A Second Hand Juicer Giveaway

October 7th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

It is wet and miserable out this morning. I had planned to go to the gym but I got wrapped up in something I was working on and before I knew it my time to exercise was fading fast. I knew it would be quicker to just run outside here, but the cold and wind and rain made it less than appealing. I sucked it up, put on my running tights and my rain coat and headed out for a 4 mile run.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected. In fact, I was feeling so good toward the end I took the detour that turns my 4 mile run into a 5 mile run and was home in just over 40 minutes.

Today’s run came with a photographer at the end.

Here She Comes

I was running home cause it was time to get out something new and shiny!



This thing is amazingly fast, and the vegetable shoot is amazingly big, I didn’t have cut or chop any vegetables. I peeled my lemon but beyond that, everything went in as-is. I made juice this morning in about a quarter of the time as usual!

And look! No foam!

Look Ma!  No Foam!

The foam magically stays in the bucket after you pour the juice out. I think this feature alone makes the juicer worth it’s weight in gold.

Juice Foam

The Breville is definitely louder than my beloved Acme juicer but the kids still slept through it. Clean up was about the same.

So yes, it’s true. I’m giving my old juicer away. To one of you! I am a lover of recycling and passing on items to a new home. I would much rather give this juicer to someone who really wants it rather than donate it to Goodwill.

ACME Supreme Juicerator

This juicer is old and has been well loved, but it still works like a champ and pumps out the green goodness like nobody’s business. Maybe it can do for you what it did for me – it can be a way to see if juicing is for you without having to make a major purchase first. I will happily send this off to someone who really wants it!

Please understand that I have NO INSTRUCTIONS for this juicer. It’s the Acme Supreme Juicerator 5001 and you could probably find the instructions online with a little digging. I will be available by email to answer any questions because there are a few little tips I’ve picked up along the way. It’s easy to figure out and use though.

One more thing. Did I say this juicer is OLD? I think I did. There are no safety features that keep you from slicing off your finger. Plain old common sense will keep you safe but please understand that I am NOT responsible if you juice your own finger!

If you missed my demonstration of this fact last week, you can watch it here:

If you win, you’ll get all the juicer parts seen here!

Juicer Parts

I double checked with Zak’s aunt Ellen, the person who gave me this juicer back in July. She confirmed she does not want it back and was happy to let me pass it on. I told her if she changes her mind she is free to enter my giveaway, but I think it’s safe to assume Ellen is not going to be any sort of competition.

So! If you are lover of second hand things like me and want to give juicing a whirl – leave a comment on this post! I’ll decide on a winner Thursday night and will be prepared to ship it out to you on Friday, October 9th. I really want this to go to someone who truly wants it and will use it – so if you want it – make it known loud and clear! I’m not sure yet if I’ll decide a winner based on the creativity of your entry, something that makes me laugh or a passionate comment that brings a tear to my eye! If only two people enter I might just randomly pick a name out of my juicer hat. I haven’t decided yet!

If you’re curious about juicing, this is your chance to try it for free! Do you want it? Then now’s the time! Tell me that you do!

Please know that links to Amazon are affiliate links. It doesn’t change the price you pay, but if you buy something from Amazon after following one of the links in my posts, I earn a percentage based commission from Amazon as a part of their affiliate program. This is one of the ways I generate revenue from the posts that I write here. I promise that I only link to items that I truly endorse. You don’t ever have to buy anything, but if you do, thank you for supporting the site and the work I do here.

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36 Responses

  • A says:

    Oh oh oh…. Pick me. I swear I won’t sue if I slice a finger off. I’ll just tell people I put beets in my juice that morning! 😀

  • Cindy says:

    ohhh yes please..I would love your NEW BREVILLE!!


    oh, sorry.

    wrong give a way!

    I can’t wait to see who is the lucky duck to recieve a free juicer to get started!

    anyone giving away an Excaliber! now THAT ONE I am signing up for


    (I have one…but you knew that!)

    How’s Mom liking her Jackie?


    and I would LOVE to run in the rain!

    • Jane/you-know-who says:

      Hi, Ali’s mom here:

      Jack LaLanne didn’t get my $$. I ordered an Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer.

      • Cindy says:



        maybe I read too fast!

        I have a Jack Lelanne…it’s great but I will burn it out in a year or two…I tend to buy what I call “throw aways”…

        hope you love your new juicer!

  • Lisa P says:

    Ooo!!Ooo!! I’m trying to make my way into a healthier lifestyle and this would be a GREAT next adventure!! I have to say I wasn’t planning on going this route next, it was much further down the road, but I would LOVE the detour! (Placement on the map was purely financial!)

    I doubt I could beat the beet lady, that was hilarious! But I have 3 little darlings who would enjoy making “creations” with me!

    BONUS: I can pick it up, no need to mail!!

    THANK YOU for your generosity!

  • Leianna says:

    I would love a chance to start juicing, the thought of buying one makes me cringe.
    Buying a new house right now and can’t afford it, but your juices look SOOOO amazing!
    I need some juice energy in my life, better for my running too!
    So glad you are recycling it to someone who would really LOVE it!
    It would have a great home here in IOWA!

