The Story of Saturday

October 17th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Party Time

Once upon a time, I discovered a new salad obsession. Easy peasy avocado salad dressing.

Chapter 1: Smash 1/2 an avocado with fork.

Chapter 2: Stir in Salsa.

Step 1: Smash Avocado Step 2: Stir in Salsa

Chapter 3: Stir in salad fixings of choice.

Chapter 4: Make room in your personal produce section and finish getting ready to run off and hit up yet another open house.

Make Room

Chapter 5: Enjoy salad in car on the way and wonder who turned out the lights?

Lights Out

Chapter 6: Take your hood off because it’s not raining in the car.

Chapter 7: Pile the whole family in the car for an open house adventure. Even Hissy can come.

Whole Fam

Hmmm… might this be our new neighborhood?

New Neighborhood?

Um, in a word – NO. I’m still recovering from uneven floors, that “what have they been cooking in here” smell most importantly, lack of a dishwasher. Given my dishwasher sometimes runs twice a day – just kill me now.

That’s right, RUN Max RUN!

Run Max Run

Part II:

After our first and LAST open house with the girls in tow (Hissy is still welcome), we headed off to a birthday party so big even Santa was there.

Even Santa

My girlfriend Sharon’s youngest daughter turned 1 yesterday, and her hubby turns the big 3-0 later this month. So they had a huge, outdoor bash on this unfortunately rainy and unseasonably cold day.

But 3 layers with gloves and a hat and some hot apple cider made everything alright.

Hot Cider

The wet bouncy house went over like a lead balloon.

Wet Bounce House

If we can’t jump, at least we can eat!

Party Food

Oooohhh not so fast – don’t try to sneak me any pepperoni! I’m on to the vegetarian saboteurs!

Mac with Meat

I had a vegetarian roommate in college and I asked her once what she would do if chopped up meat really small and secretly served it to her mixed in with something. She said she would never speak to me again. Interesting. At least I had a Plan B should she become the roommate who never shuts up.

Oh look – stuff I can eat!



And stuff that is questionable. Are those bacon bits or sun-dried tomatoes? I guess we’ll never know.

Stuff I Can Eat

And more stuff I can’t. Who wants my bacon!?

Stuff I Can't

Like all stories – this on one had a happy ending with rain that subsided in time for a beautiful sunset.

Beautiful Sunset

And a post that ended with a beautiful cupcake tower.

Cup Cake Tower

The End.

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13 Responses

  • Leianna says:

    What a spread!
    Love the guy in the santa suit, party in the rain too!

  • Cindy says:

    I seriously laughed so hard at Hissy on her first car ride that I snorted my cup o joe! SO HARD that Kyle came running in to see what happened to me!

    OH LORD she went the perfect family!

    Ali…I am sad you didn’t like the house…that neighborhood is sooooo sweet! Could so see raising a family there!
    DISHWASHERS are muy important and SMELLS are MORE IMP. If something is not so pretty I can over come..but if it has bad smell juju…GAH!

    Glad you found things to eat at the party! I’m not that devoted yet. Something to work towards.

    SO way cool Santa showed up…I am certain it’s the busy season for him!

    Happy Saturday night.
    Kisses to kids and Hissy

  • Wow Santa Claus already! I better start making my list!

  • Libby says:

    That neighbourhood looks lovely but you definitely need a dishwasher when you do lots of cooking (and don’t like hand washing all day).
    What a shame about the weather. Dh is in Washington, DC at the moment and feeling rather cold. he didn’t plan or expect the weather to be so bad. Luckily he’s visiting museums so can keep warm indoors.
    It’s it frustrating when bacon is added to EVERYTHING and when you can’t identify if something is meat or not. I know once I got caught out with some salad but ended up eating some meat (shock horror) because it was so yummy and it was about all the choice I had. Oh, well, I survived. The cupcakes looked devine – I guess that would almost make up for the lake of veggie food choices :-). I have no idea have vegans manage.


  • Mama Pea says:

    I made that salad dressing tonight. I called it guacamole. Exotic, no?

    Why the H was Santa at the party?!?

  • Liz says:

    That is a really cute neighorhood…too bad the house was a no-go. Fun party, glad to hear there were some choices for you. It can be hard to eat at parties sometimes. I’m not a veg, but I choose not to eat a lot of food prepared at parties a lot. I usually just eat beforehand. Oh, and totally love that salad dressing. I actually have both avocado and salsa at home…so I think I’m gonna have to try that soon!

  • Jennifer says:

    I love the looks of that neighborhood, although, I couldn’t live without a dishwasher either.

    People don’t realize all of the things that other people will notice as they walk through their house. Smells, for example. I remember, when we were househunting there was a house that reeked of cat urine. Ewww!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t the owners smell that??????? We didn’t even look, we just left.

    What an interesting salad dressing you came up with. Sounds really good!

  • That’s my favorite salad dressing too! I do this ALL the time. Too bad tomato season is (almost) over. I actually still have a few tomatoes that are ripening very slowly on my tomato plants.

    The neighborhood looks cute. But if the house isn’t right it isn’t right. You’ll find the right one!

    Have a great Sunday!

  • Holly says:

    too bad on the house, but CUTE neighborhood! i have always been a fan of more classic looking houses, ones with character. however, not having a dishwasher is not character. that’s plain crazy.

  • Julie says:

    Too bad you didn’t like the house, it’s an adorable neighborhood.

    And really, what the hell is going on where you live?? Christmas displays, Santa Clause…wait…are you form the FUTURE?!?!

  • It almost looks like somebody is turning 130 instead of 1 and 30.

  • Mallory says:

    aw man, dontcha hate it when you happen upon a reeeaally delicious looking/smelling dish’o’food only to find that it’s actually loaded with little stowaway bacon and/or hamburger bits?? ugh…

    ok, confession time… sometimes if the chunks are big enough and the said dish’o’food is looking delicious enough i just pick the pieces out. thankfully that doesn’t happen very often, because i always feel like less of a vegetarian when i do it :)

    and wow, great minds think alike – that new salad dressing you made? yeah, totally had the same one on my salad this week. what? no, no, it’s not that i’m out of 90% of my usual fridge + pantry staples, it’s because i’m.. um.. creative and stuff.

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