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November 5th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast

Up dark and early this morning for some one on one time with my yoga mat and my pal Dawnelle from

Yesterday morning after my run I found myself thinking “I need to do yoga” and this morning as I was rolling out my mat I thought “I should be running”. This is one of those moments where I reminded myself to live in the moment and be truly present and focused on what I’m doing now, instead of what else I could be doing. How very yogi of me.

More Yoga for Runners this morning with some Sun Salutations too – a grand total of about 45 minutes.

Out of greens for juicing, today’s juice du jour was Carrot Apple Ginger.

Carrot Apple Ginger

I’m now officially out of carrots too.

From the Top

I used three carrots, a medium crispin apple, a chunk of ginger and a little cucumber too. These flavors work so well together! The ginger made it so spicy, and I enjoyed the change of green juice pace this morning.

I’ve already plugged my numbers into The Daily Plate too!

The Daily Plate

(167 calories for carrot apple ginger juice.)

So easy and fun! A big thanks to all of you who recommended it! I’m loving it, I can’t wait to play with it some more. If I look at this like a science experiment, it’s just fun and motivating instead of tedious and all-consuming.

Now if I could just stop thinking “I could just be using a notebook” when I’m entering data in The Daily Plate I’ll be all set.

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16 Responses

  • Cindy says:

    OH Mama… I could so use a sip of your Carrot apple ginger juice! it’s like SUNSHINE in a glass!

    I sipped my TEA last night…it felt like dessert!
    Than JJ stole it…drug a bag out of the box and proceeded to rip it apart before I could get it out of his little hand. my floor and CAT were covered in sugar cookie “crumbs”

    cat didn’t appreciate being rode like a horse and covered in sugar cookie tea crumbs.

    I never laughed so hard!

    you put a huge ole smile on my face last night…many many thanks

    AHHHHHHHH yoga.
    I am addicted these days. been doing round one in the am and round 2 at night.

    I am so happy you are enjoying the food journaling.

    are you going to RUN to the store now for lettuce and carrots?

    I need more ginger too..can you grab me a nob?


    it’s friday for me…you know what that means?

  • Whit says:

    I checked out the daily plate…love! I’m following your wonderful example and using it as well. ‘Tis awesome!

  • Bernadette says:

    Ok so yesterday I downloaded some yoga for runners from Yogadownloads with the intention of giving it a whirl last night….
    furniture moved? check
    downloads ready? check
    camera set up? checkity check check

    pictures I’m willing to share? HELL NO!
    Ok, so maybe I need to find a beginners class and try it there because what is in those pictures is NOT even close to what was on the download printout even though when I was doing it I felt like I was doing what it showed…NOT.

    And enjoyable? NOPE…. I really want to like it, but I’ve got to be doing something wrong…

    YAY for your juice and your Daily Plate!! You make me want to be a better person…corny I know but it’s true!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  • Mama Pea says:

    If you want a glimpse of the insanity that was my daily plate account, I’ll let you know my account name. I actually got an email from a random person that was like, “Are you an accountant? Damn, you are meticulous.” Not when it comes to housework, sweetheart.

  • what a great way to start the morning!

  • Holly says:

    hahaha…i am a TOTAL notebook person. i was obsessed with Gmail calender for oh – 2 days before i returned to my planner. i made to-do lists on Gmail too. yep, back to good ol’ scratch paper. call me old-fashioned :)

    love the color of that juice!!!!

  • emily says:

    Hey! I have been using the Daily Plate for almost a year and really like it. Sometimes it’s buggy, but for the most part it’s cool. I used to use a notebook, but I love how precise TDP can be, with charts of your progress, calories burned, etc.
    Good Luck!

  • Nicole says:

    Yes, you could be using a notebook, but you know that this is much more time efficient to use the Daily Plate!! No calculator!! :)

    • Alison says:

      YES and I especially love that adjusting the portion size is a whole lot easier too! It’s also been a lot easier today adding foods as I go throughout the day, rather than entering everything in at once like I did last night.

  • We had very similar juice this morning. Unfortunately, I was out of ginger, so it didn’t have that nice spiciness.

    Have fun with your science experiment! :)

  • mm never would I ever think a veggie juice looks delicious but yours looks like a smoothie – must try soon :)

  • Erica says:

    This juice looks very pretty! I bet it was a fun change up from the usual green. I took today off from working out (first day in a while) and feel quite antsy but knew my body would need it before this weekend!

  • Carrot apple ginger = my kind of juice. Not green tasting and no green pulp. And sweet(ish). God I need to start juicing..

    Congrats for staying in the moment with your yoga. If you practiced with me, you would no longer want/need to run. Just sayin my honey bunny go get immersed in ashtanga and I bet your running desires will dissipate. The only reason you will want to run is to run away from your kids. Like I run away from Skylar & Scott in the a.m. for 20 mins, not b/c I want to run, I just want to run away LOL

  • Lizzy says:

    I have used the daily plate before too, great idea! the things that the internet can do for us these days is amazing! :) glad your likin it my love!

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