  • So glad you love your new juicer!!!! And here’s to you for doing a good deed and giving your old one to someone who will use and love it. I gave you a shoutout in my post today about being awesome for making the chia pudding soooo fast :) I’ve had like 4 comments telling me my pudding looks weird and space age. Yeah, thats the seeds, peeps :) I am proud of you for a rainy workout, that was half my workouts growing up in MN and IL. Or snow. Even more “fun” to run in.

  • brandi says:

    although I CANNOT guarantee that I won’t juice my finger, I still want to try! And I won’t sue you if I do? :)

    I’ve been wanting a juicer, and while I do NOT have room for it AT ALL…getting one to try for free would at least keep some money in our account.

    That’s awesome about your new one! So exciting :)

  • janetha says:

    that is awesome that the new juicer works in such little time and with such little effort and NO FOAM! hooray! i love the photo of you after your run. so cute. i don’t need to win the juicer, i have one already that i don’t use! great idea to give it away to a blogger though :) xo

  • Julie says:

    Wow, I applaud you for running in the rain, seriously. I could never ever do that. Rock on mama.

    Hmm, the juicer is veddy interesting. I’ve always been curious to try fresh juice, but around my neck of the suburban woods the only beverage places are dunkin donuts, and I don’t have my own juicer so thats out. If I won I’d be very careful to not chop off my filangies, careful to the point of paranoia. I’m kind of neurotic about losing limbs. In all seriousness though, I’d be interested to try that bad boy out.

  • Lizzy says:

    That new juicer is so fab girl! It looks amazing in that kitchen of yours. Can i request some alison and juicer pics!? i mean i’m just sayin. As i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this, i sadly have a juicer, and i don’t think my momma needs another, but i’m so excite to see who the lucky girl is to win! :)

  • Holly says:

    i will happily use, abuse and misuse the juicer for my straight up street juice addiction.

    in reality, i have never juiced before and would LOVE to try it out, experiment and have fun like my girl alison.

    happy day!

  • Heather says:

    Just a note: I never peel my limes or lemons and the Breville handles them nicely! A little more punchy because of all the zest in the rind, but oh so good!

    I demand that you rename this post the Bloggerhood of the Travelling Juicer.

  • Sharon says:

    Like i commented in your chia Pudding and a Story blog, I now want a juicer. In fact after i watched that infomercial i put it on my Christmas list, since i can’t afford one right now. So this makes things even better, i can’t aford one and your giving one away. Plus you know just as well as i do my husband would think that’s a stupid gift and i would never get one. Just like Lisa P.’s comment, i can pick it up! You would save on shipping! Plus this would match (old style) the food processor that i stole from my parents after seeing how much you us yours. I think they got the food processor for their wedding, 35+ years ago. It will be love at first sit for the juicer and food processor. You do want your juicer to have a mate, don’t you?

  • Robin says:

    Oooh, I would love this!

    The reason I deserve this juicer….I have been reading about your delicious juice for the past many months. I am super jealous of your beautiful green drinks every morning and know my husband would make your husband proud as he would drink the juice and enjoy it as much as your hubby does. And I know you want to nourish my little munchkins with lots of veggies in the liquid form!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the marathon. I literally just walked in the door and haven’t caught up on reading, but it looks like you got a beautiful new little machine. Catch up with you later!

  • junghwa says:

    i’ve always wanted a juicer but can’t afford it. this is fab! thanks!

  • Mallory says:

    once upon a time there was this college student (read: poor but oh so thrifty gal) named Mallory. she read the MW blog regularly and even checked out the Raw Food Detox Diet because of the rave review that Alison herself gave it. (she’s a little bit lazy and bogged down with all of those “textbook” things right now so she hasn’t started Thrive… um… it’s on the list.)whole foods? check. unprocessed foods? you betcha. mostly raw diet? oh, she’s all about that. juicing? ooh… not so much. she still has not known (or drank) the joys that come along with juicing because she doesn’t have an Aunt Ellen that donates forlorn juicers and she’s a little too cheap to buy a new shiny one. still, she would love loVE LOVE to win this giveaway and start juicing her little heart out!

    she’s also sick of talking in the third person…

    i’d love to win Alison, and would use this juicer SO MUCH!

  • Mallory says:

    note to self:

    “start juicing her little heart out” isn’t the best way to end a story.

    my apologies.

    and to clarify, i will only be juicing fruits & veg – no human organs will be harmed in the juicing process.

