


Self portraits included.

Another Fail

They weren’t kidding when they described the course as “hilly”.


Yup, that was no joke.

Veteran trail runners walk up the hills.

Up Again

Everyone else (er, myself included) attempts to run up them.

Yes, it’s ok to walk up the hills. Really.


OK, good. Let’s walk.

It always stops raining at the end of the race.

Done Raining

Well, maybe that isn’t a Trail Running Truth, but it sure as hell figures.

This was not a PR course.

Not a PR Course
Yup, that was right too.


Average pace, 10:47. (Did I mention there were hills? And walking?)

Running trails is a boat load of fun.

Sure, Now It's Done Raining

Especially when you get good and soaked.

Veggie burgers with tomato, provolone and avocado served with side salad make the perfect post run meal.

Post Run Eats

Definitely a Trail Running Truth. Definitely, definitely.

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