A Juicy Lesson

November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast

I had a run on the agenda first thing this morning, but I was feeling a little peckish so I ate half a MamaBar before I hit the pavement. Coconut oil is my friend.

Half a Mamabar

A balmy 34 degrees this morning. Cold Neck Lessons learned on Monday, I dug out my turtle neck this morning as well as my favorite pink knit cotton hat!

Pink Hat

I knit that hat myself I’ll have you know! It’s one of the few things I’ve ever knit, so I get a little too excited when I the opportunity arises for me to point that fact out. I told everyone I passed this morning that I knit the hat on my head. Just wait til my new city neighbors get a load of me. They have no idea what they’re in for.

Toasty warm for my 5.3 mile jaunt through my neighborhood, home 44 minutes later to get home and whip up the wonder juice of yesteryear thanks to a restock of our carrot supply.

Seeing Double?

Carrot Apple Ginger juice – today with lemon too! One to keep and one to share.

One to Keep and One to Share

I just may have cursed and rolled my eyes back into my head while drinking this, in utter disbelief at how amazing this combo is. Have you added a juicer to your Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Kwanza list yet? I know this lady has! Get on it!

Your Juicy Lesson for today!

I’ve been asked before if you can make juice in the blender, and the answer is no, not technically. You could certainly make a carrot apple ginger smoothie in the blender, but you’ll still get all the “pulp” that the juicer would extract. The juicer removes the juice from the fruit and vegetable pulp, allowing you to get a lot more bang for your buck, packing in a ton of live enzymes and antioxidants in a small amount of space. You lose out on fiber when you juice fruits and vegetables, but if like me, you eat a giant salad almost every day along side plenty of other fiber rich foods like beans, lentils and enough vegetables to consider starting your own farmer’s market right out of your fridge – fiber is not an issue.

Off to go spread the news about my hat – I knit it myself ya know!

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14 Responses

  • Holly says:

    your hat is adorable!

    ummm…i have loads of coconut oil, and i need some fab ideas on how to use it up. can you help a sista?

  • Bernadette says:

    Yay for knitted hats!! You should knit some more of those and give them out as christmas gifts with a little tag that says “I knitted this myself ya know…” just sayin!

    And your darn right I’ve got a juicer on my christmas list! I even put a disclaimer that says “willing to give away the bread maker to make room” so how can they argue with that? Besides, I don’t say “hmmm another video game, I don’t think you really NEED that” when I do MY christmas shopping.

    Have a wonderful friday and good job on the run this morning!

  • Mama Pea says:

    My grandma, who we visited yesterday, knits too…and only HATS. So I have a plethora of knitted head wear. You can cross me off your Christmas list :)

  • Shari B. says:

    No juicer on my xmas list but definitely a SPIRALIZER!! :) I should try adding a bit of ginger to my smoothies. I get nervous to add flavors — my head goes “OMG what happens if it tastes terrible & then I’ve just wasted all those fruits and veggies?” (see how I obsess???) I’m crazytown, I know!

    Love the hat! You people who can knit… I’m much to lazy for that. 😉

  • Justine says:

    Great hat. My mom and I want to learn to knit so bad! Maybe when we do I will knit you something and we can have a knit exchange!! hahahaha


  • Cindy says:


    just sayin’!

    It’ matches Hissy!
    So yesterday you had me hankerin’ a carrot apple ginger juice and this morning I HAVE to have one.

    and I am contemplating walking to the store for orange juice concentrate for some cranberry fun


    Happy Friday

  • Peggy says:

    Could the answer not technically be “yes” if you strained it to separate out the juice and the pulp? Or better yet, used a nut milk or jelly bag to strain through and then squeezed out every last drop by hand?

    • Alison says:

      Yes Peggy I think you’re right, but I don’t know for sure. I would have to guess that using a nut milk or jelly bag would work better than a strainer. I honestly thought of this today as I was writing this part of my post! If anyone tries it, please report back!

  • Julie says:

    That hat is so cute! Is there anything you can’t do??

  • Lizzy says:

    My lovely knitting momma, i believe you and i should start our own knitting and sewing club!? what do you think about that? I think we would take the world by storm. You can make hats, and i’ll make skirts and blouses! pretty sure we’ve covered all the bases! :)

    That carrot juice looks amazing, seeing as i’m a carrot lover, i wonder if i would like this especially with the ginger, seeing as i’m not that much of a fan!

  • I love your pink knit hat!!!!!! Chronic ear infections as a child (no breastmilk, not a drop, and tons of formula with cow’s milk that I am ALLERGIC to left me plagued with infections) and as an adult, I am not kidding, if it’s below about 60F I wear ear protection b/c my ears throb. More than u need to know but I love hats! Or ear warmer bands. Never without them.

    Juice. Love it.

    Mamabars. I am posting a dark fudge ball recipe similar to fudge babies on Mon or Tues but tweaeked the ratios.

    I love your getting into yoga, or trying earnestly :)

  • You made it yourself?! Crafty mama!

  • maria says:

    Damn mama, you can knit pretty well if you made that hat yourself! 😀 Way to go. I’d be spreading the news, too. :)

    I’m glad it’s not quite cold enough for a toboggan when I run, yet.

  • Erica says:

    What a cute hat! I love it. I can’t believe you knit it! I have no domestic sewing/knitting skills hahha. I hate the cold…..I hope it stays away a little longer :) Enjoy the weekend!