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October 4th, 2009 | Posted by Alison Spath in Fitness

Up and at’em at 6:30 this morning, I got up to hit the huge hotel gym first thing.

Hotel Gym

(I made those people sign release waivers to be in the blog. Not.)

Look! I got to do a track work out this morning!

Track Work Out!

The fitness center I use in the winter is this small, decrepit hole of a gym. It’s very close to home and it meets my needs so I don’t really care, but when I get to use these state of the art treadmills it feels like such a treat!

I did a 4 mile interval work out today, alternating sprinting and recovery laps around my “track”. After a cool down, I called it a run.


After a shower, we hit the streets to find a place to have breakfast. Turns out there is a Run for the Cure 5K race going on this morning, we walked past throngs and throngs of people wearing PINK while on way to find a place to eat.

The restaurants on the main drag were littered with runners. We ventured down a less populated street and found this little restaurant called eggsmart.


I went wild and ordered a cup of organic (at a restaurant!!) coffee.

Organic Coffee

A veggie omelet with wheat toast, a side of potatoes and some fruit.

Sunday Breakfast

I thought “there’s no way I’m going to be able to eat of all this” but after a run and a then a walk, I apparently underestimated myself.

We walked back to the hotel after breakfast, just in time for the start of the race!  The race started right outside our hotel, we got to watch the bobble of heads move down the pack like a wave.

Throng of Runners

Today’s blogger meet up is with Angela from Oh She Glows and 8 other OSG readers and bloggers – 10 of us all together. We’re meeting at a restaurant called Fresh, which from the menu alone looks amazing.  I totally psyched to one else!

We’re not meeting up until 2:30 so I’m glad to have had a big breakfast to hold me over until then.

We’re off to check out and then wander the streets until  this afternoon!

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15 Responses

  • Leianna says:

    Race for the cure is such a good race/event, I did one back in May, so powerful!
    Have a great afternoon!

  • Lizzy says:

    Hey girl hey! breakfast looks awesome! :) Hope your having a fun time, and how sweet that you got to see the start of a race for the cure race! those are so awesome! Have fun at your blogger meet up! Can’t wait to hear about it! :)

  • Tay says:

    That is the biggest hotel gym I’ve seen in my life! What high-tech treadmills…I’ve never seen one of those before. Have fun at the meet-up! I’m jealous!

  • Erin says:

    They have those treadmills at the gym I go to and it’s definitely a big motivator to loop around the tracks. It automatically takes me back to my high school track, ha!

    I’m so jealous of the blogger meet up! Sounds like it’s going to be good times and good food! I would love to meet Angela – and you, obviously. I feel like that’s a given.

  • Nice job on the run! Wow look at all those people! And for such a god cause:)

    Have fun at Fresh today – sounds like it’s gonna be a blast!

  • Jennifer says:

    Cool treadmill!! See, you DO like to run on treadmills. (haha) The treadmills at my gym have tv’s on them. They have workout programs, too, but I’d love to have one with a track like that on the display. Glad you got to try something different. :)

    How funny that you ended up right in the middle of a race. :) Must be a sign.

  • have fun! did you order eggs b/c the restaurant had the word “egg” in it? i would’ve!

  • Rebecca says:

    That breakfast place looks fun! I love eating breakfast out! I stayed in a Holiday Inn in Boston a couple months ago and their “gym” was a treadmill and a weight machine. Your hotel gym is awesome!

  • Melanie says:

    Hi Alison!
    Hope you had a safe drive back home! It was great meeting you today! Hope we can do it again soon!

  • Ooh exciting for a meet up. Those are so fun! It’s amazing how we all get everywhere. Mwahahah.
    That breakfast is not messing around! It looks rockin’.

  • Ashley says:

    So lovely to meet you today! Hope you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to following your blog :)

  • A says:

    Great race view!! Too bad you didn’t know ahead of time…. you could have run in the race!!!

  • Cindy says:

    LOVE the stats on your treadmill.

    I wish my MAS displayed them like that.

    HR 121! NICE
    mine is like 160, but my pace is 11 (on average…)

    I have a lot to work on!


    • Alison says:

      Oh that heart rate wasn’t accurate – I only put my hands on the heart rate monitor at the very end when I was walking during my cool down. My heart rate is usually upwards of 150 – 160 during an average run!

  • Holly says:

    yay for a bloggy meet-up…can’t wait to read all about it!