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  • Liz says:

    I love that you are willing to donate your old juicer to one of your readers. Hafta say, that’s really nice!
    I don’t know if my reason for juicing is good enough to warrant a win, but I’ll give it a go anyways…
    I have been intrigued by juicing for probably a year now. However, I have not been able to afford to purchase one (college student and part-time work!). From the reading that I have done on juicing, it seems that there are a myriad of health benefits from the live, fresh juice of fruits and veggies. I try to get my fair share of each in every day, but I have a feeling that juicing would help my health even more! Your blog has also inspired me more to want to juice. Your venture into more raw and vegan foods has made it even more evident that “live” food can be better for us. I’ve only had fresh veggie juice a couple of times, so I have no idea if I would fall in love with juicing…but I do know for a fact that I love to experiment with new foods and explore better ways to improve my health. Thanks for the opportunity and of course, I hope I win! 😉

  • AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really really REALLY want your pre-loved juicer!!! Do exclamation marks make my case more pointed? Cos I will use them like nobody’s business…
    I have wanted a juicer for a really long time. We had a blender for a while which was a wedding gift but it BROKE earlier this year mid-milkshake making! The horror!
    I have never made a homemade juice and I know it would be so fun. the end. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Haleigh says:

    Oohh… a juicer giveaway! So exciting.. you are so generous. I have read several benefits of a juicing and have wanted to purchase a juicer since the summer time but due to the fact that I am a poor student. I just can’t afford one. I would love to feel all the health benefits that juicing provides and would love to wake up to homemade refreshing juice! Thanks again!

  • Krystina says:

    I would love it! I am not even kidding when I say that 2 weeks ago I bought a Sweda Juice Factory (http://cgi.ebay.com/JUICE-FACTORY-JUICER-EXTRACTOR-SWEDA-FRUIT-VEGGIE-NEW_W0QQitemZ110441862642QQcmdZViewItemQQptZSmall_Kitchen_Appliances_US?hash=item19b6d915f2) at the Goodwill Outlet, thinking it was a steal at $6. Even though it is beyond retro, and was missing both catch-cups (which I improvised with too-short mugs) and the push-down device (I’ve been improvising with a carrot…the wooden spoon kept getting chopped when it would hit the blades and I don’t really need any added fiber in my juice!)…I really want to juice! Your old juicer would be a total upgrade. Thanks!

  • Christina says:

    hey alison! sorry i have been SO MIA!!! but I ventured on your site today and saw that you got the same breville i have back at home!! is it awesome or IS IT AWESOME!!?? enjoy!

  • Bernadette says:

    While I cannot top these stories I did have to say I absolutely LOVE that 1st picture of you running this morning!! Adorable!! How lucky you are to have had that photographer standing by, almost like Paparazzi!


  • You must get rid of the paparazzi! Geez you’re becoming popular!

    Would you say that the Breville is louder than a blender? I ask, cause my neighbor sometimes yells at me when I’m using my blender to make my green monsters.

    • Alison says:

      Yes, the Breville is louder than a blender, but in a different kind of way. Loud – but maybe not LOUD through the walls loud? It’s hard to say. My kids sleep through both the blender and the juicer so I might not be the best judge!

  • maria says:

    I’m not entering for the juicer (sorry) but I gotta say… I think this is much better than throwing it down at Goodwill and never knowing where it went or if it gets used! :)

  • Kat says:

    OHH…oh my….ohhhhh myy….

    This is the strangest thing — I was JUST thinking about how I NEED to find a free juicer, and here you are GIVING ONE AWAY?!

    You know what? We call that ‘serendipity’.

    What’s say you and i make a trade: I will help you free up some space, and you send that pretty little juicer on to its second home where it will be loved until the end of its life <3 I have a lot of love to give!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Way to brave the wind and the rain to get a workout in. Your girl Jillian would be proud 😉

    That juicer looks pretty sweet. My boyfriend would probably kill me because 1) he thinks I have a ton of kitchen gadgets (what good is another one… sigh, if he only knew :P) and 2) if it were loud enough, he’d actually wake up in time for class. Despite the possibility of a few lost fingers, everyone wins out! I’d get awesome juice and he’d get a more fulfilling education. Haha. Either way, that’s really nice of you to be giving it away to someone else.

  • Katheryn says:

    I would love to win your old juicer. I’ve been into juicing for the last 6 months, but have had to use my 9 year-old blender instead of a real juicer.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • That is so cool! I love the fact that you are recycling this!

    I would love to win it; juicing is something that intrigues me! I’ve seen it a lot around the blogosphere and would love to try it myself!

  • Caitie says:

    Dear juicer,

    Reasons why I think we could be new best friends:

    1. I LOVE experimenting in the kitchen! I don’t usually bother with recipes, I just throw things together and see what happens. You look like you would just ADORE getting fruits and veggies thrown into you.

    2. This perhaps should be number 1, but I lovelovelove(etc) juice (I go through phases with water, sometimes it just doesn’t appeal to me at all)! Sadly, my college budget can not accommodate my snobbish juice habits (don’t like lots of added sugars, prefer the all-natural/organic stuff) nor can it afford me a shnazzy machine like your fine self. Things I can afford: lots of produce from the farmers market! Perfect match? I think so.

    3. I want a dog more than anything in the world, and while evil landlord won’t allow it (really, can’t even have fish!), my heart is wide open to companions of any sort… including mechanical ones. My other non-human family (Delores, my bike, and Fred, my blender) and I will welcome you into our home as if you were my own… child?

    Potential adoptive mother, Caitie

  • Rebecca says:

    OHHHH MANNNN! JUICE! Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love a juicer!! Winning this would totally make my month!

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