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October 16th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Short or Sweet

This morning we had an appointment to visit a prospective house. I had time for 45 minutes of yoga, a fast breakfast and shower before zipping out the door to meet up with Zak and our realtor in the city. After our walk through that lasted nearly an hour, Zak and I walked the streets in the surrounding neighborhood to get a feel for the area.

Did you know that house hunting makes you hungry? True story.

Lunch Bagel and Pumpkin Soup

We hit up a bagel shop and split a hummus-veggie sandwich on an everything bagel, and we each got a cup of pumpkin (!!) soup. We discussed our thoughts on the house over lunch – a lot of character and nice features, but overpriced and needs some work. Sounds like we could have just as easily been discussing someone’s face and their consideration for a nose job.

I got home to discover a package waiting for me!

A Package!  From Cindy!

All sorts of goodies from Cindy!

Knit Goodies

Hmmmm – dark chocolate and tahini? Someone knows me a little too well!

In Case of Emergency Only Got Hummus?

But wait! What’s this?

What's This?

Oh boy this is serious!


A little belated birthday hissy for Maxine!

For Max

The whole kit and kaboodle – tea, peanut butter cups, post it notes OH MY!


The girls have been with Aunt Ellen today so Maxine has yet to meet Hissy Le Maxine! They should be home shortly, so in the mean time I’m enjoying my new hand warmers with a cup of tea and a little computer bonding before the silence is broken. Thank you Cindy for the amazing care package you sent!

Hands Warm

Friday night is almost here. Might that be considered an emergency? I must go investigate a rather large bar of dark chocolate to help me cope with the approach of the weekend.

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