Double Date

November 7th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Dinner Time

This afternoon the girls went off with Zak’s mom while Zak and I went on a little double date with my mom and step dad!

We hit the Rochester Museum and Science Center to visit the new Titanic exhibit that arrived last month.

Rochester Museum and Science Center

Real artifacts uncovered from the Titanic are currently on display at the museum. As soon as we heard about this exhibit I knew we had to go.

Titanic Exhibit

As we waited to enter the exhibit hall we were given boarding passes with the name of a real passenger who was on board.

Boarding Pass Front Bording Pass Back

At the end of the exhibit you were able to check the list to see if your passenger survived or not. Oh the suspense!

Boarding Pass Back

I was Mr. Edward Beane. Age 32. A newly wed! But a man and a second class passenger? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I was doomed.

The exhibit was great – it was so eerie to see things that had been uncovered from 12,500 feet below the surface of the North Atlantic. We couldn’t take photographs in the exhibit – but it really was fantastic. There was so much to read and see, relevant facts about the ship and passengers that were so ironic in relation to the sinking. I loved the movie and having watched it more times than I care to admit, this was a great way to spend a child-free afternoon.

We spent about an hour walking through the exhibit and and then toured the museum for another half hour or so before declaring ourselves officially hungry.

It was a beautiful fall evening and was made even better knowing it was time to go eat!

Beautiful Evening

My mom picked the restaurant ahead of time – Sinbad’s, this a great little Mediterranean place on Park Ave. near the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

Sinbad's Restaurant, Rochester NY

Sinbad's Restaurant, Rochester NY

I had calorie counting in mind tonight, but also decided I was still going to enjoy myself and not worry about it too much.

Let’s get this party started! A glass of Heron Hill Riesling, a local New York State wine pour moi.


And a couple of appetizers for everyone to share. Falafel and something called Maza which was baked pita crisps stuffed with feta, scallions, olive oil and spices.

There was plenty to go around but my goal tonight was to not leave the restaurant feeling absolutely stuffed but also not feeling like I deprived myself either. I had one of each and loved every bite.


My entree was the Ali Baba Pitza – with a name like Ali I don’t think there was any other choice for me really.

A pizza on thin, crispy pita bread with garlic sauce as a base, topped with feta, eggplant, tomatoes, olives and parsley.

Ali Baba Pitza

It was huge! And SO, SO good. I had two pieces (about half), gave one piece to Zak and we brought the last piece home.

I also enjoyed a bite of Zak’s artichoke salad.

Artichoke Salad

Everyone loved their food and totally enjoyed the atmosphere at Sinbad’s! It makes me even more excited to move into the city and be closer to all of the fun, funky restaurants like this.

From a calorie counting perspective, I’m totally pleased with how dinner went tonight – I didn’t need to be rolled out the restaurant but enjoyed myself without too much concern over how many calories I was consuming. Sinbad’s isn’t a chain and their menu items aren’t in The Daily Plate database, but I did the best I could picking similar sounding items and think I got some pretty good estimates to get a ball park idea of where I ended up today.

A fun day with fabulous company and fabulous food!

When we picked up the girls we discovered they’d been quite busy today with Hanna! All sorts of baking and cooking and digging in garden and chasing chickens. Child bliss.

I played hide and seek with child-made peanut butter cookie. Psst! It’s hiding in my belly! No one has been able to find it yet!

Peanut Butter Cookie

Counting calories and knowing that I probably still had a calorie deficit today (thanks to my long run – shew!) is totally saving me from diving into that little zip lock bag of cookies that’s now in my kitchen cupboard. It’s the strangest thing. I think if I didn’t know approximately where I stood with calories today I would be feeling very “oh well – I blew it, might as well have two more!” But I’m not. This is a very good thing.

And oh yes, my passenger and his new wife both survived. Crisis averted. Sort of.

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9 Responses

  • Cindy says:

    I love Titanic too…so sad. Love the story.
    I just say your last 10 lbs. you weight exactly what I do. funny.
    You are doing so so awesome! AND you enjoyed a night out. Good for you Chica.
    I doubt a 7 miler is in my future (unless we hike it) but I am sipping a very green smoothie and as soon as JJ is down it’s Mas time.

    I already did a tough yoga stretch and tons and tons of crunches.
    You’re off to a great start! I’ll be alongside routing for you…and doing a tweaked version too.
    hows that?!!

    glad your passenger made it. SHEW
    Yay for Ed!

    nice cookie…love pb cookies

  • Cindy says:

    forgot to tell you you look so GLAM!
    have a sip for me!


  • did you have celine dion’s voice running through your head the entire time at the museum? b/c i did, the entire time i read this post…

  • child-made peanut butter cookie = so moist (hate that word) but seriously looks soooo good!

    you with your reisling = gorgeous. you can be my designated drinking date any time :)

    cant wait for your email!!!!!!

  • Tay says:

    OMG I’ve been obsessed with Titanic since even before the movie came out. I just love history – ahhhh. Love it. I was so excited when that exhibit came to SF about 3 years ago. It was amazing and so interesting. I love the artifacts and mock rooms that modeled the actual ship.

    Glad you had a fun day!!

  • Lizzy says:

    The titanic museum sounds like a great idea, and a fun way to spend the afternoon. i think i would really enjoy it!

    Your Dinner looks fab! i like greek food cause its reminds me of Lebanese Food! :) What a wonderful day you had my love! glad you got to enjoy your meal without being to worried about calories, its always more enjoyable that way when your not over worrying yourself with whats going in your mouth, but more of just enjoying all the great company and flavorful food!

  • Bernadette says:

    That sounds awesome! I’ve heard about similar exhibits, I think there is one in Las Vegas, if it ever comes near me I’m there!!

    And you look so pretty all dolled up and sipping wine… it’s so nice to get a good workout in early so you feel like you’ve accomplished something and don’t have to worry about it later in the day!

    Keep up the good work!!


  • Julie says:

    That sounds like a fun date. The history of the Titanic is so interesting. I’m glad your guy lived!

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