Closing Time

December 9th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Life

It’s done! We officially bought our new house today!

We're Home!

Yes I’m wearing my favorite pink hat inside – the thermostat is set to 58 until we move in YO!

Zak worked from home this morning and we left for the bank while Aunt Ellen graciously agreed to take our children off our hands for the day. We left early to sign on the dotted line about 30 times each and then went straight from the bank to the new house to drop off boxes and soak in that new old house smell.

Interestingly enough, the seller left all sorts of random things behind due to a full moving truck and moving across the country. (Note the things behind me in that picture. Those aren’t ours! That black portfolio had pictures and tracing paper in it??)

I learned yesterday at the final walk through that the seller was leaving things behind, and she was hoping we would overlook it. We could have been sticklers about it, but because she left things that we can really use, like two window AC units, a nice kitchen table with chairs and a chest freezer, we’re going to call it even.

I can look past the random dishes the cupboard.

Random Mugs

(Christmas shopping? Done!)

And we’ll look past the left over pizza in the oven too.

Pizza in the Oven

(Dinner? Consider it made!)

I’m on a new house high, it’s gonna take a lot more than a dusty old stairmaster in the basement and vats of turkey frying oil left in the garage to bring me down! Yeah, yeah, whatever – where do we sign?

After leaving the house we squealed (well, admittedly I did most of the squealing) over how close we’ll be to everything once we’re living in the city. The new house is close to everything – including The King and I, a local Thai restaurant favorite where we went to have a celebratory child-free lunch.

Out To Eat

We each got a small bowl of spicy veggie Thai soup.

Spicy Veggie Soup

I ordered the Khang Phet Vegetable Over Steamed Rice. Well, actually I ordered #23 because I can’t say “Khang Phet” without a puzzled and squirreled up look on my face.

Khang Phet Vegetable Over Steamed Rice

Steamed veggies and tofu in a red curry coconut sauce on steamed rice. I ate all the veggies and tofu and left behind 75% of the white rice.

So where does any new home owner go after dancing through their new house and then skipping off to lunch?

The Home Depot

With a house built in 1916, this is probably going to be our second home. Home Depot Sweet Home Depot. My Home Depot is Your Home Depot. This Old Home Depot. Home Depot is Where the Heart Is. OK, I’ll stop now.

T minus 17 days until Moving Day! Time to PACK!!

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