So Damn Hot

August 16th, 2009 | Posted by Alison in Fitness

As part of my very loose half marathon training plan (i.e., getting in one long run a week between 7 – 10 miles) I had a long run on tap for today.

My running buddy Shawn said he was up for going long today so he came out to run with me. Waiting for him to arrive, I enjoyed a plum snowman.

Plum Snowman

Watch them disappear.

two plums one plum no plums

Like magic! I think there was about a 15 second lapse between each of those photos. I’m a plum eating machine!

Shawn arrived and we set out to do 7, 8, 9 or 10, depending on how we felt when we got to various turning points. At the 7/8 mile split we decided to go 8. We were running about an 8:15 pace which was ok but it wasn’t an easy pace to hold a conversation. We slowed down but at about the 4 mile mark I started really feeling the heat and humidity. I wanted a drink NOW. I didn’t bring any water because I usually don’t need it for runs 10 or less.

It was about that time we passed the fire department and Water Authority who were handling a water main break/sewer back up and I kept thinking how amazingly refreshing that water looked. Does that convey how hot and thirsty I was? I was ready to swim in and/or drink sewage.

Some how we slugged out 4 more miles. That last mile was pretty tough but we finished up 8.19 miles in 1:10:28, making our average pace 8:36. Not as fast as I would have liked but considering how damn hot it was today I’ll cut us some slack.

After drinking my weight in water and a shower, I feel human again. I cracked open a young coconut and drank nature’s Gatorade.

Coconut Cow

In a cow glass. Pretty appropriate for a vegetarian wouldn’t you say?

I’ve got overnight oats in the fridge waiting for me when I feel the time is right. I think the time is now.

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