Orange You Glad It’s Sunday?

October 11th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Breakfast

Pineapple, I have someone I’d like you meet. This is my new friend, Breville.

Pineapple, Meet Juicer

Now that my mom has gotten into juicing she’s become my juice muse. She’s turning me on to all sorts of juice books and has inspired me to think outside the romaine bag.

I bought a pineapple a few days ago with intent to ring it out in the juicer. Today was the day my conifer seed shaped fruit had a juice date with some carrots, an apple and ginger.

In the Pineapple Bush

And to think as a kid pineapple was my mortal enemy. I use to play dodge ball with the pineapple in fruit cocktail, aiming instead for peaches, pears and cherries. Now it’s the star of the show.

I selected my running ensemble with care, to match my juice. Donning an orange shirt to celebrate the wonder of carrots in vegetable juice.

Orange Shirt

A crisp, cool 5 some odd miles and 40 some odd minutes later I was home to put together some fruit cereal.

Orange Fruit Cereal

Two diced bananas, two diced dates tossed in flax with some hand crushed walnuts. Topped post-photo shoot with some unsweetened vanilla hemp milk.

One of the best features of fruit cereal? It doesn’t get soggy. Not like regular cereal anyway. It is of course soft and mushy given it’s made of FRUIT after all, but nuts aren’t losing their crunch while you get up four times to fetch more yogurt, toast, dropped spoons and extra napkins for your dining companions.

Doesn't Get Soggy

Orange you glad it’s Sunday? Me too.

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