How to Make Your Own Hummus

September 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Lunch

When I make hummus – I might use canned chick peas, or might have more time and patience and cook my own beans.

There are two methods to cooking beans: The Patient Method and the Impatient Method.

The Patient Method: Soak dried beans completely covered water for 8 hours. The beans are going to expand so you’ll want to add enough water so that the water level is a few inches higher than the beans. 8 hours later, *drain and rinse, fill pan with fresh water, add beans and bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer for about an hour and you’re ready to rock.

The Impatient Method: Put dried beans in a pan with enough water to cover and bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Let beans soak for about an hour, follow from * in The Patient Method above.

And for the record, The Extremely Impatient Method when it comes to making hummus is to skip the dried beans all together and just use canned beans.

I cooked 8 oz bag of garbanzos for this batch using the Patient Method. I made garlic hummus today with cooked beans, garlic, canola, tahini and salt.

Make Hummus

I’ve made hummus so many times now my food processor has basically paid for itself.  I don’t carefully measure these ingredients, so these are estimates.

2 – 2 1/2 cups of cooked garbanzo beans, whatever was made from the 8 oz of dried beans.
1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon of tahini.  (This can vary widely, I like more tahini now that I have in the past.)
2 – 4 cloves of garlic (again, more or less to taste)
1/4 c – 1/2 c canola oil.  The more oil you add the creamier it will be.
1/4 c lemon juice (approximately the amount of juice you get from one lemon)

If I use canned beans I drain most of the liquid but not all, leaving maybe 15 – 10%. This adds to the creaminess factor too.

(back from the future to add a link with some secret tricks to make your hummus smoother and creamier!)

Everything in the food processor and give a spin.

Let's Rock

Serve with vegetables,

So Pretty

devour immediately.

(I suppose you can store whatever you can keep yourself from eating in the fridge for later.)

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17 Responses

  • Love this post…you completely made me smile. 😀

    Oh, and I’m dying to know…is tahini an absolutely *necessary* ingredient in order to make hummus? Because I’d love to try some homemade hummus very soon, but I don’t have any tahini in the house. I know I should just break down and buy some, but I really want to know what it does for the hummus first before I “invest” in it…haha. 😀

    All your eats look *ridiculously* amazing, by the way. 😀

  • Whit says:

    hahahahahaha, I always can count on you for a good laugh.

    Sneaky, waiting for salad to fall asleep and then making your move. 😉

  • Thanks for making me smile, once again. Your silliness matches mine, despite the fact that I don’t reveal it on the bloggie and I love it!!!

  • Libby says:

    Hi Alison,

    So glad you waited for the salad to fall asleep before you ate him – you are too funny!!!

    Thanks for the hummus recipe. I’m still on the search for the perfect one for me. Will try this when the one in the fridge is finished.


  • Oh my goodness – The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Salad made me laugh out loud!

    The hummus looks really good! My friend Lara at Thinspired did a hummus post today too (from a recipe I gave her) and she forgot the oil. We had a laugh over it!

  • Lizzy says:

    You never dissapoint in the salad department girl! i missed mine today :( i was very sad….

    an A+ on this hummus. I have beans just waiting to be transformed! yippie!

    nighty dear!

  • WholeBodyLove says:

    Any mom who lets her salad play musical instruments is undoubtedly a fun mom. Your girls must have so much fun!

  • Ok, let me just say, I’m glad that after a long day of school work and feeling like my head is going to explode, I can come read your post and see your salad traveling around your house. I love it! You’re so great!! Send that salad on a trip to Albany!

  • leianna says:

    Cute salad story and it’s a huge one, I love big filling salads!
    I haven’t been brave enough to make my own hummus, but I did buy garbanzo beans and did just find my mini food processor, thanks for the recipe and tips!

  • Cindy says:

    How come Hummus didn’t get to play drums or ride the pony?

    got something against beans that think they’re peas?


    and now I need to make some … i’ll just use the super impatient method thank you very much….

    I’m off to Trader Joe’s to BUY some!


  • janetha says:

    hahahaha alison ohh you never ever fail at plastering a grin on my face. sneaky girl, eating mister salad when he was down for the count. i love your hummus. i cant taste it but i can tell by the looks of it that it is real, real amazing.

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  • I love salad stories. 😀 Very cute.
    Ahhh, your hummus looks so creamy!!!
    So going to make my own hummus soon, thanks for the recipe. I have tons of roasted garlic left over from the BBQ which I’ll put to good use. I’m afraid I’ll be using the Very Impatient method though. 😛

  • Love this. You made me snort.

    I made hummus yesterday, too! YAY hummus. My impatient method is to do a quick soak, then boil the crap out of them for a few hours and voila. I was going to use the pressure cooker, but I am terrified of the pressure cooker.

  • Jennifer says:

    You’re a nut! (haha) Your post cracked me up. I could just picture you walking around the house with your salad plate taking pictures. (haha)

  • Holly says:

    love you soul blog sista.

    ummm i still need to make that cinnamon hummus you featured oh so long ago. first, i need to find a cheapo food processor. any ideas?

    much love! happy friday!

  • Hehe! Loved your salad adventure :)