Lost Something? I’ll Find It.

November 8th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Morning Craziness

I was feeling totally cold and lazy early this morning and not feeling my exercise mojo at all. But then the sun came up and the sky was just a little too clear, the air a little too crisp. It’s probably the very last of the gorgeous weekends we’ve got in store for us until spring and I couldn’t just sit here and let it pass me by.

Except the fates had other plans for me.


Barely 2 miles in and I hear that all too familiar and none too welcome rubber-on-rubber sound effect. BLAAAAHHH.

Door 1: Fix it on the side of the road

I take all the tools to fix a flat tire with me in my little bike bag under my seat, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to do at home than it is with the bare minimum of tools and equipment, in the grass with cars whizzing by and nothing to wipe the grease off my hands but the ass of my pants.

Door 2: Call Zak and have him come fetch me

I had my cell phone and could have called him to come get me and gimpy, but by the time he got his act in gear, kids dressed, in the car I might as well chose what’s was behind Door #3.

Door 3: Run home and drive back to get my bike myself.

OK. Door #3. Stash bike out of sight – let’s go.

2 mile run home, bike in the back of the car. Not exactly the bike ride I’d envisioned on this beautiful day but that’s how it goes.

Not This Kind of Ride

Talk about Deju Vu. Didn’t I just do this?

Wheel disassembled. Geez man – if this story were a fairy tale then this is straight out of Princess and the Pea.

The Culprit

A very tiny, but very sharp rock. Princess Tire, you are totally suited to marry the Prince. May you live happily ever after. Jerk.

Very Small, But Very Sharp

Tube patched, wheel back together, we’re back in business. A quick (25 minute) test ride – (or so I told Zak – evil, evil wife!) ride, run, ride anyone?

It is seriously so beautiful outside this morning it’s hard to be annoyed for long. A quiet Sunday at home didn’t make things too bad either.

Time for breakfast, finally! 2 slices of Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin with 1 Tbsp of almond butter, 1/2 Tbsp on each slice. Yes, I totally measured because clearly I cannot be trusted when it comes to almond butter.

1 Tbsp Almond Butter

Enjoyed on the deck with half a mango – and even a ripe mango this time! Go me!

Eat Out More Often

Exercise mojo? I found it. Bastard pebble? Found it. Proper almond butter portions? Yup, found that too. Ripe mango? Found. Missing anything? Let me know. I’m on a roll today.

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16 Responses

  • Oooh almond butter! Hahaha, I can’t really be trusted around it either. Can there be anything tastier?

    I just started liking mangos this year. I used to hate them, never bought them or used them, but my husband adores them and for some reason it finally hit me….they aren’t really that bad, in fact, they can be downright delicious!

    • Alison says:

      VV – yes, I’m pretty new to mangos myself, thus eating one a few weeks ago that was not quite ripe. (But don’t get me wrong, I still ate it.) I love exploring produce and finding new things to try! 😉

  • Julie says:

    A breakfast after my own heart. Yum.

  • Pat says:

    oooooohhhhh Ali – the soothies you can make with Mangoes:
    Mango and coconut milk smoothie
    Mango and milk smoothie
    Mango, banana, and peach or nectarine smoothie.

    I would even try the carrot/apple/ginger juicy thing with Mango instead of carrots

    Try sprinkling cinnamon on a sliced up mango too.

    Holy wonderfulness……

    • Alison says:

      hahah Pat! That’s exactly what I’m going to have for breakfast tomorrow! The other half of my mango with the flesh from my young coconut on Saturday. You’re a mind reader! 😉

  • libby says:

    Hi Alison,

    Breakfast looks delicious. I hardly ever think to eat outdoors – prob. because I eat too many meals at the computer :-).

    I’m so scared of getting my first flat tire as I have no idea how to fix it and would either have to call for help or walk the bike home. Sounds like you got in a great workout.


  • wow very impressed with your skillz. especially finding that rock!!!

  • Cindy says:

    Well, what a stinker that pebble was!
    So glad you didn’t let it stop you ! DETERMINATION! A+

    measure almond butter A++

    Ripe mango? YUM!

    JJ finally got a nap this weekend so I spun some yarn..and I am downloading Thrive in a few!
    woo hoo

  • Holly says:

    i cannot be trusted with nut butter either, although when i measured it out, i was delighted to find i wasn’t using TOO much over 1 tbsp :)

    love ya mama!

  • Bernadette says:

    You’ve been SO lucky lately with the beautiful weather!! Each time you go out for a ride I can hear the fear in your voice that it will be the last one of the season… YAY for longer riding seasons!!

    Boo to sharp pedals!!

    YAY to finding your MOJO!! (I did another 5 mi this morning w/ NO Walking! )

    Have a wonderful evening!! I’m off to try another Thrive recipe! I’ll let you know tomorrow how it is..


  • maria says:

    I always measure my nut butter. I can’t be trusted to judge what a tbsp looks like because I want it to be more than it really is!

  • Jennifer says:

    Oh, man, what a bike ride adventure. I would have picked option 2. (haha) Good for you, though, because you ended up with more of a workout. :)

    Oooh..a mango smoothie is the BEST!!

    Have you ever tried a star fruit? I saw them yesterday in the store. I’ve had them before, once I think, but can’t remember if I like them or not. (haha)

  • Bernadette says:


    That should read “boo to sharp ROCKS not pedals…”

    I’m a dork!

  • Ashley says:

    We have the same plates! High five for Pier1!